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By the late s, when Ellery Queen—author and character—moved to Hollywood to try movie scriptwriting, the tone of the novels began to change along with the detective's character. Romance was introduced, solutions began to involve more psychological elements, and the "Challenge to the Reader" vanished from the books. Some of the novels also moved from mere puzzles to more introspective themes.

The three novels set in the fictional New England town of Wrightsville, starting with Calamity Town in , even showed the limitations of Ellery's methods of detection. According to Julian Symons , "Ellery Very intelligently, Dannay and Lee used this change in locale to loosen the structure of their stories. More emphasis was placed on personal relationships, and less on the details of investigation. In the s and s, the authors tried some more experimental work, especially in three novels written by other writers, all based on detailed outlines by Dannay. And on the Eighth Day , ghost-written by Avram Davidson , was a religious allegory touching on fascism.

Davidson also wrote The Fourth Side of the Triangle. Toward the end of their careers, the cousins allowed some crime novels, mainly paperback originals, to be written by ghostwriters as part of the Ellery Queen franchise. These books did not feature the character Ellery Queen as the protagonist. The prominent science-fiction writer Jack Vance wrote three of these original paperbacks, including the locked room mystery A Room to Die In. There are also several collections of Ellery Queen short stories.

These were praised by Julian Symons as follows "in some ways the short story is better suited than the novel to this kind of writing This is notable especially in the case of Ellery Queen. The best of his short stories belong to the early intensely ratiocinative period, and both The Adventures of Ellery Queen and The New Adventures are as absolutely fair and totally puzzling as the most passionate devotee of orthodoxy could wish E very story in these books is composed with wonderful skill.

Beginning in , the cousins wrote four novels using the pseudonym Barnaby Ross about Drury Lane, a Shakespearean actor who had retired from the stage due to deafness and was consulted as an amateur detective. The novels also featured Inspector Thumm at first of the New York police, then later a private investigator and his crime-solving daughter Patience. The Drury Lane novels are in the whodunit style. In the early s, before Dannay and Lee's identity as the authors had been made public, "Ellery Queen" and "Barnaby Ross" staged a series of public debates in which one cousin impersonated Queen and the other impersonated Ross, both of them wearing masks to preserve their anonymity.

Van Dine In the s, the cousins allowed the Barnaby Ross name to be used as a pseudonym for the publication of a series of historical romance novels by Don Tracy. From the s, republications of the Drury Lane books were mostly under the Ellery Queen name. On radio, The Adventures of Ellery Queen was heard on all three networks from to During the s, [12] syndicated radio fillers, Ellery Queen's Minute Mysteries , began with an announcer saying, "This is Ellery Queen The radio station encouraged callers to solve the mystery and win a sponsor's prize.

Once a winner was found, the solution was broadcast as confirmation. Shortly after the series began, Richard Hart , who played Queen, died and was replaced in the lead role by Lee Bowman. The series returned to DuMont in with Hugh Marlowe who had played the role on the radio series as the title character. Veteran actor Harry Morgan played Inspector Queen, but in this film he was described as Ellery's uncle perhaps to account for the fact that Morgan was only eight years Lawford's senior, or for Lawford's English accent.

The television movie Ellery Queen a. The series was done as a period piece set in New York City in Sergeant Velie, Inspector Queen's assistant, was a cast regular in this series; he had appeared in the novels and the radio series, but had not been seen regularly in any of the previous television versions. Each episode of the television series featured a number of Hollywood celebrities.


American playwright Joseph Goodrich adapted Calamity Town into a stage play which he described as " Our Town with murder," in its New England setting and spare stage work. The Mystery Writers of America established the Ellery Queen Award in "to honor writing teams and outstanding people in the mystery-publishing industry. Ellery Queen was featured on a postage stamp issued by Nicaragua as part of a series of "Famous Fictional Detectives" to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Interpol in [21] and a similar series of famous fictional detectives from San Marino in All ghostwriters are identified where known.

All titles were edited and supervised by Lee except The Blue Movie Murders , which was edited and supervised by Dannay after Lee's death. Retrieved 2 September Turner Classic Movies. Turner Broadcasting System. Retrieved 23 August Barry, Michael From the Palace to the Grove: Michael Barry. London: Royal Television Society.

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