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On December 7, , the Japanese launched a surprise attack against the U. Pacific Fleet anchored at Pearl Harbor. Two battleships and aircraft were destroyed, and many other ships and aircraft were badly damaged. The attack against Pearl Harbor and the declarations of war caused a wave of patriotism across the US. Many men signed up to serve in the armed forces, and women and children did whatever they could to support the war effort at home.

Bill Tewes: Before Pearl Harbor, this country was very divided. And it was apparent that they had a very successful operation.

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We had essentially lost all the capital ships and numerous lives. The most significant thing was the announcement that President Roosevelt would speak to the nation, I think it was about AM on December 8. I thought for quite a while that that speech had been designed to counteract the division that existed in this country.

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In the past there had been cheers, which were coming from the Democratic side. This time everybody was cheering. Pearl Harbor was a thing that galvanized the country, absolutely.

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It was bad. Pearl Harbor should never have happened. If they had been on the lookout as they should have been, it should never have happened. But it did, and the country was so shocked.

Remember Pearl Harbor? Maybe....

I remember the day of Pearl Harbor very clearly. A couple of days afterward, my husband received a phone call from Leo Szilard, asking if he would come to Chicago to help with an effort that would have an effect on the war. This was at Christmastime, just after Pearl Harbor. We packed up, right away, that January, and moved to Chicago.

About in the morning, the radio was going, and it broke in and announced [the attack]. I thought it was some sort of a drama they were putting on it, but it was not, of course. On the way back home, there were servicemen lined along the highway trying to get back to their bases, and we picked up four of them.

Pearl Harbor: The Last Word - The Survivors Share - History

We were having lunch. I remember news coming on the radio that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor, and we were at war.

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Of course, my grandmother and my mother and everybody started crying, only because my uncle was at that age of being able to be inducted into the service. For information on user permissions, please read our Terms of Service.

Trump reportedly told Japan PM Shinzo Abe 'I remember Pearl Harbor' - Business Insider

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