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Posts ZenCredit 3 Points best answer 0. Add PM. Forsaken World. This is Forsaken World Mobile, it is just one of those RPG on the play store which has uses an open world but by the way it is not officially released in the Philippines, but the company allows downloading of the APK from their site and it is legal - will provide link later. Meaning, it is not that dungeon type of RPG we are actually already sick of.

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Yes it is energy based for some daily quests or events but at least you have lots of things to do on the map. See, it really feels like you are playing on a PC. Here is how you search for party member through queueing. Here is how it look when you are in a daily quest and with a party.

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Skill preview. Mount Preview - of course there are lots of them. Wings preview. The auto-route system takes you right back to the quest NPC to get your rewards. A lot of newer games have similar systems, but this just all felt way too convenient. There's little sense of exploration and immersion when everything is done on auto-pilot. Forsaken World sidesteps this with the in-game encyclopedia. This encyclopedia also plays the part of a leveling guide. Every five levels after Level 10, there are new enhancements, ways to accelerate XP, gear upgrades, jobs, and social events that players unlock.

With the help of this guide, a player is on top of things at all times.

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Not having to minimize and check various Wikis on where to go or how something works is helpful. The achievement system in Forsaken World is known as Legends. This system rewards players with trophies, medals, titles, and a variety of other rewards for achieving certain in-game goals, or finding special items. Forsaken World has open world PvP that starts at Level PKers have a very high chance to drop gear and items from their inventory when killed.

Also, once PK points are accumulated, they are hard to get rid of at a rate of 1 point per hour. Players will receive the Wrath Awaken skill at Level 30 as well. This skill activates automatically when PvP starts, and it drains wrath over time. Wrath is gained from Wrath orbs, which are generated by players using skills in PvP. At first these orbs are purple, but they will turn yellow over time. Once they are yellow, players can pick them up and gain Wrath. Once the Wrath gauge is full, players become PvP demigods slaying all who stand against them.

Other forms of PvP are duels and guild wars.

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Dueling is like practice or sparring with another player, while guild wars are massive PK events. For a guild war to start, one guild has to initiate the event, and the other has to accept the initiation. During a guild war, one faction will be in a defensive position, with the other will be attacking. The winner is determined by who has the most kills at the end of a 30 minute span. Forsaken World is chock-full of awesome features both big and small. You have mounts, flying mounts, pets, crafting-and-gathering professions, a faction system with reputation rewards, guilds, guild bases, an auction house, and end-game PvE with dungeons, raids, and world bosses.

Despite the game's age, it still receives updates somewhat regularly. The Freedom Falls update released on February 10, introduced new epic pets, new battlegrounds, a new group instance, bug fixes, improved interface, and countless other small changes. The cash shop in Forsaken World is filled with cosmetic items and crafting reagents. You will find mounts, flying mounts, pets, pet- and mount-related items, clothes and accessories, crystals that can improve equipment, and a variety of other reagents.

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The cost for increasing these stats increases exponentially. Players can technically farm gems and gold in the game to access these upgrades, but those willing to spend money in the cash shop can instantly have access to these upgrades. It's practically impossible for entirely free-to-play users to compete in PvP with similarly leveled cash shop players with huge bonuses to their resistances and masteries.

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Unique Equipment Your weapons and gear are unique to each class and can be customized with our robust upgrading system.

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Race and Class Combinations With 7 races and 10 classes to choose from, it will be easy to find a character to fit your play style!