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Imagine if Chloe instead had a student-aid account with a set balance that she could draw upon as needed. Such a system would add simplicity, predictability, and flexibility in one fell swoop. Reading Game of Loans might prompt readers to consider another solution for the students in Paying the Price. Like Chloe, many students have no choice but to work long hours to pay for school, which prevents them from fully engaging in their studies and probably contributes to the high dropout rate among low-income students.

What if these students were allowed and even encouraged to borrow more upfront, so that they could make fewer sacrifices, such as working those long hours, attending school part-time, or scrimping on basic necessities? Would more low-income students complete their degrees? Furthermore, the monthly student-loan burden relative to income has not increased for the typical borrower over the past 20 years.

In contrast, Goldrick-Rab engages in dubious financial reasoning when gauging the affordability of college loans. By that logic, nearly every home mortgage is unaffordable. Akers and Chingos recognize that not all spending on college pays off, and they hold students responsible for making bad investments. Meanwhile, the government provides too little information about the likely payoff from attending a particular school—information it collects through agencies such as the Social Security Administration.

Paying the Price

The program would be universal, and payments would be collected through the federal income-tax system. Limits on the amount students could borrow and a sufficiently long repayment horizon would prevent gaming of the system and overly generous benefits. This idea has been around for decades and is plagued with design problems that Akers and Chingos ignore.

And our tax system matches payments to earners annually, making it a poor fit for tracking interest that accrues daily and loan payments that are owed monthly. According to economic dictum, bad debt should be written off quickly lest it drag down growth. Yet Akers and Chingos do not support loan forgiveness, so they would have borrowers with bad investments repay loans for what might be decades.

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Why not propose a way to clear bad debts faster? Both Game of Loans and Paying the Price will fuel the debate about college affordability and student debt. But they offer more than that.

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