#03 The Case of the Haunted Haunted House (The Milo & Jazz Mysteries ®)

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Extended Edition. Limited Edition. Orignal Edition. Platinum Edition. Slim Pack. Special Edition. Aftermath tells a story of guilt and revenge when an air traffic controller's error leads to a catastrophic mid-air collision that A heist gone wrong in a quiet town leaves only one survivo With their charisma and unbridled But when his campaign of terror crosses over into madness, it falls to John Silver to locate the man within the monster. When the Japanese Imperial Army invades China during the second great war, the Chinese Air Force are grievously out-manned and out-gunned.

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Every day she looks across her yard to the perfect house of the Wel From serial slaughter and arson to mysterious disappearances and cannibal killings, lead investigator D. Russell uses science to shed light on the darkest cr They've g On a business trip to Chicago, their plane is diverted by fog and they find themselves stranded in Albuquerque. Anxious and irritable, Les is drawn back into the city by a past experience that has haunt While the couple settle into their new h Meanwhile, a familiar trio of bumbling burglars is planning a daring diamond heist.

Can Zeus outsmart the hard-no But the Washington brass wont give up their secret weapon so Then one day, fate steps in and some young fans accidentally let the little guy loose. The gratefu As a private drone operator, he spends his workdays far from the frontline flying covert missions for the CIA, before returning to family life in the suburbs.

The routine investigation soon turns personal for the ra Isolated and alone, without food or water for days, they are finally discovere When his boss announces his retirement and pits Dane against an equally driven rival in a battle for control of the company, Dane gears up for the pr Ex-Marine Michael Knox Dave Bautista , who is attending the game with the daughter of a fallen comrade, is forc The dark, gritty, complex series unflinchingly explores the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world Crowned Queen in at the age of six and raised as a Prince, Queen Kristina of Sweden was an enigmatic and brilliant young leader who fought conservative f When he can't bring himself to pull the trigger, the plan falls apart?

Forming an uneasy a But this is only the beginning: the planet's core has destabilised. Escaped prisoners rule the streets. Anarchy has been unleashed. If you want a lean, flat tummy, this is your mile. With Leslie's no frills, easy to follow Walk At Home steps along with her infectious enthusiasm and energy, you can walk 5 miles and never leave your house.

The film tells the story of Maria, a shy high school student who feels alienated by her paren Cousins, Vivien and Chloe, have been inseparable ever since they were children. That is, until their lives are turned upside-down by the sudden passing of their Aunt Isabelle, and they inherit her bakery. From the Colombian government to the DEA agent Now a free man, Pablo is eager to remind those who betrayed him of his place as the most powerful narco-trafficker in th A… the life and death of controversial rapper Eazy-E and the birth of the careers of Ice Cube and Dr.

Humanity is losing its grip and our only hope is finding a cure. One year after his young son disappears, Mike Cole is haunted by eerie images and terrifying messages he can't explain. Together with hi When a spaceship hovering over the forest brutally abducts most of the group, the survivors must rely on a A bank manager haunted by a violent robbery that took the life of a co-worker, teams up with h When dedicated cop, Jack Stone, orchestrates a daring bank heist in order to infiltrate a prison housing a Together they manage a daring escape and hit the open road.

The unlikely trio But when his meth addicted mother is released from prison with plans to rebuild her family, Rey kidnaps Oliver and escapes their desert home for the California coa When what first appear to be the remains of a victim of an ancient ritual actually turns out to be a fresh All pricing includes GST. If the Panama-Pacific International Exposition site had a future, it was to be as industrial land. Other turn-of- the-centurv water lots had been filled with rubble from the Earthquake and Fire, and, as with Southern Pacific's Mission Bay water lots, were used for light or heavy industry, not for residential construction.

After the earthquake, the population density dropped dramatically and a majority of the area was given over to light-industrial use. The great earthquakes of and had taught real-estate developers continued page 24 Scenes from a photogenic cataclysm Top: Maria Montoya df Miami's Spanish-language Channel 23, broadcasting from the Marina District. R: Marina resident moving out. Bottom: Valencia Hotel collapse in the earthquake.

Hotel was built on landfill on the former Mission Creek. I have been following earthquakes around the ring of fire for several seasons now r : Mexico City, September ; Cuzco, Peru, April ; Los Angeles, October ; Mexico City again this past April, Such privileged moments of truth inculcate basic con- elusions. The question on 22nd Street really was whether or not the downtown hotels wanted their chambermaids and bus- boys to report for action on the manana. T HE 8. At the Superleche, a popular coffee shop down the boulevard from me, as many as minimum-wage Mexicans were thought to have been swallowed k up by the earth.

This disaster was not witnessed by the world until many days later. Food, sometimes a problem in Third World disasters, abounded in the cornucopia-by-the-Bay during the hours of earnest angst.

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At the. Marina Safeway, the hungry dived for melting Dove Bars in the overflowing dumpsters. Commerce was similarly recovering in Noe Valley, where the functioning ATMs were distributing cash security blankets to orderly queues of clients, and white people in white sports clothing sipped dark aromatic coffees and compared insurance adjusters in from of the many gourmet cafe dispensaries that line that mall-Like strip. Even in the devastated Marina, unicyclists peddled about loftily inspecting the splintered remains.

Gangs reportedly rampaged in the Army Street projects, and dowm on 16th Street rat packs pulled slummers from their Porsches. Suddenly hundreds were in the streets with pickaxes and bare hands to claw out the trapped before it was too late. Style may vary. Get the very best buys on a huge selection of futons, waterbeds, mattresses, bed- room furniture and accessories. With 16 years in the business, we have a factory-trained staff that can help you choose the right bed, with or without water.

Come in and see us this weekend.. Frandsco Blvd. Among the luxury amenities offered are vale! Models open daily. Please tell la see how you qualify. Equal Housing Opportunity. Then, in the s, real-estate developers began to think that the site might be appropriate for expensive homes built on half-acre or one-acre lots. The George E. Instead, beginning in , conventional homes with the standard foot frontages were built. The first fire units arriving at the Marina fire found there was no water in most of the hydrants.

Fire Engine No. Firefighters fight the Marina blaze with help from the fireboat Phoenix- What would have happened if the fireboat wasn f t available? A lthough the Marina District was hit hardest this time, other major areas of the city are built on filled land. Mission Bay. Justice continued from previous page and bandages and tortillas to free the martyred and feed the survivors. Tens of thousands of citizens had witnessed the physical destruction of government ministries, the seats of power, and stood mutely by as terrified bureaucrats fled in panic to their country estates.

Now their keen nostrils smelled the blood and dust of their crumbled dty and their own power tensing in the muscle of the community. Two separate expropriations of private landlords were forced upon the De la Madrid administration by the rabble. Sadly, much of the citizenry, caught up in searching out post-earthquake bargains, will not much remember the scant hours of cordiality between the driving public and us pedestrians while the traffic lights were silenced, the friendly intermissions on the front stoops. Whatever Halloween will be like this year , it wont be normal — but then ''normal" isn't a term anyone has ever applied to Halloween in the Bay Area, anyway.

Condom to elaborate historical dress see listing on page For those of you who are planning your own bashes or would just rather stay home f film critic Steve Warren has suggestions for horror video theme parties that will capture the Halloween spirit see page Want to try talking to some spirits? Melissa Paquette telb you all about the history and proper use of the Ouija board on page If none of these suggestions appeal to you, you can always curl up with one of the appropriately spooky books we've reviewed see page Last but not least, if you're a parent whose kids want to trick-or-treat this year f check out the safety tips in the superlist on page Listed below are 30 events that are primarily for adults, though some are for both adults and children.

As usual, the events are spread out over the days before Halloween, with most clustering on the weekend and on the big night itself. It came as no surprise that everybody and his or her cousin will be wearing the officially licensed Batman and Joker costumes. Retailers of the Mr, Condom suit warn that the outfit is not an effective contraceptive, but it makes for safe trick-or-treating.

The follow- , ing is a list of Bay Area shops that are ready to dress you up. Sales only; all sales are final. Sat,-Thurs,, 11 am-7 pm; Fri. Those with an appetite for fun will find a large produce section of fruit and vegetable costumes, as well as superheroes, African killer bees, barbarian women and atomic waste.

Most costumes are pre-made. Sales and rentals. Now through Oct, 31st: Mom-Sat. Rentals only. Costumes are mostly adult, but a few for children are available. Sales only. Tues,-Thurs,, noon-6 pm; Fri, and Sat. Fantasy Island Costumes Costumes here are stage-quality. House of Magic With more than wigs, masks and 80 costumes in stock, this place lets you be all that you can be for Halloween.

La Rosa Offers formal wear, vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories, but no costumes as such. The costumes a la mode this year are of the Dangerous Liaisons variety; Freddy Krueger and the usual cast of freaks are also popular, as always.

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No rentals to children. Sales: Oct. Strange shoes and classic hats are in stock to round out any outfit. Sales and rentals, Mon. No credit cards. Please contact by phone for weekday appointments. Sale dates: Oct, 28th and 29th. Sales only, Mon. Also expected to do well are an assortment of feather masks and disguise items. Accessories are available. Sales only, Sun. Among the many costume components is an assortment of busts and butts in all shapes and sizes. Now through Nov. Now through Oct, 31st: Sun. Grande Illusions Complete adult costumes are designed and made right on the premises of this shop.

The Joker and Batman are expected to steal the show this year; vintage styles are also available, including formal wear for men and " dress fashions for women. Makeup and wigs are in stock to complement costumes. Mon, and Fri. T Hayward, By appointment only. Answering service operates 24 hours daily. On Nov. There an outdoor altar will be dedicated and a program featuring the traditional Aztec dance by Grupo XipeToiec will be presented. Gallery hours are Tues. Come visit us today! Sorry only one pair per patient, and at the Berkeley office only.

Phillip Roister, Optometrist. Trick-or-treat Alternatives Halloween events for kids can take the place of or add to trick-or-treat excitement By Danielle Shiriey and George Cothran H alloween, with its combination of thrills, chills and treats, is an event that most kids look forward to for weeks and months beforehand.

Listed below are 49 Bay Area events taking place the week of Halloween for children of all ages. While some are one-time events, others go on for several nights in a row. Please call these branches to confirm before planning to attend any events there. All other events are confirmed. After school. Tiny Tots Pumpkin Patch Preschool and kindergarten children can watch movies, play games and finally choose a pumpkin to carve and bring home. Montclair Recreation Center, Moraga, Oakl. From 6 pmFri. Manzanita Recreation Teen Dance Come dance off your anticipation while waiting for the big Halloween night, or scare your buddies with your new rubber spider.

Open to all teens. Manzanita Recreation Center, 22nd Ave. Mission Recreation Center Haunted House The resident spooks are not recommended for children under 6. Montclair Recreation Center Haunted House A haunted house for third graders and older, this dark maze is full of ghostly sights, including the Hall of Horrors and a graveyard. SL pm. Paper Flower Workshops Learn to make the special paper flowers used to decorate the altars for Dia de los Muertos.

For school-age children. Disney's Scary Tales For children of all ages. Halloween Carnival This two-day carnival features a haunted house, trick-or-treating, pony and train rides, games and plenty of ghoulish food and refreshments. Noon-4 pm. The Moss Home, Webster, Oakl. Bring your own pumpkin for a group carving session. Fun for all ages. Noon-3 pm. Mask-making free. McGruff the Crime Dog and a bevy of other cartoon characters talk about how to have a safe Halloween and give out free McGruff coloring books.

Free, Noon-3 pm. Serramonte Shopping Center, block of Gdlart Blvd. Paid events SI-S2; all outdoor events free. Coyote Point Museum, San Mateo, Oakland Fairyland, Grand and Bellevue, Oakl. Show at 2 pm. Bushrod Recreation Center, 59th St. El Cerrito Haunted House This haunted house can accommodate all ages. Spooky decorations and film dips add to the ambience. Costumes encouraged. You may want to rent a single tape and run it repeatedly so every- one can serialize and ignore it most of the evening, or you may want to rent several and stage your own all- night marathon.

For the latter situation, the simplest programming—if you can get them all — would be to rent a series. You might prefer the old films that left a bit to the imagination, or maybe you're not sure. Browsing through the catalog, the following leap out at me as titles Fd like to see again. All-American Hunk contest. Come enjoy carnival booths, games and prizes. Until 6 pm. The cemetery has the undeniable drawing power of Rudolph Valentino, whose funeral attracted 20, fans and started a riot where people were injured.

Other famous personalities buried here include Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Forest Lawn cemetery, from its marble reproductions of classical artworks to the personalities of those buried here, is one of the showiest cemeteries in the book. Lastly, no account of California cemeteries would be complete without a chapter on Colma, the city where the dead outnumber the living roughly to one.

Oxford University Press. W, Jacobs, to more contemporary tales by Elizabeth Bowen and V. Other standouts include The Upper Berth by F. Jones by Edith Wharton. If gore is what you want or if the English aren't your cup of tea , you won't like this book. Expires Jan. Served 7 days a week, reservations desired. Take-out available. Weekends p. Catering Featuring. In the longer run, prizes are awarded to the fastest men and women, by age group, and for the four best costumes. In the Monster Chase, prizes go to those wearing the six best costumes.

Contestants receive T-shirts and refreshments at a party following the event. Everyone who attends receives a unique mask chosen for them by the tarot cards of the Gypsy. The night begins with a musical performance by Rhodessa Jones and Idris Ackamoor, members of Cultural Odyssey, at 8 pm. Francis Hotel. Participants should wear either period costume or formal dress. This event is entirely drug- and alcohol-free. Fort Mason, Pier 2. Generally, the board is placed across the laps of two participants. They place their fingertips on the plastic pointer and ask a question about the future, past or present.

For more than 2, years, the Ouija Board and its predecessors have been exalted and condemned for their mysterious powers. Versions were used in ancient Greece and 18th-century France for many of the same purposes we use the contemporary game See sidebar on next page for a brief chronology. In a Ouija board survey conducted by Stoker Hunt, author of Ouija r The World's Most Dangerous Game , 30 percent of the respondents claimed they used the board to communicate with the dead.

The same number said they used it to touch the living, asking questions or advice about themselves, friends and family. Caribee Dance Center, Webster, Oakl. Some believe the messages come from earth bound spirits or dead souls using the board to communicate with the living. Louis housewife with an eighth-grade education, started receiving messages from her board. Curran received messages from a spirit named Patience Worth for 25 years, and it dictated more than 3 million words in the form of literature and poetry.

Four volumes of literature were published, and one collection of poetry. The words were often in the form of an Old English dialect. Call for ticket prices. Guests perform rituals and talk about the myths and legends of Samhain. Starts at 8 pm, 1 1th St. Local group See No Evil opens. Stans at pm. Shows at 6 pm and 8 pm, Shat- tuck Hotel, Allston, Berk. With Halloween upon us, now may be the time to re-investigate the Ouija's mysteries for yourself, so pull that dust-covered box out of the closet, or go buy a new one at ClifFs or Toys R Us. Who knows — you may predict the winning lotto numbers or contact the spirit of the next literary genius.

After players placed the platform over paper and placed their fingertips on it, the platform would move and write out coherent messages. Free sparkling beverage and a rose to all of you who come to visit our upper bar every Thursday night. Enjoy the comfort and safety of our warmly appointed bar.

Bring a friend, too! Free, am. Come in costume. Rainbow Recreation Center, E. For ages 6 to 12, Free. And while some experts say candy-tampering is rare, it's best to take precautions anyway. There are some other very real Halloween hobgoblins, too. Questionable Items might tn- elude something that looks like it has been rewrapped, or has holes where!

Contestants will be given full trick-or- treat bags. Please call to confirm. Tassafaronga Recreation Center, 85th Ave. Free candy and coloring books. X-ray machines don't detect j substances, only objects. If your child still insists on being a black witch or vampire, put some reflective tape on his or her costume. This might sound silly, but these fires are common. The interior of Siam Lotus is calm, quiet and plain, Qke most small Asian restaurants. Small figurines, miniature offerings of food, flowersand Thai paintings are illuminated by soft lighting.

This is a perfect example of the spirit that flows through this rich culture and into the cuisine. Ground pork seasoned with an aromatic spice, crab and mushrooms, is wrapped in fresh bean curd and then deep fried. The result is a golden brown, crispy roll that gets dipped in a mild sweet-and-sour sauce.

She is working on a wild game cookbook for Chronicle Books. Boneless chicken wings stuffed with ground pork, silver noodles and shredded carrots are moist and plump, and are great with the little tub of red chili sauce. Rather than the small, tightly rolled version found in most Thai restaurants, these larger rolls were bland and undercooked.

The entrees are listed a bit differently and require attention when ordering. Pan-fried dishes are offered with a choice of chicken, pork, beef or prawns, but only the vegetables, spices and sauces are described on the menu. Green beans and curry sauce with beef S5. The flavors of Thai cuisine— hot, sweet, salty and sour — were all represented in this dish. Sauteed Japanese eggplant, onions, fresh basil, hot chilies and plenty of garlic served in a thin, tasty sauce is a good companion to the other saucy or very spicy dishes.

Moist, round in flavor and full of succulent prawns, I think this popular noodle dish should be included in every meal. Depending on who your waiter is, the service can be extremely helpful and friendly or mild and discreet. Lunch: Mon-Fri. Dinner daily, pm. Visa , MasterCard, A merican Express. Reservations accepted. No-smoking section. Wheelchair accessible.

Fresh food, reasonably priced. A special emergency staff is now on duty to help give your claim the fastest possible handling. What excites me most is self-sex at, or perhaps beyond, the cutting edge. There's something about flirting with death that thrills me. While covered in latex from head to toe, I tighten a leather belt around my neck, feeling an incredible rush throughout my body.

I am in control the whole time, though Fm also definitely' in an altered state of consciousness. If you are feeling suicidal, acknowledge that to yourself, and then please look into psychotherapy. If nothing else, motivate yourself by thinking of the embarrassment of being found dead in your fetish wear. Also, are most of these being used on humans yet? I wish I were like some of your male readers who love the smell, but 1 find it extremely off-putting. Is there anything you can recommend? What virus other than the AIDS virus might it carry? What a disappointment! I think there should be a law against using men with big dicks in pom films.

A m Since I sincerely do not believe it does — or I do— I can offer no possible explanation for why you think one exists. She can be heard Sundays, pm. Replenish your energy, heal, lift your spirits, make new friends, and relax with a supportive community. We will even have a session devoted to a Jewish response to the earthquake.

The conference sites are easily accessible from BART. First Unitarian Church, S. Plus stand-up comedy by Paul Krassner editor. The Realist. Child care is available, but you must reserve space by Nov. For more information, or to volunteer, call But Douce persists, ts finally accepted via a huge — what else? You'll do much more.

A misdemeanor? Some will call it a crime. Vogue, SF: Shattuck, Berk. Since , when the band first formed. That separates us from most bands that work within the traditional context of rockVroII," Rathbun says. Nils [Frykdahl] can wear his guitar and play flute simultaneously but Gene [Jun] still has to put his guitar down to pick up the violin.

That had to carry on. One mask was simply a cardboard representation of a gangster. The team's third mask is a face made of pastas of every type and culture, with several dried red peppers thrown in for color. His mask unites North Beach with Chinatown, he said, dissolving their physical boundaries. The last mask produced by Hinrich and Tchuchiya is a colorful celebration of the ball.

Available fully assembled or in kit form. Complete speaker systems for either your car or home are available, for beginners and audiophiles. Please bring in your donations. The songwriting could be a little stronger here, but all in all. Only that they are two'records most deserving of being reissued, which IRS has kindly seen fit to do.

You think that's absurd, that if a band was that good, the world would certainly know about it? But a new decade is upon us, and inspiration this great is always welcome. Def Dumb and Blonde is not the worst of her post- 80s efforts — the good news is. Harry used to get away with shit because she was, in a world dominated by male rock bands, somewhat unique.

Joanna is a solo artist whose rare talent has been applauded from the Atlanta Black Arts Festival to the South of France. Into this he melds ethnic and modern dance influences to create an approach to movement that has earned King an international reputation for his movement style. The piece Is an adaptation of the novel by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, which explores the loss of tribal culture and control brought on by colonization.

Byrd draws on a unique combination of social dance, pop influences and ballet to create dance works with astonishing speed and rhythm, compelling stillness and grace. The company will perform "Lipstick" and "Bitter Tongue", The following panel discussions and presentations will explore the historical legacy, present contributions and future possibilities of Blacks in contemporary dance Panelists and presenters include a roster of Festival choreographers, dance critics and distinguished dance scholars. Among the participants will be: Nontsizi Cayou: Chair of S. Brenda Dixon-Stowefl: Asst.

Professor of Dance at Temple Univ. Joe Nash: Recognized as the foremost archivist of Black dance in the country; consultant and lecturer on African and American Black Dance and its relation to Black history and culture. Halifu Osumare: Faculty member, Stanford Univ. Dance Dept. Atbirda Rose: Professor of Dance at S.

John Pickett, Alonzo King. Dollar Brd. Donald Byrd. Joe Nash. Directed by Steve Kioves. Directed by Jonathan Kaplan. Rush mo re, if not Jeff. Metro, SF; Oaks. Sextillion excited spermatozoa race to meet up with the egg in ish Kirstie Alley's womb in an animated opening sequence that gives birth to both blushes and laughter. He's mistaken for her husband and made to help with the delivery and. Despite which, Alley and the very likable Travolta still make ft to the obvious ending, regardless of who does the talking. Kabuki, SF.

Rennie's the sensitive son of a brutal father, and he and Pearce befriend deaf outcast Scofield, the sole survivor of Samson, an island mysterious- ly destroyed and cursed 70 years earlier. Converts from sofa to bed in seconds. Includes 6 Vi" thick staple cotton blend futon. Other sizes slightly higher. Compare Douglas fir with oak. TWIn, low-arm style in maple. Other sizes, finishes slightly higher. Compare S 2 Bifolef slider. Solid maple, black lacquer. Solid oak, queen size slightly higher. SR Saturday. Mozart retained a special fondness for Idomeneo, an opera that grew out of an especially difficult period of his life.

Thwarted professionally by the Prince Archbishop, in pain from his first broken love affair and the death of his mother, Mozart was ready to pour his soul into this masterpiece of 10th- century opera seria. Idomeneo , Re Di Greta deals with the issues of making a fatal vow — and having to live with the consequences. He makes it, only to encounter his son, Idamante, Idomeneo avoids fulfilling his end of the bargain, which annoys Neptune, resulting in storms and a sea monster. Elettra, daughter of Agamemnon, has her own agenda — namely, wanting to marry Idamante. Believe it. Musically, this is not Mozart's most accessible work, though it is rich with passion and beauty.

The characters are enhanced — even defined — by Mozart's score. San Francisco Opera's production features a fine cast of performers that takes the raw mat erial and hones it into the cohesive alloy it is meant to be. Singing the title role, Wieslaw Ochman starts slowly but by Act 2 builds to a solid performance. Idamante is portrayed by Hans Peter Blochwitz in his U. Personally, I favor the use of a tenor in the interest of credibility, and Blochwitz more than fills the bill. He sings excellently, and is a credible actor. Her soprano is burnished and intense, as is her stage persona.

William Lewis as Arbace is good. Audience reaction to John Pritchard's conducting seemed less good-natured. True, Pritchard made a hash of the overture, and the first two acts were ponderously deliberate. But the music flowed seamlessly for the final act, and he deserves some praise for that, as well as for his competent harpsichord continuo. The opening, with broken gold and turquoise columns suspended by rope and pulley, was a bit heavy-handed for pie, but a realistic seascape added greatly to the effect. Idomeneo will be performed Wednesday, Oct. The movie should have been made for television and sponsored by a sugar company.

Close and James Woods have been married for ten years and have tried everything. Through a kind of mutual audition process. Masterson comes out for a visit, and they all get so thick you'll think Woods and Close are going to adopt her. Masterson is a pleasant surprise, holding her own with her co-stars. She doesn't quite have all the physical moves of a pregnant woman down, but emotionally she's perfect.

Even Dillon gives a thoroughly respectable performance. The boomer-baiting soundtrack is annoying. The Fabulous Baker Boys comes as dose as any to being the exception that proves the rule. Steve Kloves' second produced screenplay the first was Racing with the Moon and his first Film as director success fullv applies an '80s sensibility to a story that could have been told in the '30s with Clark Gable, Jean Harlow and William Powell. The anal-retentive Frank Beau takes care of business — and most of the patter — for the act; he really seems to believe in every hokey minute of it.

Jack Jeff is the strong, silent type, a frustrated jazz pianist trapped in the body of half a lounge act. When even those gigs start falling through, the boys realize it's time to jazz up the act by adding a vocalist. They audition 37 no-talent women before Michelle Pfeiffer stumbles in, an hour and a half late with gum on her lip.

There's no question that she can sell a song, as long as you can see her doing it. Close your eyes and you've got the sexy purr of an actress who can play a singer but can't really sing. It's not a question of if but when, and they tease each other—and us — a bit too long; but we all enjoy it. Your high school ' ring is safe. Beau overplays his big dramatic scene, and when Jack and Susie get together for an encore there's a cheap bit of gratuitous symbolism, a shot of two ships passing in the night; but you would take minor flaws like these for granted in a lesser film.

In Mo. It will satisfy all areas of study in preparation for the NODQ exam. Sun Francieo. CA Coll for information. Friday, Oct. And to hear that celebratory chorus, only three days after the earthquake that showed how the place we live is fragile and precious, was one of those stunningly moving moments that only occasionally crop up in a career of concert-going.

It was a privilege to be there. But R. M, is bigger than that. He meant it this time, and it made all the difference. And it was amazing how well many of R. In general, R. This time, in the throes of empathy, they cut loose, rocking out naturally, unhindered by their usual attitude problems. Friday night, sporting a new r mohawk and two-foot-long queue, he was at the peak of his power, lit up from inside with sincerity and a kind of business-like restorative charm.

Group Discounts: Linda Graham , Please Note: Due o the nature of the performing arts, ail programs are subject to change without notice. Returning this season! We offer a versatile discount ticket program that allows you to attend multiple performances at great savings.

Disco-uni Cards are available by charge at our box office , or you can mail in the form below.

Diese Woche

Call for details. Under the laws of slapstick, ordinary tasks become impossible accomplishments, and the vacation takes a turn for the worse. This Northern California-based company creates works that emphasize the artistry of the physically-skilled performer, white exploring topical issues. Nine years in the making, June Watanabe s Trilogy" is a moving piece that unearths the woman, the child and the spirit. The three sections of the evening-length piece encompass the energy of Noh theatre, an architectural use of space and a Zen sense of stillness and silence.

This statewide festival will bring together some of the most Innovative Black dance artists in the country Please see the adjacent page for further details. Panel Discussions In conjunction with the Festival Panel Discussions will be held throughout the Bay Area, exploring the historical legacy, present contributions and future possibilities of Blacks in contemporary dance. Details of the scheduled disscussions are located on the adjacent page. Please call the box office for detailed schedules and information P, reception at the San Francisco Ballet Building as well as acknowledgement in the Festival program.

Please note, the Theater Artaud Discount Card may net be used lor this event. This is a definite date for anyone curious about or intrigued with the creative possibilities of interdisciplinary art! November 30 , December and , Bpm. Columbia Foundation, Pacific Gas and Electric. Reese consider adding your lax-deductible contribution to the price of your tickets. GA Z'O i? Written and performed by the Del! By Misha Berson M ost comedy has an element of pain or violence in it. So does this make you want to run out to see a dark shtick-fest that ends with an entire family in rubble?

Yes, in an eerie way, especially when agile buffoon Don Forrest is balletically reeling and rolling from the punches. Though the show needs more focus and better pacing, parts of it are plain hilarious. Deepen your capacity to love! Expand your connection with nil of life! Evenings pm Registration at 7 p. Exclusive to the practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Scuta :i. Though we tried our best to get updates on any changes, it's still a good idea to call before you go, especially for events in or near the Marina.

Project Artaud, Alabama at 17th St. No word at press time on the Exploratoriurn's status, so make sure you call first. The film also plays Nov. Kala Institute Gallery, Heinz, Berk. Free admission. Footwork, 22nd St. All other events, as of press time, are going ahead as planned. Call for more Info.

#03 The Case of the Haunted Haunted House - Lewis B. Montgomery - Google книги

Another thing this town's got is good local music. The Sundials also perform. Shows at the Fillmore are so far all canceled or postponed that building did survive the 19G6quake, so keep your fingers crossed. While most dubs, theaters, etc. The marathon features five full- length and three one-act plays by New Dramatists members Y. Song of the Revolution at 7 pm, Martinovics was a Hungarian clergyman and scientist, a Jacobian inspired by the French Revolution.

His act this weekend Includes the "Death Saw," where he's shackled and chained beneath a six-foot steel buzz saw. Orpheum Theatre, Market, SF. Call for price. Tom Jefferson. The event benefits Poetry Plash. A book-length collection will be published later. York Theatre, 24th St,, SF.

He discovers that fear causes a creepy creature to grow on people's spines that can only be subdued by screaming. The Cows also perform. Laney College, Fallon, Oakl. It continues through Nov, 12th with talks scheduled at various Bay Area locations, and holds two weekends of performances — Nov, 3rd-5th and 10thth, aJi at 8 pm — at Theater Artaud, Florida at 17th St, SF. The Galeria de la Reza, located Just up the street, has a special Day of the Dead exhibit currently on display, and Is staying open until pm tonight for interested filmgoers.

Since death is seen as another form of life, there is no fear of it in traditional Mexican culture. The Bay Area's got one of the world's liveliest and strongest film communities, and these showcase programs are a good chance to sample some of the goods. The festival opens tonight at pm with the documentary Tea fro! Other program times vary, call for more info. For your performance to be Included In the entertainment listings, we must receive complete written information by noon on the Wednesday preceding publication.

Circle Gallery, Maiden, SF. Courtyard Cafe, 24th St. OcLNaw Mom-Sat,, 11 am-5;30 pm; Sun. I John Fraser Works on paper and assemblages. Susan Cummins Gal Eery. San Jose. Oct, Nov. T 9 am-5 pm; Sat. Through Dec. Through Nov. Cal I for hours. Call for hours. Through December. Pier Director of Publications. Friends cl Photography. In addition, the first and second-place winning photographs will de published in lhe December 6.

All winning photographs and selected linatisis will be exhibited December ai the Eye Gallery. Through Nov, Site , Illinois, SF. Modernism, Market, SF.

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The Oakland Museum, Oak St. Fraenkel Gallery, 55 Grant, SF. Cabaret A complete guide to cabaret performers appearing at locai dobs and theaters, U An Evening at La Cage No expense has been spared for this comedy and music show, replete with lavish production numbers and some of the world's most famous celebrities. Shows are Tues. Shows are Fri. Open-ended, Club Fugazi. Open- ended. Dolph Rempp, Pier 42, SF. Show at 11 pm. Golden Gate and Taylor at Market. Claire at pm and Frank Banks at 9 pm. Claire at 9 pm. Plays Fri, at 8 pm and Sat. Shows are every Fri, and Sat.

Also a new "Showbus on Location," Times vary. Call for information and reservations. Show at pm. While Deep Freeze 's black boxes labeled "Indian Bones M sym- bolizes an ending, the images of children in the foot whitewall frieze, Anguish , signals rebirth and renewal. Gallery hours: Wed. Shows are Mon. Th e Cannery, Leavenworth. Tom Kenny, Dexter Madison. Signups at pm T show at 7 pm. Show at pm, Fourth St. Shows at 9 pm with additional shows Fri. Show at 3 pm, Fourth St. OCT 27, 8 p. Show at 9 pm. M Aterballetto A member ensemble from North Italy. Century [ Oakport, Oakl, : call for times.

Free Souvenir Calendars! Charge-by-phone: ; ; ; ; ; Z. Photography: Dave Patrick. Music Production: Paul McGivney. Makeup Artist: Jordan Christie Haynes. Production Manager: J. Special thanks to the S. Police Department and the S. Fire Department. A very special thanks to: Eddie Murphy and Billy Crystal. Albany Solano, Albany, : dally at 0 with matinees Sat. East Bay: Piedmont Piedmont at 41st St. Shattuck Cinemas Shattuck, Berk. San Francisco: Coronet Geary at Arguello, : call for times.

Paul Newman does a good George C. California Kittredge at Shattuck, Berk, : daily at and with matinees Sat. PteAnont Piedmont at 41st St. She should have done the same for director Thom Ebertiardt. Ehipkw 85 West Portal at Vicente. Grand Lake Grand, Oakl. East Bay: Enwy Bay Christie. UA Shattuck, Berk. Century Oakport, Oakl. Murray Abraham grabs the acting honors, and although Selteck tries very hard, he's too often his likable self.

East Bay: Oaks Solano, Berk, ; call for times. San Francisco: Clay Fillmore at Clay. San Francisco: Kabukl ft Post at Fillmore. Eitiffre 85 West Portal at Vicente. Learning he has only three days to live, he wastes two of them — and a good bit of our time — before meeting fellow would-be actor Blanche Baker, who rents by the hour to give him the best day of his year life. Emery Bay Christie, Emeryville.

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