How To Make Seed Bead Initial Bracelets

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Purse Making. Fusible Glass Supplies. Jewelry Casting Supplies. Casting Tools. Casting Machines. Casting Molds. Lightning deals. Upcoming Deal. Customers also bought. Best sellers. See more choices. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. See Color Options. FREE Shipping. Manufacturer recommended age: 6 - 18 Years. Paxcoo 0. I just love the simplicity, the texture, the color…everything. Thanks for sharing! Stephanie…get one of those magnifiers that hook around your neck. It is adjustable and bends to the angle you need while working…happy beading! So pretty! I loved the color combinations of the original, but this one is lovely too.

I am going to have to pick up some seed beads and make my one myself. This is such a beautiful necklace. I used to make something like this with my grandmother when I was little. I love the gold accent!

~Tutorial: Make a seedbead necklace (or bracelet)~

This is beautiful and looks so easy! Ohhhh thank god you posted this! Can I ask what weight of beads each strand took to make? My stockist sells them by weight. This is great, thank you so much for sharing, was never clear before on how to join the strands all together, but this is so simple and looks fabulous. Very nice! I have worked with seed beads for years making earrings. I have a lot of beads left over and this is a great pattern to use some of them up.

The color combination choices can be endless. Thanks for the tutorial. How many seed beads did you use? Very pretty. It sounds pretty in my head, but I am wondering if it really would be. I am going to attempt to make some of these for our upcoming family reunion. All of the adult women exchange gifts. The color combination is lovely. I make a necklace quite similar but, instead of large jump rings, I use head pins and end caps to cover the crimps. Still, I love this pattern. Do you have an etsy store?

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I love this necklace but would never have the patience or the eye for color to make it. Great dyi tutorial! Beautiful color scheme, the gold beads really give the necklace a luxe feel. The chain detail is well executed and adds a wonderful finish. Beautiful jewelry is so often given more depth with those details! This design is so versatile, you can play with so many elements to make it your own.

I hope everyone has fun playing around with this! I just found this tutorial. It would make stringing a lot quicker. Excellent Tutorial, Love your color choices also. Thank You.

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How to Have the Yummiest 4th of July Ever. Related: How to Make a Prism Suncatcher. Jewelry making has been a favorite hobby of mine since I was a small child. The first items I learned to make were simple beaded necklaces and bracelets. Today my daughter is learning how to make jewelry the same way I did.

16 Easy Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns | Guide Patterns

I have begun teaching her how to start and finish a beaded necklace or bracelet 3 easy ways. These DIY jewelry making tutorials and ideas are for perfect for beginners of all ages. Below are three easy ways to start and finish beaded jewelry:. How you choose to start and finish each beaded necklace or bracelet will depend on the materials that you are using, the supplies you have available, and personal preference. An infinity necklace or bracelet is the easiest way to make a necklace.

It is a never-ending loop without a clasp. All you need to do is tie a knot and your good to go. To make an infinity necklace or bracelet you will need beads and one of the bead stringing materials below. To start, simply tie a double or triple knot at one end of the line and then string enough beads to make a necklace or bracelet.

24 DIY Seed Bead Bracelets

To make an infinity necklace with monofilament or fishing line you must string it long enough to fit over your head when it is tied together. To finish, tie the necklace or bracelet together. Make sure you start with a section of fishing string or stretch cord that is at least 6 inches longer than the length of necklace or bracelet that you want to make.

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Click on the link to see an example of some infinity acorn marble necklaces that my daughter and I made. In some cases, you can hide the infinity necklace or bracelet knot in a large bead hole. In the photos below is a wooden bead bracelet that my daughter made where we hid the knot inside a wooden bead. Click on the link to see the complete step by step tutorial. How to Make a Wooden Bead Bracelet. How to start a necklace or bracelet with clamshell knot ends photo tutorial.

Once again, using a drop of jewelry glue is an optional way to make sure the knot and seed bead is secure. A final way to start and finish a beaded bracelet or necklace is to place a crimp bead on the monofilament or fishing line and close the clamshell knot cover over the crimp bead to secure it. This would mean that you would also need crimping pliers to place to crimp bead on the fishing line. How to finish a necklace or bracelet with clamshell knot covers photo tutorial. Related: How to Make a Beaded Windchime. admin