Unexpected Encounter

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The works speak subtly and poetically.

An Unexpected Encounter With Joseph Conrad at Trinity College Dublin

Each makes one stop and reflect on the most basic of elements -- form, color, composition, ground, foreground, background, shadow, snow, water, sunlight. Devoid of human presence, varying degrees of solitude can be drawn in certain instances, as indicated in the title of A. Lineszy's oil on canvas "All Alone," while others are filled with a more transcendental, even spiritual belief that one is actually never alone, as Joel Wateres implies with his c-print entitled "God Smiles. Leslie Kaliades , Untitled , c.

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Great White Pine , watercolor on paper , 3. Tania Duvergne is an independent curator and art consultant in New York and the tri-state area.

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She has worked on curatorial projects in various organizations including museums and non-profits in New York, San Diego, and Washington, DC. Share Facebook Twitter Email. View Past Curated Galleries. Recent Galleries Process July Of Riots and Mourning June To confront in battle or competition: encountered last year's champion.

An Unexpected Encounter

To experience or undergo: We have encountered numerous obstacles. Switch to new thesaurus.

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To come up against: confront , face , meet , run into. To meet face-to-face, especially defiantly: accost , confront , face , front.

[BTS-Kim TaeHyung FF]-An UnExpected Encounter-Episode 4

To enter into conflict with: engage , meet , take on. A face-to-face, usually hostile meeting: confrontation , face-off. A brief, hostile exposure to or contact with something such as danger or opposition: brush , clash , run-in , skirmish. She encountered the manager in the hall.


I expect to encounter many difficulties in the course of this job. I feel that I know him quite well, even after a brief encounter.

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  5. The encounter between the armies was fierce. Mentioned in?

    An unexpected encounter with a Yakult Lady

    References in classic literature? A second and a third party of knights took the field; and although they had various success, yet, upon the whole, the advantage decidedly remained with the challengers, not one of whom lost his seat or swerved from his charge misfortunes which befell one or two of their antagonists in each encounter. View in context.