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Guerilla units infiltrated Rhodesian territory, and along with thousands of demonstrators, engaged the security forces with increasing boldness.

There Was Rock Music In 70s Zimbabwe? | Now-Again

In urban townships, young people picked up where the Band of Gypsies left off, creating their own brand of politically-charged rock and roll. Dozens of groups, primarily from black townships, brought together tens of thousands of young progressives of all backgrounds. Bands in the scene gigged furiously, playing all-night shows in the townships, flouting police curfews.

Fans grappled with cops that tried to enforce the rules, and some rock shows turned into all-out battles with the riot squad. Rockers were beaten, tear-gassed, arrested, and mauled by police dogs. But they kept coming back, night after night, packing venues across Rhodesia.

Zim Heavy: Rock and Revolution in Zimbabwe

The band Wells Fargo was also at the forefront of the scene, and the title track of their album Watch Out! Though a bank might seem like a strange namesake for a revolutionary rock group, the founder thought he was borrowing the words from a work of fiction. He had seen them in a cowboy comic book, and liked the association with the lawless frontier. But when the War of Independence was won in , the frontier was gone, and outlaw rock and roll felt out of date.

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Though the majority of heavy rock music had not been political, the scene was bound up with a social rebellion against racial and ethnic divisions. After the white minority was out of power, segregation laws were repealed, and that rebel cause also lost its urgency. And even when rock was at its peak, many leading musicians focused on creating a renaissance of African culture, which had been marginalized during a century of white rule. Nonetheless, the heavy rock sound is long gone, though its message of optimism and courage remains timeless.

And we will continue to give you reasons to investigate the scene further in this and coming years. I lived in Mozambique at the time and provided medical care to the troops fighting there as we took care of them at the Hospital Central da Beira.

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Thanks for keeping the music alive. Thanks for putting it out there to be heard. Could easily be a hit today. Thanks for turning me on to it. Powerful story — ask for remixes!

Thanks for posting! So happy to know about this amazing music.

Seven Zimbabwean musicians you should hear

Snap Judgment taught me about this too, I would have been a little girl growing up in South Africa when they were making their music have never heard about them until now but it was worth the wait, Thankyou! Just so happy to find this, while I was trying to convince my teen aged kids that I grew up listening to rock, ie Watch out and Please the nation.

LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock - Party Rock Anthem (Official Video)

Such pleasurable reading… Thank you. Thrilled to find this piece! Very commendable effort. We must revive this era of pure music which is still very relevant even today. Fred Zindi About Fred Zindi is a full professor and an educational psychologist. Article Contributions. By Fred Zindi. Like Share to newsfeed. Zimbabwe: Even Leonard Dembo was heckled.

Fred Zindi

So, you think that the harassment of musicians is a new phenomenon? If you do, you are wrong. Zimbabwean music pirates at it again. On 13 October, I came out of the Jah Prayzah album launch at approximately 4am playing my favourite The role of music managers — part 2. Artists are encouraged to choose someone who will make a difference to their future.

They also need The role of music managers — part 1. RIP, Tymon Mabaleka.