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A parent has the duty to support his minor child in accordance with his means.

Financial support of a minor child must be shown by monies paid by the non-custodial parent to the parent with custody. Direct payments to the child are not included, nor are payments made to the child by others.

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Relying on others, including the state in the form of public assistance will result in the parent forfeiting his rights to any distributive share. It is relatively easy to determine whether a parent takes on the responsibility of financially supporting his child.

It is more difficult to determine whether a parent has abandoned his child. What is abandonment? Therefore, how can a court determine that a particular parent has abandoned his child under the statute?

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A parent who has failed to fulfill his parental duties due to incompetency will not be held as abandoning his child so long as there is no history of non-support. Actions speak louder than words. It is the actions of the parent accused of abandoning his child that will determine whether or not his parental duties were fulfilled, not his plan or intent or wish to spend time with the child during their life.

Un der the Act, nonprofits may use electronic mail to transmit board and membership meeting notices and waivers of notice, and to enter into unanimous written consents. Board members will also be able to participate in meetings by video conference, and notices and consents under the NPCL may be sent via e-mail and fax.

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This provision applies to all nonprofits incorporated in or transacting business in New York. T he Act expressly prohibits employees including its CEO from serving as chair of the board or in an officer positio n with similar responsibilities. Given these options and tools, it is important for you to consider your digital afterlife when planning your estate. Posted in: L. Group Blog.

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