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Whether if this is your first time you got your heart broken or if this is your third, fourth, nth time, it cannot be denied that heartbreaks will always hurt. And this emotional pain can sometimes get the best of people. So here are some things to do and not to do during the event of heartbreak.

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Saturday, July 06, May 14, Sex appears to be associated with a stronger immune system, as well. A study of college students in good relationships found that those who had sex once or twice a week had more levels of immunoglobin A in their saliva.


Immunoglobin A, or IgA, is the body's first line of defense against respiratory illness. Nearly half of US adults have cardiovascular disease, study says. A loving relationship may also impact your heart by encouraging healthy behaviors that reduce the risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, the impact of love on the heart works in reverse.

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People who are in loveless or difficult relationships with their partners or children or who are unhappy at work and in life tend to have more heart disease, Jauhar said. Studies have shown that the risk of a heart attack increases for men and women who have experienced multiple divorces, with women facing the highest risk. Remarried women were still at high risk.

The danger of a heart attack is highest in the first year after the breakup of a romantic relationship, Jauhar said. And if a person without adequate social support has a heart attack, there is a higher risk of death and a longer recovery. Can you really die of a broken heart? Known as stress-induced cardiomyopathy, the condition strikes mostly women.

It occurs when the heart is stunned by sudden, acute stress and its left ventricle weakens.

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Instead of contracting into its normal arrow-like shape, the left ventricle fails to function, creating a more rounded, pot-like shape. First described in in Japan, a broken heart looks so much like a Japanese octopus trap called a takotsubo that doctors began calling the condition Takotsubo cardiomyopathy.

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I think it's the clearest example of how our emotional lives directly affect our hearts. If you don't have a significant romance in your life, don't despair.

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Science is pretty sure that loving chemicals are released when you feel affection for all sorts of things. Science confirms what the heart already knows: Hugs really do make you feel better. It's really more the feeling.

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  6. *socks for the feet and the love of god for the heart* 😁👣.

Hugging a friend or family member boosts the levels of oxytocin, that feel-good hormone that helps us relax. Heart disease is an equal opportunity disease effecting men and women equally at all ages. Many women believe that their No.


One cannot be an active participant in the management of their health and prevention if they are unaware of their individual risk factors. These events will inform attendees of risk factors and ways to mitigate the risks. I cannot do this alone and it begins with the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

The goal of Love Your Heart and Her Heart is to create awareness of the issue and develop strategies for prevention and to ultimately put me out of business.

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