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Sylvia is essentially the "god" of this world -- in both the literal and figurative sense. In the real world, The Game is used to create "contributing members of society" by having adolescents live through a life or multiple lives , and making mistakes in that controlled simulation. The Game has become a replacement for all reality television shows and drama on TV, with the "players" being those under the age of eighteen.

Series: The Game is Life

The Game garners so much attention that players are "sponsored" by various companies and wealthy individuals, which are called Patrons As a player plays "The Game", they earn credits, which they can either save until turning eighteen which are then turned into real world currency or use the credits to buy another play-through in the game. The cost to play through again increases as you get older, but in addition to that, you can purchase upgrades, skills, and "scenario's" for yourself -- to help direct your life.

How many credits you get is based off of a lot of vague factors, but the two big ones that are mentioned in the book are: The number of viewers watching that player at any given moment, and the "ripples" that player leaves in the world when they die.

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One thing is certain though, the final rank of a player is weighed heavily by two things. One factor is how they affect those that they leave behind on Earth. The second factor is based on how many [Real World] viewers a player has during the entire duration of their play.

Terry Schott. Kindle Edition. Again, all interesting stuff, on a surface level. I mean, you can basically define your entire life to be the most awesome, amazing thing ever, if you have the "credits" to it. But luck plays a factor into everything, as usual. And the whims of Sylvia though she tends to not interfere with the players too much. The book is told from multiple perspectives, and even in multiple different formats -- we jump from third person past tense in one chapter, to first person past tense in another chapter.

I will say that the author did manage to pull that off reasonably well, despite it not being something I enjoy in novels. And that can be JUST as bad. In fact, he was rather bland, even when he was actively perusing his goals.

See a Problem?

I felt like switching to so many different narratives didn't help this, and only exacerbated the problem or tried to cover it up, depending on perspective. She didn't stand out in any form or fashion. She wasn't annoying, bothersome, or TSTL -- she was just bland.

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The main "villain" of the series gets a chapter, though, which I found interesting. He was a nice, refreshing change of pace -- nothing quite like a "Hmm. Who do I feel like killing today?

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There is none. I mean, lots of stuff happens, but at the same time, not There's talk of plans, deals, secrets, but nothing really happens until way further in. I wasn't expecting epic laser battles, honorable duels, or space dragons. But a space dragon could've really helped bring some action or drama into the book.

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  • Which ends in a cliffhanger. The technology that makes "The Game" possible is a complex use of brain-scans and sophisticated equipment.

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    Where is all the medical possibilities for this? What will he do with the insider knowledge that Sylvia provides? Why is she communicating with him? Will the communication give him an advantage? This is the first book in a four book series and this book spends a very large portion of time world building. There are numerous complaints on Amazon about the free book having numerous grammatical and syntax errors.

    I believe this has been fixed. Interestingly enough, the author comments quite often on Amazon and fixes problems that he sees his readers complaining about for example, the book order made it seem like book 3 was a standalone, when in fact, it is integral to the series.

    The Game (The Game is Life, #1) by Terry Schott

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    The Game of Life and How to Play It - Audio Book

    Comments Nice review! Could you post a comprehensive one for book 2 as well?