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The Very Hungry Caterpillar is also a bestseller. So, if something a bestseller, we have to follow its advise? Dear Som, it is one thing to quote from something and it is another in quoting to follow!!! By the way I know an other bestseller. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Not knowing the person, I could easily imagine that Som is being devilishly ironic with Ulfkotte the journalist. More likely, Som is defending Ulfkotte, a man of negligible repute, a reactionary whose fevered scribbles are bought as good coin by Fideszniks and other downlow crawlers in the right swamp.

The fact that his books are bestsellers, real best sellers, is a sure sign that Germans are waiting for the Holocaust to happen again. I had already seen them, Stevan Harnad. It seemed to me that from my prespect Adam Gombas had calmed himself a bit. Then, I saw that she did ultimately hoof him out, so I wrote something. Schmidt, herself, of course, in liberal parlance, a self-hating Jew, and, indeed, guilty of much worse than Holocaust relativism.

She has been preparing it. From the time when she was teaching the subject in Israel. Well, Adam Gombas, it seems that you are now amongst the dearly departed. Question: If you hate Jews, if you hate Muslims, does that mean that you ultimately hate yourself? London Calling! If you want an informative perspective on what happened — look elsewhere. But there is nothing from this mess of a museum worth the entrance fee. Coachloads of schoolchildren milling around. However visit the outside of the building — the most poignant — and true — exhibit is made up of all the little plaques of the people who were murdered after the purge.

All the artisans whose end date is as the purge continued silently as, no doubt, the informers informed and so-called due processes processed and the captured were silently, and secretly, executed. Deadly too in a sense. Mind you …….. You are far too parsimonious in your assessment of that poor Schmidt. Must you be so niggardly? Is the best you can do Holocaust Relativism? Now, you see, I knew we can do better than just relativization. This lunatic is the star of the infamous Kopp Verlag, a publisher of the craziest constipation theories my joke … ever invented.

Just saying. Here is a more adult entertainment from the top shelf and there is our dear no public person Habony enjoying his paradise on Earth paid by the hapless Hungarian taxpayer.

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Hajra Magyarok. As Schmidt is aware that is why they open factories in Hungary which incidentally is part of globalization. Schmidt must be reading the works of old Italian fascists like Alfredo Rocco because she is starting to sound like a confused economic corporatist or possibly just a deranged crypto-historian the term crypto-history applied to a pseudohistory based upon or derived from the superstitions inherent to occultism. Economic measurements — They are faking data — both KSH and the Hungarian Central Bank are — and they are doing it so thoroughly that there is no telling what the real situation is now.

The bank also said that the deficit may be higher than previously anticipated at the end of the year. State TV spun all that into a report on uninterrupted growth and economic success this evening. Who do they think they are fooling? Downtown Budapest is full of the homeless. People have bills to pay, either that or they go cold. My own guess — and it can only be a guess — is that things are getting dire, because the govt.

They post here on and off, loving the dear leader, and buying all the words he says. Most people accepted this the homeless, the crumbling hospitals etc. They will ask would the leftists be able to govern better or by now very hungry just continue the robbery? At least Fidesz is updating its data base, the Left has shit. Marine Le Pen won big time via pressing issues like identity, security and migration. The problematic economic background in France only made people listen to her narrative. People endure a lot a things if they think security etc. In times of crises or gradual withering away the left always loses and the right wing always wins.

So even absent the rigged system Fidesz would be favored to win. That is simply wrong. Think a little more about historical examples. In times of crisis, the side of those who are in opposition will generally win so, Roosevelt beat Hoover, for example. If Fidesz drives Hungary to deep enough misery, people will vote for anybody but Fidesz. In Hungary, in the recent mid-term elections, this appears to have happened Fidesz is cooking public opinion data, too — they predicted Fidesz victories in the mid-term elections.

After reading all the comments, I feel I must share this gem with you for comic relief Re: Definition of Political Correctness. As is the case in Orbanistan since awhile? So, one more time:. As how the Orban-regime react nowadays? I just want to know your opinion, nothing more significant is here, I hope you understand this..? Notify of. December 7, pm.

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