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These tricks can be performed fakie as well. This trick is also known as a frontside or backside heel. This trick is also known as a frontside or backside flip.

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The only difference between a casper flip and a hospital flip is that the casper flip has the back foot briefly rest on the tail and assist in the board flipping back over in the same manner. With a hospital flip the back foot makes no contact with the board once it is upside. The rotations of this trick could be described as an inverted vertical varial kickflip or an ollie late nollie hardflip.

This is trick is easiest in the nollie position, and is considered the complete opposite of a "nerdflip". This trick can be considered an advanced trick because of the extremely awkward foot positioning an unward flip demands. Invented by Rodney Mullen.

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Invented by Aaron Brown. Invented by Robby Williams. Known as a BS Shuvit, to Underflip. You then land.

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An ollie where you slide your front foot off is an 'Ollie north' but isn't listed here due to it not being a flip trick but a freestyle trick. It is a freestyle trick but you can do pressure flips, finger flips, and spins from it. You can do flip tricks like this but they're very difficult and usually are done as late flips. Shifty tricks can be frontside or backside. It can be only done with a heelflip or kickflip, backside or frontside. Like a forward flip but back foot unlike a casper flip which flips the same way as a hospital flip.

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Start a Wiki. The list of flips tricks, much like Skateboarding, will forever be incomplete. Simply because with the trends of fingerboarding, certain areas are explored more than others. Some of these tricks have not yet been touched by fingerboarding however certain fingerboarders take much pride in attempting tricks that are fresh and new.

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Created by Kareem Campbell. When you scoop with your back foot, you should hit the tail hard enough to get it lifted off the board. Think of it as having something on the bottom of your shoe, and trying to scrape it off the ground by moving your foot from front to back. Just remember not to hit the board too hard, or you may flip it over.

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It takes practice to find the right balance. In an ollie, the front foot should just slide all the way up the board, for the pop shove it, you want to make sure to lift the foot off the board entirely. Some people like to keep the foot hovering very close to the board, so they can put it down to help guide the board if necessary. Stay above the board. Watch it spin, using your front foot to guide the board a bit if necessary. Wait until the board is at the top of its height before you try to catch it. Catch the board with your feet after it spins degrees.

Catch the board with your feet, landing both your feet on the trucks. Land your front foot near the front of the board and your back foot near the tail.

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Bend your knees when you land, to help you absorb some of the shock. Roll away clean. Keep your board level to stay centered. Maintain your balance, using your arms to help you out a bit if necessary, as you ride away. Kick up your game.

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Once you've mastered the pop shove it, you can try getting the board to spin degrees instead of degrees. Your back foot pushes the tail backwards as if you were trying to scrape gum off your shoe. Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 5.

How To: 360 Shove It

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips The board will spin out in front of you, so jump forward with the board. Bending your knees in the air will cause the pop shove to be higher. Don't be scared about landing it; think about it like an ollie. Use your front foot to guide the board so it doesn't flip.

It helps if you know how to ollie first. Don't push down too hard, this may cause the board to flip. Make sure to keep your feet from hitting the board as it spins. Warnings Do not take this trick into the extremes until mastered. Landing on the wrong part on the board will cause the board to snap. You may fall.