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It Is where we give and receive forgiveness. It is in the moment by moment of living those verses that we mentor the children God has given to us. The fruits of living faithfully are multiplied exponentially through future generations as our children mature and grow and begin their own family adventures.

Faithful family life opens the door to evangelism. Those who are called to foreign missions and include their children in the work know how powerful their example of family faithfulness can be. One of my missionary friends told me that she is often reticent about meeting new people but that her small son, who is a lively and energetic people person, has opened doors for sharing the Gospel many times.

Being the one family on the block where mom and dad are always available and who actually enjoy being with kids will draw neighbor children from near and far! Involving children in service and ministry to others along with us while maintaining the necessary protection they need and deserve prepares them with confidence! Luke I feel like you missed what he was trying to say. I felt like his whole point was that when we try to control everything as a way of protecting our families, but ultimately it is more being guided by fear than faith and when we spend our lives waiting for the right time to step out in faith, we waste our lives by not letting God be God in our lives.

Our children miss the opportunity to SEE God act. He will protect us and provide for us. So many times, God acts and saves and does something miraculous and Israel stands with him. But then life goes on for a while and whole generations are lost. They forget him and things get bad. I think Chan is trying to challenge the Church to let go of their planning and control and leave a margin in their lives for God.

Room for him to act. I think many already do this. They take their kids out of school because God pressed it on their hearts, but they have no idea how they will even start on homeschooling. I felt like that was the point he was trying to make. I read the links you posted and the article itself.

I dont see where Chan is calling us to sacrifice our kids. That is not what I am seeing. Anything above Jesus is an idol. Husband, wife, child. Jesus was clear on this. To the man who was willing to follow but first wanted to bury his dad. But was Abraham willing to lay his son on the altar? He could trust God completely and the result was that it was credited to him as righteousness. Thanks for the article. Thought provoking. Just look at our culture over the last years, since mass institutionalized, government-run schooling has been the norm because it was instituted by FORCE.

Are we a more or less Christ-honoring culture since multiple generations of children from Christian homes have been sacrificed to the system?

why Francis Chan is radically wrong

The answer to that question — which is obvious — says it all. Shame on us as a culture for throwing children to the wolves and shame on Chan for suggesting that those of us who actually understand our first calling are wong. This article makes me so sad. As a parent with grown kids and 4 grands , but still with littles at home we have 12, 4 to 26 , we have been in both places — playing it safe, and living radically we hope. Stability comes from a family — not a house, an address, the same schools. For our family, stability means that we travel around the country in our rv doing both touristing, and disaster relief.

God never meant for us to stop our lives to focus on our kids!

Why I Homeschool My Kids -- Mayim Bialik

What does that teach them? Mentoring is not telling, it is teaching, showing by example, working alongside together. We lived the safe life when raising our oldest. Biggest regret of our lives.

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Radical is trusting God to keep them safe while they climb under muddy trailers, with snakes and spiders after Louisiana flooding to get the opportunity to witness to homeowners who then really want to know what you know because you already showed them you cared. Living radically means that we trust God to provide for us often through crazy hard work! Until that is happening in your life, it looks crazy, irresponsible, and yes, radical. Play it safe, and you steal that from your kids. Why the stability? Is our mighty God not stable enough to satisfy needs no matter where He has called your family, as a family?

Thank you for taking the time to write this. While I am not familiar with Chan, the simple truths you put forth need so badly to be heard. We are made by Him, for His purpose — not our own. Breaks my heart. God bless you for your convictions and action in living them out. The thing that does challenge your calling is misuse of scripture. The 1 Corinthians text that you use as a bases to your rebuttal does not in fact support the distraction of marriage. Rather it is an encouragement to believers to strongly consider singleness because of the distraction of relationship.

This is the same point Chan is making. I am a father. A husband. We plan to homeschool. Let me tell you, I rejoice in the gift of my family. Is this convicting to me? It is a beautiful thing to care about and raise your family as you do. But the defense and disregard of profound scriptural warning and truth lessen your convictions, witness and establishment of the Kingdom of God. He has completely forgotten Deut.

I went to a secular school and I was the only Christian kid I know who witnessed to other students. Only kids with strong convictions of their own can carry it off. YES, raise your kids to be like that. But realize they need help with many questions about drugs, sex, etc. One of my goals as a parent was to keep my children innocent as long as possible, so I homeschooled my children — when doing so was considered radical! Our children are not in solitary confinement. They are exposed to a broad spectrum of people, but under supervision. Much better I think. They are away from bad influences and raised to that they will be the good influence.

Then when they meet other children on the playground, at church, in schools later they are able to interact on the right basis. They are the mature ones — I have seen it many times. Once we become parents, our calling is very clear and most certainly is the same for all of us: our ministry is to disciple and mentor and nurture our children in a Biblical worldview and it MUST come before any ministry to anyone else for our season of parenting.

And that season is not just until a child leaves the home or turns some particular age. As children become adults and they begin to make all sorts of lifetime choices…. Though our roles change to that of trusted hopefully advisors and mentors, because God has designed families, our ministry to children continues. This is what faithful parenting looks like. Done well, it will result in a reversal those roles as we age and by our own example of caring for our elderly parents will be our comfort in old age.

But it is reality and it is servanthood and it is for ALL Christians. Obviously he does not understand this.

Do my school work for me | Ricky Martin

I read a bio of his life which was very tragic as he grew up, losing first his parents as a child and then caregivers also through tragedy in his teen years. Multi-generational family life has not been part of his own personal experience. It is dangerous stuff. Highly recommend perusing the Sola Sisters archive. Since I cannot articulate it as well as Michael Horton has done, I will simply provide these links:. I appreciate the verses and responses reminding parents to disciple our children faithfully.

We are a family that chose to move just outside of the city, our house is in a cul-de-sac no less, as we wanted our children to have a little more freedom to ride bicycles, and a little more yard to run around in. Guess what? The biggest problem of mankind is the sin in our hearts. That sinfulness is not confined to neighborhoods and countries that are largely impoverished. Our street was chosen because it was quiet during the day.

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I cannot begin to tell you the things we have witnessed and endured, with no help from law enforcement. What have we learned, that the Lord has been good to preserve and protect us every day, even as we endure a situation with no end in sight. We eagerly await an opportunity to glorify Him and possibly, as you stated, living as an intact, Christian family, willing to offer help and hope, is witness enough. There are several other instances I could provide of traumatic instances that resulted from sin and desperation, right here on our street in the short two years we have lived here. Granddad, I really appreciate those links.

In this world of Kardashian Christianity, people need to be directed back to the Bible and encouraged to live faithful, Spirit-filled lives. Thanks for posting these. His parents died when he was young and he was raised by caregivers, one of them murdering the other while Chan was in his teens.

His heart is obviously toward those who are first generation believers. Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging writing. My highest calling is to raise my children, and I treasure every day. No two days are ever the same, home schooling is a challenge but one He equips me to do.

In fact, in this day and age I call being a home schooling mum very radical. It is stepping out beyond the comfort zone, beyond the norm, beyond self-reliance, beyond the security of reliance on two incomes. The part of the article about the missionaries putting their kids in boarding school was downright horrifying. How can you serve others in Christ while you neglect the little miracles that God has given specifically to you?

How can anything good come from such a backward arrangement? Surely the people these missionaries are serving see the hypocrisy. Surely they are very aware of the willful neglect these missionaries have towards their own flesh and blood. All day they send their kids to schools with nothing but God-less instruction. When the kids finally get home their parents zip off to choir practice, or to counsel others while their own kids are strangers in their own homes. The kids in the pews see this. It makes an very deep impression on them.

You and I do such a disservice, on so many levels, when we allow pastors with such backward priorities to lead us. We served in Mexico for 20 years! I homeschooled my children then. My husband did a lot of work and at times was gone for a week at a time visiting churches, but when he was home he spent time with the kids playing games, going to the park, etc… When we returned for further schooling, we put our kids in a Christian school, that spent time praying for the kids before school as a staff.

They have some very fond memories of those days. My husband also took up bus driving early in the morning before school to help pay the bills. My husband had the occasional night time meeting, but he still found time to help them with math, play games with them, play tennis with them, do puzzles, watch a movie etc… His children are very important to him and he makes time for them. Now we live in another country and our working in another country. Again, he is home most nights, but occasionally has a meeting.

The last one began at pm to accommodate the other fathers who were either at work yet or spent time first with their families. Homeschooling has been some of the best years for us, but so has attending both the Christian and Public school. We found the many of the teachers in the Public school we attended were believers. It appears to me that you paint all pastors with one brush.

While missionaries, we tried to include our kid in the ministry as much as possible, and while he is a pastor, we try to include our children in the hospitality we extend to people who come for a meal, coffee etc.. We try to include them in our work as well as make time for just them. Well said, young Karen Campbell — and about time too.

It always made me feel that there was a something simplistic about it. As if the working classes could not build our own churches and community projects. As if those in prosperous areas had no needs. As if raising kids and being a loving spouse is not where the spiritual action is, man. How about this for a shock testimony? One of the most culture-changing evangelists and youth workers of 20th century Britain wanted to share the gospel and make a difference. So he devoted himself to the top public upscale private schools of the nation — despite knowing how hard a mission field it would be.

Faithfully sowing into the lives of a few people in the place where you are, can be culture-shaking, as Basher Nash demonstrated. Besides, it has come to a pretty pass when caring for the children entrusted to you, and raising them to the best of your ability, is seen as some sort of anti-social idolatry.

Mothering is now on a level with ancestor worship and occultism? Apparently, raising children is never as sexy and cutting edge as what the kewl, mostly male, Christian commentators are doing. We all have Sarcasm as a second language. I did 12 years of secondary school teaching.

Karen, I so appreciate your article here. Being a faithful Christian family is such a radical idea today. It never ceases to amaze me how people react when they find out my husband and I want more than two children.

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Both Christians and unsaved alike think we are trying to get our own TLC special! Let alone the idea of mom staying home to teach and grow them into adults before they reach the age of 30! Faithful to our Children. This is the most radical thing we can do in a world that call evil good and good evil. No entity will ever teach me or our children what or how to think. Those who might object to this are conniving rats, IMO. Francis Chan is a Charlatan as are many others. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

You make some valid points, and I can relate to both experiences. I certainly like your use of scripture to inform readers on your convictions. However, I think you miss the points Chan is trying to make. Chan, along with a few others like David Platt and John Piper, are absolutely correct about the American Church and the family. He makes it very clear that it is NOT intended for everyone to respond to the call in the same way, and that includes schooling your children.

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I think it reckless to throw out labels on Chan and some of the others as reckless teachers and not sound in their doctrine. As it is, no one here is the ultimate authority. Scott, I am curious What teachings on the family and the American church by Platt, Piper, and Chan are you referring to?

It seems you have completely misunderstood Francis Chan. This whole thing saddens me. Nathan Hopping never heard of him before seems to be the only one who focuses on what the Bible says without twisting the words. Thank you, Nathan. The lady who shared her own experience about both playing it safe and doing it radically shares an interesting experience. Thank you. The one who says Piper, Chan, and Platt preaches about radicalism on a pewter in air conditioning makes a very strong point. I especially feel this about Platt.

Platt considers his day mission as a mission that stands with brothers who are suffering in a war zone and being a true brother while others who provide relief are nothing. Chan went on mission for a year and then said God called him back to San Francisco. Humility, love your neighbours as yourself with the good Samaritan example , what good is it if you only love those who love you ur family for even the pagan does the same, whatever u do to the least of these ypu do it to me, to love each other disciples as Jesus has lived us etc,… all these teachings should be the most important as one of the only 2 commandments.

But nobody seems to prioritize these here. I am sad to see that you have completely misunderstood Francis Chan. I challenge you to look as his life, his sacrifices, his choices and then come back and update your post. I hope that before this reflective and lengthy article, you labored even more with long, sincere, and Christ-seeking prayers. Where was your love for the Lord and siblings to grow in this article? This is truly so sad that you felt the need to publicly offer a lengthy rebuke to your brother in Christ. I pray that your heart be right with the Lord in this forum.

We got good work to do…. Angela, as I said to Royce, it is unfortunate that you chose to not engage with the content of my article and the concerns I expressed as well as the scripture I shared. I hope you will reconsider. While it is important to be as the Bereans, searching the scriptures to make certain interpretations, it becomes even more important to hear Holy Spirit. Because they are diverse, our lives reflects. He has placed each and every one of us in places, cultures, and families where He sees His work best accomplished.

Not all of us were raised in Christian homes. I, for instance, was raised in foster care. Many of the homes I was placed in were not Christian or even Christ like. Unfortunately, many of the homes were in it for the money. But the last foster home I was placed in was truly a God fearing one. This was a couple who stood out, though, like Bash, never made a name for themselves.

They only served teenage boys, whom most foster couples would not even consider. The boys came from all walks of the inner city. Drug dealers, gangs, homosexuals, molesters, etc. The home was set up to take 8 boys at a time. Think about that for a moment.

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Some are called to the mission field, while others are called to live, as Paul put it, to live quietly and peaceably among all men. Many wife and I look at our lives more like Aquila and Priscilla life. We have a business and work quietly and as Holy Spirit leads us we share and give. As for you, the anointing [the special gift, the preparation] which you received from Him remains [permanently] in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you. But just as His anointing teaches you [giving you insight through the presence of the Holy Spirit] about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as His anointing has taught you, you must remain in Him [being rooted in Him, knit to Him].

I think that thinking ignores reality or perhaps it would be better to say that it needs to include understanding of child development and be really qualified and clarified. But I wonder how parents who work all day, and then who come home perhaps tired, or perhaps they are overscheduled like many families, can expect to combat five or six hours daily of exposure to a school environment that is government controlled, politically driven by people with an increasingly anti God agenda, who promote immorality and openly mock the idea that there is a God and there is absolute truth.

I mean, does it make sense, when most ADULT believers would find it challenging to stand for Christ in an environment that is not friendly to the gospel and honoring of Jesus, to expect a small child to be able to do so, esp. I believe children can have real, vital radical faith in the Lord Jesus. And I do believe a child can share Jesus. But it takes some development and spiritual and emotional solidity to be able to do that. I would not put very young children in an anti God, hostile environment. An older child whose faith is real and solid and who has been prepared spiritually and emotionally for rejection, hostility, disagreement and even at times, persecution, perhaps.

Good grief, you have missed what he actually said, judged him and put words in his mouth. He has many children and him and Lisa are wonderful, Godly parents. Lots of people are referring to the 1 Cor 7 passage, and rightly so but three main points are being consistently missed:. This should be the main principle applied to the topic under discussion by Chan and ourselves. A family called in a particular situation should remain there until receiving new orders. It is good for preachers like Chan to exhort and challenge because the body of Christ needs such but to imply that family devotion is an idol is to bypass the main point.

If God has called you to family life then anything else would be the idol. If you are called to stay at home and raise a family, live a quiet life, and work with your hands so that you can be generous then you are pleasing the Lord. Those without this gift will be subject to all manner of temptation and the option of marriage is the way out that God has promised to provide.

In fact, marriage is the intended norm of creation and singleness is a special dispensation created because this broken world needs the gospel. Please do not ever feel, if you are married, that you are somehow wrong or of lesser value in service or in the kingdom. Granted his opinion carries very significant weight, but he felt it important enough to make sure we knew it was his opinion and so we should take it as such and weigh his opinion against the overarching principle of the passage that I touched on in point one.

Remember also, we can learn a lot from the enemy. Family is under an all fronts, no holds barred, well planned, and long term attack in our culture orchestrated by the prince of the power of the air, who is the ruler of this dark age. All this effort expended to undermine family is more than noteworthy. In this culture, littered with so many broken, dysfunctional families and all the casualties thereof, imagine what a beacon of light and hope is to be found in a quiet, steadfast, local family living in their community with Christ at center, as the head, as Savior, Lord, and God.

The people around us rarely, if ever, see such a thing. I really appreciate you bringing this issue out. There is a lot of pressure to serve in the church. I have always felt if I did, my family would suffer. She has dedicated her life to serving the church. I was so sad… Why did the church not see that their marriage would head for this? I think the points in your post are valid and true. Every person must stand before God and answer for their life…and so we are all called to know what He has called us to.

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