Scarlet Spirits: Though They Be As Scarlet

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Solus has since been a steadfast companion and defender of Scarlet as one of her strongest and most durable Pokemon. Kage Absol - The offspring of the Dark Guardian of the Forest, Scarlet watched over the Pokemon egg until it hatched and continued to travel together afterwards. She has taken a liking to riding on the large fluffy Pokemon and giving him lots of tickles.

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Lavi - Although Lavi and scarlet haven't haven any real notable interactions with each other the two still get along together well and can talk to each without scarlet being nervous around him. After Scarlet learned about Lavi's past and what had befallen his father, she gained a new respect for Lavi as well as feeling sad for him. Later when the power plant blew up and scarlet and Luna believed that Lavi and Jade where dead, she broke down and cried. When she finds out that Lavi was alive she was overjoyed to see him alive and well.

Jade - Scarlet and Jade as well haven't had any major interactions, however they do enjoy talking with each other and are good friends, as when Scarlet is really wanting a Pokemon but has a hard time trying to catch it, Jade will catch the Pokemon for her and trade it to her. When the power plant blew up and Scarlet and Luna believed that Lavi and Jade where dead, she broke down and cried.

When she found out that Jade was alive she was overjoyed. Luna - Luna doesn't talk to Scarlet as much, but she understands she is a bit shy.

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Scarlet actually stood up for her when Detective Looker was in disarray after the incident on the outskirts of Wild Colony. When Looker wanted to throw all the responsibility on Luna, she demanded that he help out more as Luna was doing everything she could by herself. She doesn't have many interactions with them, but has shown to enjoy her time with them nonetheless. She does have a more spiritual connection to Crystal and gets along with her the most, however, Scarlet does enjoy seeing the other members of Team Prism when she and her friends run into them on their journey.

Crystal - Scarlet and Crystal are very good friends, however when they first meet, the two were very distant from each other, as when the group first meet Crystal she didn't speak very much, if at all to scarlet or any of the members of Team Fresh Floof. During Episode 67, crystal was staying in the Pokemon center sleeping on the couch, when Team Fresh Floof walked through the door and Crystal sensed Scarlet. She asked to see Scarlet and showed her that she had the Lunatone that Scarlet didn't choose. Crystal told Scarlet that she instead made a pact with Darkrai whereas Scarlet made a pact Cresselia, and showed Scarlet how to go into the Dream World whenever she wanted to.

Later on when Scarlet learned that Crystal was not a human, she was surprised but she was not frightened, and after Scarlet and the others saved Crystal the two stayed good friends. Crystal has shown to be alright with Scarlet sleeping in the same room as her, as when Crystal was mad after she met Nora, and found out that she stole Mewtwo's Pokeball from her and stormed off to her bedroom, she let Scarlet stay with her even though she was mad.

Sign In Don't have an account? I liked the concept behind this book. The shifters were slightly different, with a 'normal' shifter closer to the spirit of a wolf and only the 'ferals', humans bitten by spirit wolves, really dangerous. Their 'structure of command' for lack of a better word results in some different jobs, like that of the Judiciary. There were some hints about suppressed knowledge, a conspiracy - in short, enough ideas for me to believe this series can run for a few volumes and keep my interest.

Drew is a grea I liked the concept behind this book. Drew is a great character. Despite the fact he is a doctor and deals mostly in facts, he is a great father to his son, and isn't afraid to show his emotions when he runs into Trent and Valerius.

Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow..

He is much better than his best friend at accepting the truth - he's not into denying the evidence of what he saw, even if a wolf turning into a human isn't exactly something he expected. Trent is a hunter, out to kill ferals, but he definitely has a softer side. He can feel the mate bond, and I loved how he ignored all rational arguments once he figured out what was what. Valerius is a great addition to the duo - and was the biggest surprise.

A truly principled man, the spirit of the law is more important to him than the letter, and the injustice and sheer 'wrongness' of what he discovers pushes him into decisive action. He is someone I'd like to have at my back. If you like speculating about 'what ifs', think there is more to existence than what our limited senses can detect and enjoy threeway relationships between hot men, you will probably like this book.

Jul 21, Karen K rated it liked it Shelves: ebook-owned , gay-paranormal , gay-series-or-related , gay-shifters , gay-hurt-comfort , gay-menage. I found the unique shifter concept in this book interesting and different from other shifter books but to be perfectly honest, I found myself editing all the way through in my head. Not even so much typos or what not, just dialogue and style I guess. Despite that - and that's probably just a quirk I have - the characters were likeable and I do plan on continuing the series. Jul 20, Valentina Heart rated it it was ok Shelves: glbt , m-m-m , glbt-sf-futur-fantasy-paran , the-romance-reviews , siren.

This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. While I liked Scarlet Hyancinth's previous work, this book left a lot to be desired. For me it disappointed the most in the plot department and the writing style, which made me put the book down and pick it back up on multiple occasions. It all started when Drew, a doctor, saved an injured wolf.

Instead of saving an animal, it turns out he cured a gorgeous man who ends up also being Drew's mate. But not every This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. But not everything is so simple, because in addition to not being human, Trent is a spirit wolf and his just one bite can make a human feral. Trent is both overjoyed at finding a mate and terrified by the fact his mate is human — something that is forbidden in his society. Still, he is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep his mate safe and allow them a safe existence together.

While on the run, they come face to face with Valerius, a man whose job is to protect the spirit wolves' secrets and the best way to do that is execution. But when his targets end up also being his mates, Valerius takes a different route and does everything to protect them.


My issue with this book for the most part was the writing style. When it comes to plot, I found it predictable and over the top. Instead of focusing on the main characters and their story, the author wrote in a lot of unnecessary ones in preparation for the sequel. The current story suffered for it and the short and let's-just-get-it-over-with explanations of the events left me completely unsatisfied. I'm not sure if my disappointment was due to the fact I know how good this author can write or if it was something else, but I hope the next one I pick up will be true to her talent.

Aug 12, Jess rated it liked it. He got shot in the abdomen but the virus somehow miraculously cured him even though they dont know how the virus disappeared after that etc etc blah blah I will read book 2 in the hopes that the series becomes better. It is an interesting plot so I will give it one more go. View 2 comments. I really liked this book. I look forward to the next one. Aug 21, Ryoma Gartre rated it really liked it Shelves: cinderfella , cops , family-issues , mates , menage-mmm , paranormal , shapeshifters , wolves.

Apr 04, Bea rated it it was ok Shelves: male-male , paranormal , closeted , doctor-medicine , goodreads-review , shifter , too-short. I can't give it a 3, though part of me wishes I could. But the writing was too choppy and the storyline too compressed to qualify for a 3. I liked the overall concept and I might try to read the next one.

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Oct 24, Jimmy Hanson rated it it was ok Shelves: shifter , menage , , m-m , parent. The style of writing wasn't bad, just short and abrupt. Things happened, but there just wasn't much fleshing to the story. He went here. He said this. This person cried because of. He felt bad. He left. The sentences weren't short like that, but that was teh general impression - action without substance.

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  • I would have loved for it to have been more detailed and allowed us to get to know each character a bit more. The story was interesting but again, sparse. Because i "3. There were inconsistent details too, which bugged me. Only, no one is shocked at this, especially Drew, the human who just found out werewolves exist? There's no, 'oh crap, he's going to outlive me' moment, no hesitation in trying to consider What This Means.

    We never find out how old Trent really is, and nothing more is said of Val's age or their aging process until the very end, when its mentioned how Drew's aging process was slowed 'to immortality, or at least an extremely long life span'. Then Drew's son, who is repeatedly states is a teenager, but who is apparently the mildest, most loving and innocent and easy-going teen alive. Who never argues. Who actually listens when his dad says, "you're not a little boy anymore, you can be brave for me.

    My kid is 6 and if I said something like that to him, or if he was around for some of the things that happened, he'd be arguing back or scared to death or at the very least not just merrily accepting an 'I'll explain later' excuse. Also the feral wolves - apparently they can shapeshift into wolves, but they had once been human?

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    • That makes no sense. If a spirit wolf had bitten another spirit wolf, they would be okay. But in biting a human, the human became feral so But when Drew was bitten, he never turned into a wolf. Continuity issues, I guess. So I liked it, but when I contemplated reading the second novel directly after the first, I was hesitant to do so.

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      Maybe a short break, another few novels in between, and the continuity issues won't bother me as much, if they continue in the next novel. Jul 14, Pam rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary , m-m-romance , paranormal , shape-shifter. This is a good beginning in an atypical werewolf series in that only a feral wolf is a true werewolf and all others are spirit wolves. Also the hierarchy of the pack is a little different too. Adding a human with a child as a mate and a former CDC doctor at that was a nice touch I really enjoyed.

      There's plenty of pain, angst, betrayal and danger, giving the story just about everything needed for an entertaining read. I hope the quality of the writing continues and the plots continue to build no This is a good beginning in an atypical werewolf series in that only a feral wolf is a true werewolf and all others are spirit wolves. I hope the quality of the writing continues and the plots continue to build now that the initial world building has started. I look forward to the next release in the series.

      Jul 07, Teresa Ensley rated it it was amazing. Very good book.