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To ask other readers questions about Psychos , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 12, Stuart Smith rated it it was amazing. I cannot tell you the last time I have laughed so much during a read or had so much FUN reading a delicious book like Psychos. It had me laughing out loud on the train, in my living room by myself and laughing so hard I fell off the treadmill.

The pacing of the book is spot on and it is one great one-liner after another told with just the right amount of wit and snark. Psychos is for anyone who wishes the Shopaholic would just curse already, for anyone who thought Carrie Bradshaw was always a lit I cannot tell you the last time I have laughed so much during a read or had so much FUN reading a delicious book like Psychos. Psychos is for anyone who wishes the Shopaholic would just curse already, for anyone who thought Carrie Bradshaw was always a little too Carrie Bradshaw for their own personal taste, and for anyone who has always secretly wished that Lauren Weisberg would just grow a pair and start naming some names.

Apr 23, Jenna rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , funny-hahahaha , arc , netgalley , to-review , 3-stars , satire. Having lived in Los Angeles at one time, I could relate to the truth underneath all the satire and this, at times, created very hearty laughs from me. Babe Walker is a rich and narcissistic socialite-type who really has nothing better to do with her time but complain about how life is so cruel 3.

Babe Walker is a rich and narcissistic socialite-type who really has nothing better to do with her time but complain about how life is so cruel to her. Just released from Cirque, a rehab facility, she is absolutely sure of one thing and that is living a life of complete Zen or at least her interpretation of it, which I found rather hilarious. Babe is aware that she has an alter ego who is completely nuts and goes by the name of Babette. She realizes that when she is in the presence of the love of her life, Robert, Babette always makes an unwelcomed appearance. She believes that she could never have a true relationship with Robert like she so desperately wants because she cannot control the other entity that becomes overcommitted and basically psycho.

Not long after Babe's return home from her rehab stint, she starts receiving stalker-type messages written in black lipstick on various items. Naturally she is disturbed by this and decides to take a trip to Europe to escape her threatened demise.

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Unfortunately for Babe, this stalker doesn't give up so easy and seems to always be lurking around the corner. But who could it be?? Well, of course, you have to read the book to find out. This is a book that follows another and I am guessing the previous one included her whole rehab fiasco, but all-in-all this was perfectly fine as a stand alone since most of her past that relates to the present time is recapped.

Being satire in nature, of course there were times when I thought, Oh my God, give me a break! There was a balance of both for me so the good and the bad didn't lean one way more than the other really, well until the end, but I will get to that. If you are easily offended by vulgar language or sex related issues told in all bluntness then you will have to steer clear of this one. I am not sensitive to either of those things and at times I would even think, Did she really just say that?

I wanted to quote a particularly funny piece where she discovers the size of a man's penis while working up to sex that is less than favorable, but I have an advance, uncorrected proof so I can't do that yet. I would compare this book's type of satire to "Clueless" just to give you an idea of what type of characters that you would read about in this book.

Actually I feel that the main character has a little Bridgette Jones naivety to her as well although it would be the X-rated version. I nearly gave this one a strong 4 stars, merely because it generated so much laughter and shock from me, but there is a part at the end that I was not too keen about.

Unfortunately since it is the end and this does have that bit of "who done it" involved, I can't divulge too much information. But I will say that I don't like tricky scenarios. Other than that, I enjoyed this book very much for exactly what it was. The over-the-top situations were a nice change from the serious novels I have been reading lately.

If you are in need of a good laugh and are not easily offended then this is a must read for you. View all 9 comments. May 22, howsweeteats rated it really liked it. As long as you take this book for what it is, it's ridiculously hysterical and entertaining. It was a quick read that made me laugh out loud multiple times. May 20, Sami C rated it it was ok Shelves: dropbox , dnf , series. The first five chapters were okay I would read a few pages before wincing and putting it off for another day.

By the time I hit chapter nine, I was done. Babe Walker went from interesting to downright annoying, vapid, and clueless. Once a book becomes a burden to read, especially something as chick lit-ish and light as this, I feel no guilt for putting this onto my DNF pile.

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I will consider suffering my way through the end of a classic, but this book? Nah The first five chapters were okay Nah, homes. Not worth my time and effort. May 25, Books rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley , reviewed Before requesting this book from NetGalley Wow. I kept asking myself if this is really how rich people live. Do all rich, spoiled socialites behave this way? I was shocked by her behavior and how she thinks. Probably around the third incident, I had it figured out who the stalker is, believe it or not.

I also liked the sketches that added to each description of what Babe was wearing when she was getting dressed up for certain events. I thought that added a nice touch to a novel that had me smiling, and rolling my eyes in disbelief, the entire time. It is diva behavior like never seen before.

The crude language and sexual content makes this an unsuitable read for younger readers, as well as for those sensitive to such elements in books. My life seems so dull in comparison, but it was entertaining to experience how the rich, spoiled, and narcissistic live and view their lives. Jul 29, Tara rated it it was ok. The problem is this book had a stupid spin.

I will not expose the ending however, it was not a good payoff. I do not feel this second book was as entertaining as the first one. The story opens with Babe coming back from a four month rehab stint for a shopping compulsion. She has a run in with Robert, Josh, and various other random guys can we say slutty. In true ADD style, she continues Ummm.. In true ADD style, she continues to distract reality with some excursions to 'find herself' and to 'take a breather. What I cannot really grip is how her father continues to support her waaaay overspending useless self.

Babe is no longer a young woman and she contributes nothing to her bottom line or really to society.

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I was thinking that her job at Vogue could have been expounded on however, you don't want to rip off Devil Wears Prada and this could easily go that direction. All in all, the book is a hodge podge of pointless events that led me to ask myself why I bothered. Sep 29, Molly rated it really liked it. Babe Walker is at it again!! The second installment of "White Girl Problems" is as funny and ridiculous as the first as we follow our deranged and psycho heroine around the world.

Plagued by a "stalker" and battling her terrifying alter ego, Babe's journey after rehab goes from zen and healthy to drug induced craziness. Robbed, heartbroken, paranoid, stoned: these are all states in which we see the optimistic Babe. Her global antics are amusing, her new friends diverse to say the least, and her Babe Walker is at it again!! Her global antics are amusing, her new friends diverse to say the least, and her love life a rollercoaster of happiness and craziness that comes to a head in the final chapter. Self sabotaging Babe undergoes a death experience, a mental break to end all mental breaks!

And it is absolutely hysterical! This book is the epitome of chic-lit beach fiction.

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I laughed, I scoffed, I binge read the book in two days. And I am a better, more lighthearted woman for it. My problems are nothing compared to this socialite's daily disasters and that is a comforting notion to fall asleep with. Mar 15, Madi Brown rated it really liked it. What is there to say about Babe Walker? She's self involved. Extremely Rich. Would I want to make her my Bestie? But as with most books of fiction, did I really want her to win; to overcome some huge life obstacle, and discover an inner strength? But there won't be any of that with this read bathed in expletives and raunchy sex.

Please believe that Babe Walker exists only to be as outrageous and as pretentious as possible. And I was right there reading every line. It was my guilty pleasure, and it's my belief that Babe Walker's character represents at least some aspect in all of us; what we wish we could do or sayand get away with. Jul 13, Karleigh. Reads rated it did not like it. I read the whole thing in a couple days with the hopes that it would get better. I saw a lot of reviews saying how funny it was, how great it was but no, it was terrible.

Just terrible. I felt like the whole story was written about a very rich airhead that I just wanted to slap the entire time I was reading it. Not only that but the whole book kept promoting being skinny, not eating, and how gross it is to be fat.

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I feel that if you aren't in LA or grew up around the hollywood scene, know your m I read the whole thing in a couple days with the hopes that it would get better. It was terrible and I don't suggest anyone wastes their time on this book. Mar 12, Zabrina rated it it was amazing. A page turner for shure. I could not believe how straight up everything was. Everything from sex to love to jobs told right as it is. And that surprise ending was rediculous.

I will definetly read this one again! Jun 01, Edwinajones rated it really liked it. It's not quite on the level of "White Girl Problems" but it's still Babe Walker and that makes it still pretty funny. May 19, Lisa Panciocco rated it really liked it. Didn't love it as much as the first one, but still a riot, easy to read, and tough to put down. May 15, Wendy Gilbert rated it it was amazing. This book did not disappoint!! This a great book for a fun read. I am not sure all spoiled white rich girls could be this entertaining, Babe pulls it off.

View all 4 comments. May 19, Chelsey Meador rated it really liked it. This book was seriously laugh-out-loud funny. Babe Walker is the kind of girl who you love to hate yet cannot help but be infatuated with her entertaining life! So Amazing! Love Babe Walker this book is equal parts disturbing and funny but in a good way. Highly would recommend this book. Jul 17, Tonya rated it it was ok.

Psychos: A White Girl Problems Book

I didn't buy it. I mean, I bought the book but I didn't buy the ending. Mar 31, Kobby Gyampoh rated it really liked it. Imagine this: You are a socialite. A kind of celebrity. Well known for penning a book about your life that became a bestseller and won a huge book deal. On the outside everyone might think your life is perfect. Or that you might have an ad Imagine this: You are a socialite.

Or that you might have an addiction to shopping that gets you high? Or maybe is it that your mother is a forty-year-old model who abandoned you when you were young? A life of fashion, super-annoying besties, psychotic behavior, drama, an ex you want to keep out of the way, a mom in love I mean, real Brad and Jen love with Kate Moss, jetting off to Europe also known as running away , and more drama. A scoop into the life of a real-life socialite. Babe Walker bares it all, revealing emotions, real-life situation dilemmas perhaps and gives the reader a somewhat glance into the fab parts and not-so fab parts of the life of a socialite.

There are no ad breaks and no censoring! Written in a very humorous language, this book made crazy seem just funny and real-life seem so fun with just a few crazies to believe. Again speaking metaphorically. Very crazy, very chic and sometimes adorable when she hit rock-bottom. Not that they seemed shallow, but I felt they could have taken on a bit of flesh what with being thin and all? Much for a younger audience and some oldies who keep in touch with their reality stuff. You never did see what was coming until it hit you like a Babe Walker talking of the hurricane , and when it did, you found yourself muttering a whole lot of colorful language.

Anyone who wants something focused on the life-after rehab of a socialite should grab this too. And also, anyone looking for drama, humor and fun. Jun 24, Gaele rated it really liked it Shelves: audio-book , simon-schuster-audio. Babe is unrelentingly shallow and unapologetically spoilt and impulsive. For none really are: they are all struggling to find something more meaningful, jumping on every train promising fulfillment possible.

It took a while not to find Babe a throwaway character, as you waited for something to happen: but she does grow on you in ways that are unexpected. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. Apr 28, Leila Hays rated it really liked it Shelves: take-it. Psychos is the second installment of the Babe Walker drama. The first book, White Girl Problems, starts the series off with a bang.

The sequel doesn't deliver quite the same level of hilarity, but it is interesting and ultimately worth your time I read it in a total of 3 hours today. A review of White Girl Problems is forthcoming, but I'm doing this one now to beat the publication tomorrow. Anyway, when I started reading White Girl Problems, I was supremely irritated with and disgusted by Babe, since I thought she was a real person. Once I realized she was the brilliant creation of three social media gurus, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

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But I still won't be following her blog or Twitter feed. Psychos reads more like a novel than did White Girl Problems. After the first book, I was actually disappointed in this format. The plot is also very over the top, even for the whirlwind crazy that is Babe Walker. The whole thing is like a psychotic Something Borrowed, with a lot of designer and celebrity name-dropping.

Unapologetic and uproarious, Psychos is the send-up of the season—already as timeless as vintage Dior. Babe Walker is a New York Times bestselling author, which is insane. She lives in Los Angeles. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Join our mailing list!

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