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He performed a few duets in with the artist Philippe Clay, with whom he shared some resemblance. Around this time, Gainsbourg met Elek Bacsik. He pleased Gainsbourg, despite knowing that such a sound would not allow him access to success. The album sold only 1, copies. The decision was taken right upon leaving the studio: "I'll get into hack work and buy myself a Rolls". Performed by French teen and charming singer France Gall , it won first prize. His next song for Gall, Les Sucettes Lollipops , caused a scandal in France: Gainsbourg had written the song with double-meanings and strong sexual innuendo of which the singer was apparently unaware when she recorded it.

Whereas Gall thought that the song was about a girl enjoying lollipops, it was actually about oral sex. The controversy arising from the song, although a big hit for Gall, threw her career off-track in France for several years. Gainsbourg arranged other Gall songs and LPs that were characteristic of the late s psychedelic styles, among them Gall's album. His relationship with Brigitte Bardot led to a series of prominent pop duets, such as Ford Mustang and Bonnie and Clyde. In , he released Je t'aime Originally recorded with Brigitte Bardot, it was released with his future girlfriend Birkin when Bardot backed out.

While Gainsbourg declared it the "ultimate love song", it was considered too "hot"; the song was censored or banned from public broadcast in numerous countries and in France even the toned-down version was suppressed.

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The Vatican made a public statement citing the song as offensive. Despite or perhaps because of the controversy, it sold well and charted within the top ten in many European countries. Histoire de Melody Nelson was released in This concept album, produced and arranged by Jean-Claude Vannier , tells the story of a Lolita-esque affair, with Gainsbourg as the narrator. It features prominent string arrangements and even a massed choir at its tragic climax.

Lisa Angell - N'oubliez Pas (France) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015 Grand Final

In , he released the album Rock Around the Bunker , an album written entirely on the subject of National Socialism. Gainsbourg used black comedy, as he and his family had suffered during World War II, being forced to wear the yellow star as the mark of a Jew. Rock Around the Bunker belonged to the mids "retro" trend. Cabbage-Head Man is one of his nicknames, as it refers to his ears.

He would go on to produce two reggae albums recorded in Jamaica and and two electronic funk albums recorded in New York and Following harsh and anti-semitic criticism in right-wing newspaper Le Figaro by Charles de Gaulle biographer Michel Droit, his song earned him death threats from right-wing veteran soldiers of the Algerian War of Independence, who were opposed to their national anthem being arranged in reggae style.

In , a show had to be cancelled, because an angry mob of French Army parachutists came to demonstrate in the audience. Alone onstage, Gainsbourg raised his fist and answered "The true meaning of our national anthem is revolutionary" and sang it with the audience. The soldiers joined them, a scene enjoyed by millions as French TV news broadcast it, creating more publicity. Shortly afterward, Gainsbourg bought the original manuscript of "La Marseillaise". Bob Marley was furious, when he discovered that Gainsbourg made his wife Rita sing erotic lyrics. The album, although now considered a masterpiece by French critics, was a commercial failure.

After a turbulent year relationship, Jane Birkin left Gainsbourg. His appearances seemed devoted to his controversial sense of humour and provocation. Gainsbourg spat out at her, "You're nothing but a filthy whore, a filthy, fucking whore". For many in France, this incident was the last straw, and much of his later work was overlooked, since mostly done and performed inebriated. After Gainsbourg's passing, Eddy Mitchell reported that their duet of You Rascal You had made a lot less sales than they would have normally expected because of it.

Michel Drucker also reported that he had a hard time apologizing to Whitney. After that, Gainsbourg was never again really clean in public, having always a glass of something in his hands and a lit cigarette at the lips, thus disgusting many from anything he did or said. His songs became increasingly eccentric during this period, ranging from the anti-drug Aux Enfants de la Chance , to the highly controversial duet with his daughter Charlotte named Lemon Incest.

While on stage he began to tell an obscene story about Brigitte Bardot and a champagne bottle, only to stagger offstage and collapse in a nearby seat. He had to undergo liver surgery but denied any connection to cancer or cirrhosis. His appearances and releases became sparser as he had to rest and recover in Vezelay. During these final years, he released Love on the Beat , a controversial electronic album with mostly sexual themes in the lyrics and his last studio album, You're Under Arrest , presented more synth-driven songs.

Gainsbourg appeared in nearly 50 film and television roles. In he wrote music for and appeared as himself in Le Pacha directed by Georges Lautner.

25 French Expressions and Slang You DON’T Learn in French Class

In , he appeared in William Klein's pop art satire Mr. They acted together again in Cannabis the following year, and again in Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye in , and he also made a brief appearance with Birkin in Herbert Vesely's film, Egon Schiele — Exzess und Bestrafung. Also with Birkin, he acted in the French-Yugoslav film Devetnaest djevojaka i jedan mornar 19 girls and one sailor where he played a role of a partisan. Throughout his career, Gainsbourg wrote the soundtracks for nearly 60 films and television programs.

Gainsbourg died on 2 March of a heart attack, a month shy of his 63rd birthday. He was buried in the Jewish section of the Montparnasse Cemetery in Paris. He elevated the song to the level of art. Since his death, Gainsbourg's music has reached legendary stature in France. He has also gained a following in the English-speaking world, with numerous artists influenced by his arrangements. One of the most frequent interpreters of Gainsbourg's songs was British singer Petula Clark , whose success in France was propelled by her recordings of his tunes.

In , she wrote and recorded La Chanson de Gainsbourg as a tribute to the composer of some of her biggest hits. Perfume houses are alphabetized by first name, so that "Keiko Mecheri" is listed under K. Some perfume houses have their own pages — if the name is a link, click on it. Brand established by Gaye Straza, and for many years, featuring one fragrance, Kai , available in a number of formats including Perfume Oil and Eau de Parfum.

New releases include Kai Rose Fashion designer who started out as an apprentice at Balmain in the s, then worked for a number of other labels before becoming designer at Chanel in As Time Magazine noted in , "It is how Karl Lagerfeld has pushed the boundaries of what is possible, reinventing classic Chanel pieces without compromising the integrity of Coco Chanel's original designs, that commands such respect.

Lagerfeld passed away in early A line under his own name was added in , although it was not always active; Lagerfeld also currently designed for Fendi. In , the Lagerfeld fragrance license passed from Coty to Inter Parfums. English model who has appeared in numerous fragrance campaigns for other brands. Her debut fragrance under her own name, Kate by Kate Moss , appeared in and was made under arrangements with Coty. Where to buy: at drugstores and discount stores. Not all of the fragrances have been distributed in the US.

Spade passed away in In , the fragrance license, which had been held by The Premiere Group since , moved to InterParfums. Recent releases include Kate Spade Twirl , the first fragrance under new licensing arrangements with Elizabeth Arden American singer whose debut perfume, Purr , appeared in under licensing arrangements with Gigantic Perfumes.

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Purr was followed by Meow! In , Perry's fragrance license passed to Coty. The first fragrance under Coty was 's Killer Queen. Website: Katy Perry Parfums. Fragrances were introduced in with Kenneth Cole for women and Kenneth Cole for men. Kenneth Cole's fragrance license was held by Coty through ; in , the license moved to Parlux. Michigan-based indie fragrance line of John Pegg, launched in Apothecary line established in New York in , and now owned by L'Oreal. The line also includes a few single-note essence oils and a number of scented body products.

See review of Kiehl's Coriander body products. Where to buy: the Kiehls line is carried in a number of department stores, including Neiman Marcus and Barneys. You can find a store locator at the website see below. Kim Kardashian is an American celebrity and reality television star. Her fragrance line debuted in under licensing arrangements with Lighthouse Beauty, with Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian. See Baby Phat. Upscale Soho boutique with two fragrances, Kirna and Zabete.

As of , they no longer appear to be in production. The first fragrance, Kiton for men, was introduced in Fragrances are created under arrangements with Estee Lauder. Recent releases include Kiton Black Their first and best known fragrance is Knize Ten , which launched in Greek line established by George and Lena Korres in Korres specializes in natural bath and body products, and produces a line of Body Waters described as "half perfume, half toner" currently available in 7 fragrances.

Marilou, Lise, Anaïs et les autres

Where to buy: no longer easily found in the US, unfortunately. There is a flagship store in NYC, and Sephora carries a limited range of the cosmetics, but not, as of this writing, the fragrances.

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Elsewhere, you can generally order online or find a local retailer via the website. Italian fashion house founded by Mariuccia Mandelli in the s, and named for a character in a Platonic dialogue about vanity. The house is popular in Italy and Asia, but is no longer as well known in the United States as it once was. See review for Moods Uomo Australian-born pop star who appears to be famous just about everywhere except in the United States, although she did win a US Grammy Award in Her battle with breast cancer in was widely publicized.

Fragrances, produced under arrangements with Coty , were introduced in with Darling. Niche line established by toxicologist Marianne Masshardt in , and inspired by the landscapes of her native Switzerland. Two fragrances: La Base for women and La Base for men. Italian niche line established in by niche retail store of the same name. They debuted with four fragrances, Alambar, Alkemi, Cozumel and Daimiris. Nirmal launched shortly after.

Website: Laboratorio Olfattivo. Now, of course, the shirts are known worldwide and Lacoste is another "lifestyle" brand i. Fragrances were introduced in with Lacoste Original Pour Homme. Small perfumery in Louisiana owned by Lisa Webre. Brand established by Norwegian Geir Ness. There are two fragrances, Laila for women "the essence of Norway" and Geir for men.

Where to buy: available at Beauty Cafe , or at selected Nordstrom stores. Niche perfume line with a focus on vanilla-based fragrances. Where to buy: Beautyhabit , Luckyscent. Website: La Maison de la Vanille. See Gwen Stefani. High end lingerie and accessories line; the men's counterpart is known as Grigioperla.

Swiss skincare line. Fragrances were introduced in with La Prairie. Where to buy: at b-glowing , Beautyhabit , Hampton Court. Small French niche line of perfumes and home fragrance items. Italian fashion designer who presented her first collection for women in Biagiotti was known as the "queen of cashmere"; she passed away in French makeup artist who established her own line in In , she added fragrance with L'Heure Magique , and a scented bath collection, Collection Gourmande.

In , the Laura Mercier brand was acquired by Shiseido. Where to buy: high end department stores, including Saks, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. Eponymous line of Italian perfumer Laura Tonatto. See reviews for Plaisir , Eleonora Duse , Amir. Lavanila reportedly uses a "healthy" formula with "treatment benefits" from antioxidants and vitamins.

Where to buy: at Beauty. Italian line of all natural perfumes, attars and aromatherapy products. La Via del Profumo also sells components, including animal-derived raw materials and tincturing kits. See Calypso St Barth.

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