Matthew Livingston and the Politics of Death

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Condition Brand New. Description Dennis Sommer's gig as school tabloid reporter couldn't sink any lower. Interviewing a wealthy town resident is the ultimate contradiction of cool.

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When he finds the subject of his lukewarm periodical is a stone cold corpse, the police drag the young journalist in for their own version of questions and answers about the millionaire's mysterious death. Fear and confusion colliding, Dennis Sommers turns to the one person he belives can make any sense of it, Matthew Livingston. A genius of deduction and lateral thinking, Matthew will test science and theory to prove a murder was committed.

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With the ever confident Sandra Small at his side, Dennis is dispatched into an investigation that leads him into the very soul of evil. He possesses remarkable ability in lateral thinking and heightened powers of observation, due to much dedication in the study of both. The mysteries are not solicited by Matthew for solving rather brought to him against his wishes by schoolmate Dennis Sommers. The first person narration in the novels belongs to Dennis Sommers, age 16, aspiring journalist at Serling High School.

Dennis is self described as the "low man on the totem pole" as a writer for the school newspaper. Dennis is described as insecure, slightly overweight, and an admitted coward. His skills include all facets of computers and the programming of them and a deep interest in writing, he admits to keeping journals of his adventures with Matthew Livingston. Sandra Small rounds out the trio. Also age 17 like Matthew and a high school senior at Serling High School, Sandra is described as attractive with red hair, emerald green eyes, and wire rimmed glasses.

She is the experienced member of the group in problem solving. Sandra drives a red manual transmission Ford Mustang and is an extremely loyal friend with a sense of maturity that goes beyond a usual high school mentality.

She has proven to be extremely aggressive in physical confrontations. The first person narration supplied by Dennis Sommers has been compared to that of Dr. John Watson , the narrator of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Matthew Livingston and the Millionaire Murder

The character of Matthew Livingston is only seen through the eyes of Dennis Sommers. The comical description of Matthew has been compared to the way Archie Goodwin narrates the Nero Wolfe mysteries. The Matthew Livingston series was initially described as an "updated version of the Hardy Boys" by many critics. Author Marco Conelli indicated at many book signings and speaking engagements that he installs a lot of believability and accountability into his stories, therefore a huge difference between his characters and Frank and Joe Hardy is that the average teenager doesn't own or pilot a speed boat , own and fly their own aircraft, or disappear to other countries to solve crimes.

The Matthew Livingston characters also come equipped with teenage flaws unlike the Hardy Boys. Dennis Sommers is not content with his look, is down about being somewhat chubby, and is constantly aware that he is a year younger than Matthew and Sandra.

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In response, he pulls Matthew Livingston into the mix. Matthew is a prodigy of deductiona Sherlock Holmes of the here and now, with a keen understanding of truth and lies often keener than his local police department. But does Matthew have a nose for politics?

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In book three of the Matthew Livingston Mystery Series , Matthew, Dennis, and the multi-talented Sandra Small embark on a quest to expose an extremist who plays upon public fearan extremist who is willing to kill to cover his tracks.