Little Children, Can You Tell?

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Only when God chooses them and makes them alive, can they then choose God.

How to talk to children about cancer

The Bible says that when God chooses to save somebody, he oversees the whole process of salvation from beginning to end:. And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified. Usually the act of the Holy Spirit causing a person to be born again or regenerate is followed closely by them repenting and believing in Christ.

In the case, of a little child, we know from the Bible that it is possible for the Holy Spirit to dwell in even an unborn infant, as in the case of John the Baptist:.

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That means that John probably acquired an understanding of the great truths of God as he grew up, and that his faith grew as he did. If we think about how the Holy Spirit saves people in general, and about the example of John the Baptist, we can conclude that a small child can have the Holy Spirit in him.

However, because children are immature both mentally and spiritually, it will normally take many years before there is a certain outward expression of that internal regeneration born-again-ness. All Christian parents hope that their children know God savingly from an early age.

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From Scripture, we know that it is possible. But in experience, we must be extremely cautious is saying whether a child is filled with the Holy Spirit, and is thus saved. Biblword is a ministry of GlobalRize. Marten Visser is the founding director of GlobalRize.

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  6. Marten is a pastor from The Netherlands with long years of experience as a missionary in Thailand. Besides the English page, Biblword also exists in 13 other languages on Facebook. In 15 short lessons you will learn God's message for you in his Word. Follow us.

    Little children, can you tell

    Click here to enroll. Ministry of GlobalRize. Holy Spirit Salvation. Your Question: Can a small child have the Spirit of God in him?

    Talking to children

    Many years If we think about how the Holy Spirit saves people in general, and about the example of John the Baptist, we can conclude that a small child can have the Holy Spirit in him. All adults, particularly parents, want to protect children from the pain of knowing that someone they care about is ill. But children can usually pick up when something is seriously wrong even if they are not told directly and they then worry. They will notice changes in atmosphere and unusual comings and goings.

    Not talking about what is happening may leave them feeling left out, not cared for, and alone with their fears and fantasies. They may feel more included if you ask them to help with small tasks. But try not to be offended if they don't want to help. Because it is hard to talk to children about things that are also painful for you it may help to ask your doctor, nurse or counsellor:.

    It is not easy to decide what to tell them, especially if they are small. Very little children don't really understand about illness. On the whole they:. Parents will need to think about what they need to know before they visit someone who is having treatment or recovering.

    Children might worry cancer is contagious

    It may be hard for a young child to understand why they shouldn't climb all over Grandad today if they haven't been warned in advance. How much you go into it really does depend on the individual child's understanding and interest. Usually, it is best to keep things as simple as you can. Many children need reassuring regularly that your illness is not their fault.

    Matthew NIV - He called a little child to him, and - Bible Gateway

    Whether they show it or not, children:. They might think it is their fault that you are ill because they haven't behaved well enough or because they were once cross with you. Teenagers can also find it hard to cope with cancer in the family.

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    Just when they want to get away and become independent, they feel that they ought to be at home. This can make them feel guilty too. Remember to let the teacher know how much information you want other people to have. Their teacher will be able to tell you if the the child's behaviour changes in some way. Children may become withdrawn or 'act up' if they are upset.

    There are lots of books about illness and cancer for you to read with children or for older children to read for themselves. Books can help you to feel less alone and more in control. There are books and booklets about talking to children, some of which are free. It covers what cancer is and has some information about treatment.