Cable & Deadpool Vol. 4: Bosom Buddies: Bosom Buddies v. 4

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Well, you're going to find out anyway. It's a very special episode of "Blossom" -- no, wait We know Power Man is known as Cage now, but it sounds better to say it the old way when you have the ampersand in there! Plus, the B. But you know what else is power?

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Big smacking guns that never seem to draw blood but make What brought them together? We're not telling! Who will win? Hopefully, Spidey, since at the least he'd Community Reviews Write a Review. There are no community reviews at this time. Be the first to write one! Discussion Post You will need to login or join to post. Community Activity. Date Purchased. Media Format Print Digital Both.

Price Paid. Consensus Pending 4 Avg. Captain America finds Providence to be a peaceful place and learns of Cable's past and his plans to change the future. During a fight between Cable and Captain America, Cable reveals that he has used the "Cone of Silence" to create a technological replacement for his telekinesis.

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The coup becomes complicated with the separate interferences of Citizen V and Cable's old love interest, Domino. Although Cable successfully manipulates Domino into assassinating Flag-Smasher, he finds his own resolve shaken when faced with his ex-lover's doubts about his agenda. In the "Civil War" story arc, Deadpool has been given the job of hunting down super-powered individuals who have not signed the Superhuman Registration Act.

There is a confrontation between Cable and Deadpool in which Cable reveals that he will be fostering superheroes in Providence.

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  5. When Cable meets Captain America to extend this offer, Cap refuses. Cable tries to convince him by revealing what he knows about the Secret Avengers' secret identities. This gesture does not go unnoticed by Deadpool, who is watching them from a nearby rooftop and notes Daredevil 's new identity. He attacks Daredevil in a warehouse, and is himself attacked by members of the Secret Avengers and the Young Avengers.

    Cable attempts to intervene and convince Deadpool to join their cause by offering him a bigger paycheck and when Deadpool refuses, a bigger badge. This fails when Deadpool tries to shoot Cable with tranquilizer darts, which Cable deflects into Wade's face.

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    Wade wakes up bound and gagged with a full body covering of duct tape, after Cable suggested an entire roll for his mouth alone in the warehouse before Cable reappears, setting him free and taking him along to the White House to meet with the American President about the possible repercussions of the superhero registration act. When the President orders hostilities on Cable Deadpool had briefly left to go to the bathroom , he and Deadpool shift out before anyone can get harmed.

    They arrive in the countryside, where Deadpool attacks following the President's orders Cable. After a brief fight, Cable reveals the fight to have been staged and televised in order to lose Deadpool his job as a government agent. The arc ends with a very uneasy truce between the two men. In "Six Packs and Powder Kegs" issue 33 - 35 story arc, a massive explosions rocks Cable's island paradise of Providence.

    Bodysliding back from Rumekistan which he has been working to install democracy within , Cable finds that a saboteur may still be hidden on the island. His search for the bomber is stopped when he finds reports that the United States, along with several European allies, have sent the mercenary group Six Pack into Rumekistan to disrupt the peace. Cable arrives and attempts to stop the group, only to note that there are five members present.

    The mysterious sixth member and the terrorist bomber on Providence? Deadpool, who shoots Cable in the back of the head while his personal force field is down. Cable is knocked unconscious, but not killed. Domino is upset at Deadpools actions, and the Six Pack leaves Cable lying in the street. He is recovered by the citizens of the city while the Six Pack plan to de-power the country goes through. While news reports of the happenings in both Rumekistan and Providence are aired, Cable's seemingly unconscious body seems to take power from one of the few remaining sources, the hospital that his citizens were taking him to.

    Cable's body levitates, and he ends up using his technology to repair the damage done by the Six Pack. Conscious again, he tracks down the Six Pack. Domino asserts that Cable acts as if he'd planned the entire thing from the start. Cable tells them that in order to do so, he'd need the ability to read minds or at least be "able to predict the future. He then has Domino explain the happenings on TV, while Deadpool thinks it was all to punish him for opposing Cable during the Civil War.

    Cable and Domino then share a kiss. In the letters page, Deadpool is upset at his depiction on the next issue's cover, and asserts that it should be both an epilogue to this arc and a prologue to the next arc which should center around him. In "Unfinished Business" issue 36 - 39 Deadpool has to find a way to get his reputation back for being one of the best mercenaries for hire. After consulting Blind Al for validation of his plan, and getting Weasel to help him with the preparations, he kidnaps a mother and two children from a highway rest stop at 2 in the morning, setting them tied up in the middle of the road forcing a large armored truck to stop and investigate.

    He then proceeds to knock out the guards and blow a hole in the back of the truck with a bazooka, thus freeing a well known mercenary and trainer of supervillain henchmen, Taskmaster. He tells Taskmaster whom he affectionately calls 'Tasky' that he won't owe him anything. He simply wants a trade. His freedom, in exchange for a fight with Deadpool. He explains that he wants to have the bout where "Insidious, malevolent, Machiavellian people who do the hiring for our kind are gathered. It turns out that he kidnapped a select group of the kinds of people who hire mercenaries, and has Weasel show them the fight on a projector.

    He has himself manacled and fights Taskmaster, all the while spouting comments about his abilities as though the captives were watching an advertisement. Even though Taskmaster stabs him straight through the chest, Deadpool comes out on top, returning the battered opponent and himself to the room where the men are held.

    His plan fails however, as they are just as reluctant to hire him as ever. Taskmaster re-awakens and Deadpool thanks him for letting him win.

    Cable & Deadpool Vol. 4: Bosom Buddies

    Taskmaster then tells Deadpool that he didn't let him win, saying "The truth is You're that good. You've always been that good. Which won't get you a cup of coffee until you figure out how to be a professional Two weeks later, a still handcuffed Deadpool struggled with a twist top beer, and while watching the news, hears that Rhino has escaped. This strikes him with the revelation that if he can't be a mercenary, he'll become a superhero. However, Rhino has hired someone to feed Deadpool Henry Pym 's pills after hearing that Deadpool was after him, which result in Deadpool shrinking, since Rhino planned to turn Deadpool into a keychain as retaliation to the same that Deadpool did to him during the first Deadpool running series.

    Although, Deadpool soon beats up and defeats Rhino, along with various bar goers to who Rhino was showing off his "deadpool-keychain" to.

    Cable and Deadpool Vol. 4 Bosom Buddies (2006, Paperback)

    While still shrunken, Deadpool is informed by Sandi and Outlaw that Agent X was captured by Hydra while he was fighting Hydra, a terrorist organization, to steal a "morphogenic actuator", which can be used to cure or cause diseases. It is then found that the actuator has been used to give Agent X morbid obesity by scientists experimenting with the actuator, and that it can not be removed by the actuator. Deadpool then forces the scientists to turn him back to his normal size "They had some Pym Particles lying around. Figured they must.

    Cable & Deadpool, Vol. 4: Bosom Buddies

    Who doesn't, right? However, they forgot to get Weasel. During the journey home, Agent X levels with Deadpool, asking him if he could take over Agency X Agent X's company of hireling mercenaries while he deals with his weight problem. However, T-Ray has returned and captured Sandi and Outlaw, using them in his plan to kill Deadpool and Agent X for stealing his identity.

    Deadpool succeeds in killing T-Ray with his katana. Deadpool then recounts how Cable healed him of his insanity and that T-Ray and Deadpool had shared memories and that Deadpool spotted many holes in his story. However, Rogue has already defeated Hecatomb by absorbing the 8 billion people's minds it absorbed. Sabretooth attacks the building where Irene Merryweather and the Black Box are. Domino heads for the building to rescue them as Cable heads for the Power Core. Domino gets to the building to discover that Sabretooth has killed Black Box and is holding Irene hostoge by using her as a human shield.

    Deadpool, who has parachuted from the Angency X jet, shoots Sabretooth and Irene manages to roll away. Domino takes Irene to the evacuation boats. Deadpool then proceeds to shoot Sabretooth repeatedly, stating that he knows he's running out of bullets, but he wonders if there will be anything left of Sabretooth for his healing factor to heal, just as he runs out bullets.

    Domino gets Irene to the evacuation boats as Cable joins them after he added just enough energy to the island to "finish the job. As Domino leaves, Cable wonders how many promises he's broken.

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    Cable goes to help Deadpool get rid of Sabretooth by hurling him out to the middle of the ocean. Cable then sends Deadpool to obtain secrets about the future in the form of a mini statue of Anton Krutch that could be dangerous if in the wrong hands. Cable heads for the Core, where he is attacked by Gambit and Sunfire.

    Meanwhile, Deadpool succeeds in locating the statue, but is attacked by Senyaka, former Acolyte. As Cable makes a run for the Core, Deadpool continues to fight Senyaka for the mini statue. Cable makes it to the Core and activates the self-destruct system as Deadpool finally gets his hands on the mini statue, which turns out to be a teleport matrix.

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    Gambit and Sunfire escape as Providence explodes. Deadpool is teleported to his apartment where Deadpool claims he wasn't worth it and that he won't let Cable down. In "Alone Again, Naturally" , after meeting Cyclops at a memorial statue of Cable, Deadpool goes to the Hydra base to finally save Weasel because if he doesn't, Wolverine will kill him and everyone else in the base. He almost succeeds but after trying to reason with Wolverine, Deadpool is decapitated.

    However Bob finally proves his worth by placing Deadpool's head back on his shoulders while Wolverine deals with the offending Hydra agents. Deadpool, Weasel, and Bob leave the Hydra base after Weasel's sabotage imprisons the remaining Hydra soldiers; however, the same device malfunctions as they head home, teleporting Deadpool and Bob to World War II Germany. Having found themselves alongside Captain America and a foul-mouthed Bucky , Deadpool and Bob join in on the fight against the Nazis. All goes well but due to 'temporal hiccups', Captain America and Bucky seem to repeatedly forget who Deadpool and Bob are.

    The group heads off to find Doctor Zola and do battle with a Frankenstein Monster of his, but seem to be trapped in the past. Meanwhile, in the present time, Weasel has convinced the Fantastic Four to let him use their time machine, pointing out how bad an idea it is to have Deadpool and a rogue Hydra agent remain lost in time.