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As the story goes, every once in a while something good would happen and the blind squirrel would stumble upon an acorn. When it comes to finding our purpose, many of us can feel like that blind squirrel. Your purpose is not hid from you but for you Col. Part of the great journey of pursuit is seeking out that call and purpose.

Blind Squirrels - East Bound and Down (Jerry Reed Cover)

Also we will not bring satisfaction to our own selves without being authentic. Passion can be a great indicator. Your purpose will most often be tied to something you are passionate about.

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I am now a full-time blogger. However, I was not passionate about writing.

I am passionate about encouraging people. Writing is simply a venue that allows me to do that. Squirrels have natural predators and other obstacles that must be overcome. Likewise, we will have obstacles, haters and even the voice in our own head that we must push past. What does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul in the process. When I am missing the mark, I know that as long as I am pursing the Lord, just like the blind squirrel, I will be lead into my blessings even when I am unsure of where to look and where to go.

I just simply follow Him. Like the squirrel, I am always surprised at how He blesses me even in spite of my mistakes. Come to think of it, has he done anything that the country can be proud of? An old adage is that even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut—meaning that even the worst president, even randomly, should be able to do something right. No one is completely bad or good —there must be something positive that he does. So now is the opportunity: a no-brainer.

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Stay in the Paris Accord on climate change! How difficult is that? Big business—even Exxon—wants the country to stay in the deal. Even if you are obstinately anti-science, and maintain that the climate is not changing due to human pollution, would you not want your children to breathe cleaner air?

Can you doubt that facts that there are more people just in California who work in the clean energy sector than all of the current coal workers? That the US will benefit economically from staying at the cutting edge of energy technology? Our Dear Leader has shown that he has no trouble backing away from other promises; everyone will be covered with much better healthcare! So why not back away from this particular pre-election pledge, especially with so much pressure from business to stay with the accord?

I have no explanation—except to say that this firmly proves that blind squirrels may not always find a nut. And the Emperor may not find out that he has no clothes. First you are right to say that Trump should just have done nothing and left the Paris Accord in place. Unfortunately, the one thing that he seems incapable of doing is nothing.

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Secondly, I am more of a technological optimist than you are. Oil will change from a fuel that is burnt to a feedstock for chemicals. The key will be the development of battery technology to provide smoothing for the intermittent nature of renewables. Laurence—sorry for the delayed response.

But that just exemplifies how blatantly stupid the man the really is, and how he never fails to end up on the wrong side of the issue, no matter what it is…. No Comment. Brought to you by Occam's Typewriter. Skip to content. Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut—or does he?! admin