Victorian Literature and the Victorian State: Character and Governance in a Liberal Society

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    Victorian Literature and the Victorian State

    Watch out, Art! The Florida Times Union, November 3, This is, in my view, wrong. These works keep the positive and negative aspects of bourgeois idealism squarely in mind. In fact, what surprises me is how little this misstep deforms the book, which is a remarkably agile and substantive account of the ideological production of the professional by way of nuanced readings of specific Victorian novels.

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    What is the relationship of these leaders to transcendence Tancred? In characters such as Mr.

    Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies: Editorial Board Biographies

    Arabin and Mr. Her book in progress analyzes the Victorian domestic handicraft as a model for mid-Victorian realism.

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    She served as the North American co-editor for Gender and History from to Her areas of specialty include colonial India and British imperial history. She is the author of Colonial Masculinity: The 'manly Englishman' and the 'effeminate Bengali' ; and co-editor of Feminisms and Internationalism She also edited, annotated, and provided an introduction for Katherine Mayo's text Mother India ; Her forthcoming publications include a book, Specters of Mother India: The Global Restructuring of an Empire , that will be published in ; and a new edition of Colonial Masculinity that will also appear in She is currently working on a monograph on political mobilizations against imperialism in the interwar period.

    Alison W. Professor Yarrington's research interests are in the areas of sculpture c. She specializes in the Victorian novel and queer theory, and is currently preparing a book-length manuscript on articulations of female homoerotic desires in nineteenth-century fiction.

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    Jessica Barnes is a PhD candidate at Illinois State University where she is working on her dissertation on the discursive identity construction of the British Empire through gender, specifically in the connection between the fallen woman and the colonized subaltern. Her main interests include nineteenth century British literature, feminist literary and pedagogical theory, and material-historical constructions of gender.

    She is also at work on a study of "The Pornography of the Real. She holds a B. Her research interests include class, psychoanalysis and gender. Hannah Freeman is a doctoral student and instructor at the University of Kentucky studying the long nineteenth-century in British literature, beginning with the Romantic period and concluding with First World War literature. Lawrence, her main interests include the way in which the pastoral and the agrarian past are remembered. She has presented papers at conferences on the pastoral and nostalgia in such writers as Eliot and Austen.

    Jessica L. Hollis is a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky where she is completing a dissertation on how class difference is figured through representations of certain spaces and types of space interior, urban, cartographic in eighteenth-century fiction. She has also served as editor of disclosure: a Journal of Social Theory.

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    Her main interests include spatial and class theory, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British and American fiction, narrative theory, the novel, and literary representations of "the prostitute. She received her B. A Hons. Phil degrees from Delhi University, and a Ph. Her research interests include colonial and postcolonial studies, Victorian fiction, South Asian fiction, and literary theory. She has published articles in Interventions , Victorian Studies , and Nineteenth-Century Contexts , and is currently working on a book on family romances of British India. Her research interests include the history of the novel, Victorian medicine and science, Victorian visual culture, and the fiction of empire.

    She has recently published articles in Victorian Literature and Culture and Women's Writing , and she is currently revising a book manuscript on medical narrative and the Victorian novel. His teaching and research interests are focused on 19th- and 20th-century British literature, gay and lesbian literature, as well as psychoanalytic and queer theories. He is currently working on transforming his doctoral dissertation "Seduction Rhetoric, Masculinity, and Homoeroticism in Wilde, Gide, Stoker, and Forster" into a book manuscript. He is also researching and contemplating the notion of "queer ethics.

    Kathrin Levitan is a P. D candidate in the Department of History at the University of Chicago. Her dissertation, entitled "Counting and Creating the Nation: the British Census, ," is a social and intellectual history of the census during the first sixty years of its existence, when it played a crucial role in creating British national identity. Her research interests focus upon gender and the history of ideas in later nineteenth century culture.

    She has published articles on gender, philanthropy and urban exploration in the Journal of Victorian Culture and Women's History Review and more recent work on William Morris and socialist aesthetics has appeared in Victorian Literature and Culture. admin