On the Plains of Deception

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On the Plains of Deception by Brendan DuBois

He provokes us to look critically at the past to reach new conclusions about whether or not other forces may be influencing present and future events. I thoroughly enjoyed this book on many levels and would highly recommend it. Through twists and turns the intrigue continued to grow driven by the same compulsion that drove Keith Martin to fulfill his mission.

Gilbertson's experience in policing and, especially, counter-terrorism provided insight and detail that portrayed an unbelievable series of events in a realistic and thoroughly believable manner. The plot possibilities presented in "The Path of Deception" provided food for both thought and discussion.

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This is the type of tale that would make a thoroughly watchable television miniseries, and I recommend that Gilbertson suggest it to the BBC. Stay connected with Troubador on our social media feeds. Keep up to date with Troubador news and our latest author news.

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Deception Valley

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On the Plains of Deception

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