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Mr Sonto said that the evidence presented was suggesting that there was not a clean bill of health in terms of finance and operations. He asked when last the Trust Deed had been reviewed, commenting that it was old. He was afraid that the current legislative measures would impact negatively on the region. He was also under the impression that it had been a presentation of local government.

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The Trust was doing what government should be doing. He was concerned that the NDFT was being left to build police stations and schools. He asked if government representatives had influenced this purchase. It was not clear which municipality had the use of the vehicles. There was a need to check on whether the impression created about local government was true. The founder of the NDFT was the government, and government was the first benefactor. The Deed said that the Board should deal with government money exclusively. It was not clear to whom the NDFT should report.

He asked if the Trust Deed should be reviewed or even set aside.

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She asked if Board members were re-elected after serving their five year terms, and how often this could happen. She felt that some trustees may retain their position for life. The financial statement reflected payments of R3 million on subsistence and travel expenses for the fourteen trustees. He asked if the trustees decided what was reasonable. He asked how trustees were remunerated, or whether they received fees for attending meetings. He asked if there was a prescribed accommodation standard.

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He noted that the travel expenses had increased from R2. Mr Nyekemba asked about the accountability of the Board.

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Trans Hex had been at pains, in its presentation, to say that it was paying money into the NDFT but they did not know what was being done with the funds. The NDFT was taking on some of the responsibilities of local and provincial government. He asked if there was any partnership with the Trust.

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He asked which departments were involved with the car purchases and infrastructure development. Money intended to develop the community seemed to be spent on doing the work of local government.

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The membership had elected the leaders and feedback was needed. Mr Mtshale asked why the Committee was wasting time on this issue. A lot had been spent on what was really the responsibility of municipalities. There was no official report from the Auditor General AG so the documentation was flawed.

The NDFT must first get a signed audit report before he would reconsider his objection. Mr Schmidt supported Mr Mtshale. He had not been on the oversight visit to the NC.

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Local government could not help itself. It was correct to interrogate the financial status of the Fund, but the question was which Department was responsible. The Chairperson said that the NDFT delegation must go back to the auditors to confirm the financial statements. All financial statements must be provided. Members needed an English version of the documents. There was a lack of clarity on the Trust's objectives. The Committee was particularly concerned that some R2 million had been spent on building community halls, yet the Committee found that people did not have houses.

Only thirteen had been built by the Trust. The NDFT was taking over the jobs of government in such areas as electrification.

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He asked if government was working out the programmes and then handing them over to the NDFT. If that was the case, he wanted to know what the NC government was doing with the funds that were allocated to it. While there were still problems with dirt roads and the lack of running water, he felt that at best the Trust should meet government half way. He asked how many jobs had been created by the brick-making enterprise started by the NDFT. The Chairperson instructed the delegation not to answer any of the questions, except the one dealing with remuneration.

The Committee would also look at the Trust Deed during that meeting. Ms Williams said that trustees were paid R3 per meeting, before tax. The travel rate was R7. Trustees lived between 50 and km from the meeting venues. Members were entitled to three-star hotel accommodation. The full Board met every second month, while the executive met every month. Trustees also served on various standing and ad hoc committees.

Certain leases had been granted in coloured areas. The royalties were based on the sale of diamonds. This had led to the funding responsibility being shifted to the House of Representatives as from 1 April After the name of the Department had changed. Various functions were inherited by the new Departments. The funds were only intended to enhance the quality of education and improve the quality of life for the community. The funding did have an impact on the people. Royalties would now be paid to the State in terms of the new Act.

It would be up to the State to determine how the money was spent. A project in Lebowa had been terminated because of its ethnic nature. The same had happened with a project in KwaZulu-Natal. Adv Nogxina replied that at face value that seemed to be the case. Royalties would now accumulate to the State.

The National Treasury NT could then make its own arrangements with the community. There would be no special dispensation. Mr Sonto said that royalties were going to non-accounting trustees. He asked if the measures would be implemented retrospectively. Adv Nogxina said that there would be only one collector of royalties.

NT would be accountable. There had been no contact since He asked if there was any correspondence with other Departments. He asked what follow-up action the DMR had taken. There was a complaint that some companies were not paying their royalties. The DME was responsible for the collection. He did not think any other follow-up was needed. Alexkor was the promoter and the people of Namaqualand would be the beneficiaries.

The ADF would use the income for the socio-economic upliftment of underprivileged communities of the region. For the first three years Alexkor would appoint the Chairperson. Alexkor would also manage the Trust, but not be involved afterwards. Ms McClain said that until the end of Alexkor had granted R Of this R Nothing had been allocated in , nor from until as Alexkor had not made a profit in those years.

As the restructuring proved to be unsuccessful it was discontinued. Ms McClain presented an income statement to the end of In a further R3 million was received of which R2. The total of accumulated funds, at the end of , was R9. Ms McClain said that it was not to hand, but she could provide the Committee with a copy.

The Chairperson asked what had happened to the existing contracts during the years in which no profit was recorded by Alexkor. It seemed that contributions to the ADF had ceased. The contract at Witvoorkop had come about as a result of the failure to restructure Alexkor as anticipated. This was the current legal position. Mr Schmidt asked what the status of the Trust was.

He asked if it was dormant or would be closed. This had not yet happened. She did not have much insight into the management of the ADF. Alexkor had requested financial statements. The operations at Witvoorkop were generating some income, but she did not have any specific details.

He asked if the changes to the Trust Deed regarding the mining contract had ever come to fruition. Mr Marais asked where the R9 million balances were held. He asked if it was accumulating interest. He asked if the trustees were still being remunerated. The Richtersveld claim had superceded this arrangement. That's in contrast to open-end mutual funds whose share prices change just once a day, when trading in their underlying investments ends for the day. Diamonds Units of interest in the diamonds trust , a unit investment trust that serves as an index to the Dow Jones Industrial Average in that its holdings consist of the 30 component stocks of the Dow.

A unit investment trust in which the underlying asset is the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That is, diamonds are shares in a closed-end index fund tracking the DJIA. It is traded on the American Stock Exchange.