Dans la vallée de lombre: Roman (Écrire lAfrique) (French Edition)

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Depuis les bergeries, prendre la direction sud-ouest. Grimper sur les rochers de Pintone, le point culminant de la commune.

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Puis suivre les cairns en direction du sud. Tourner ensuite en direction du nord-ouest pour rejoindre les bergeries de Scafaccia. Suivre la piste principale vers un hangar et un abreuvoir. Au pied de ce promontoire, se trouvent les ruines de l'ancien couvent de Sampolu. Depuis Piavone suivre la piste en direction du nord-est. Ensuite c'est la descente finale vers le col de Suara.

Le camping et les feux sont interdits. Votre aide est la bienvenue! Comment faire? Un pharaon noir? Si vous ne le savez pas, quelle que soit la couleur de votre peau, ce livre est pour vous. Lilian Thuram. Qui en sont les principaux acteurs? Quel est son avenir?

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Auteur s : K. Mais non. Le jeune Zoulou Dumisani Gumede grandit dans le cadre bucolique des montagnes sud-africaines. The International Alliance of Independent Publishers IAIP , a network of publishers worldwide, expresses its shock and dismay at the late-night abduction and detention of acclaimed photographer and human rights activist, Shahidul Alam , in Dhaka. Shahidul Alam has been a partner-colleague of the IAIP , in which context we have interacted with him on many occasions.

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We believe that the charges against him under Section 57 of the ICT are an attempt to intimidate him by using a draconian law to stifle his right to free speech. He has been held without due legal process, and we have received disturbing reports of brutal treatment meted out to him in detention. The right of peaceful protest, and the defence of that right, are fundamental to democracy and to upholding the rule of law.

The IAIP extends its support to, and expresses solidarity with, Shahidul Alam, and reiterates its commitment to the freedom of expression in Bangladesh as well as in the rest of the world. Download the statement here. We hope this openness will contribute towards meaningful networking, discussion, and exchanges among Francophone publishers. These mutual trust and interest, at the heart of the Alliance, have indeed proven themselves over the past 15 years, leading to unprecedented co-publishing and translation projects between continents.

Book donation initiatives from France to Africa are indeed planned in Frankfurt this year. As mentioned in several reports and in the Frankfurt programme see here , book donations, while underpinned by good intentions, can disrupt the local book economy. We therefore call on the accountability of each involved — public authorities, associations, and professionals, for these donations to be made in close collaboration with participating African publishers, but also in consultation with local African booksellers.

It is critical to rethink book donation. Encouraging and supporting sustainable and fair editorial partnerships must be a priority. It is indeed essential for political will to accompany a change of perspective and relations among Francophone countries. On 21 September, all around the world, we have celebrated the International Day of Bibliodiversity. Meantime, in Mexico, the terrible earthquake occurred 2 days before, on 19 September, turning streets into dust, causing victims, hundreds and hundreds of roofless people….

The International Alliance of independent publishers expresses —in these days of celebration of cultural diversity, ideas and texts flows— its solidarity with the Mexicans. The Association of Mexican independent publishers AEMI , member of the Alliance, proposes to collect Latin-American books to offer especially to children and young Mexicans —so that their imaginations do not focus on this disaster, and that stories and words coming from abroad can help them in these painful moments. Read the communique here.

The International Alliance of independent publishers demands that Turkish authorities immediately release publishers, authors and journalists currently detained. It is necessary to guarantee freedom of speech and publishing in Turkey. For several months, authors, bloggers, publishers and booksellers have been the victims of violent and deadly attacks in Bangladesh. The International Alliance of independent publishers, representing independent publishers from 45 countries in the world, condemns these murderous attacks and assault on freedom of speech and publishing. The Alliance also reaffirms the essential role needing to be played by public authorities, in Bangladesh and throughout the world to enable the emancipation of its citizens, and to guarantee a public space conducive to dialogue and peace.

Plurality and diversity of ideas constitute the foundation of democracy.

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It is urgent that the Bangladeshi government protects and supports actors in the book industry , thus safeguarding the foundations necessary for their work and freedom of speech. Pays de parution : Tunisie. The meeting was organised by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers, with the support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie. The publishers who met in Tunis wished it to be known that these meetings took place in a peaceful and secure environment.

The warm welcome we were given, despite the curfew then in place, enabled us to organise meetings of a high standard, from both a professional and a human perspective. We wished to show our solidarity with our Tunisian partners in this way, by inviting associations, NGOs, organisations and institutions, tourists and the simply curious to rediscover Tunisia — a Tunisia where freedom is in the air.

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  • The book was withdrawn from a public library in the Basauri town council , following a request by a political party and certain Madrid newspapers to remove it from all libraries where it was made available to readers. However the practices described in this book support the accusations already made in reports by Amnesy International and by the UN Recorder on Human Rights. The campaign against this book has already been publicly denounced by public librarians. The International Alliance of independent publishers, whose objectives include defending freedom of expression and denouncing all forms of censorship, also has a duty to respond publicly when attacks or infringements are directed — for ideological reasons — against independent publishers, whose very job it is to encourage the dissemination of ideas and to contribute to forging the identity of people and their culture.

    This is why we independent publishers are appealing to the Spanish authorities to respect the work of independent publishers and to encourage respect for fundamental rights and democracy. We also appeal to independent publishers, booksellers, librarians and readers to follow the development of this matter closely and to express their support to Txalaparta Publishing in order to defend and respect the right to information that is true and diverse. The Spanish-language network of the International Alliance of independent publishers.

    Massively used by small publishing firms to distribute their products to bookstores, libraries, and readers, the postal service is the most popular means of circulating books throughout the world. However, the absence, suppression or questioning of special postage for books is an impediment to bibliodiversity in many countries.

    In Latin America, with a huge territory to cover and limited circulation, a large share of publishers ensures the delivery of their products themselves. For these publishers, preferential postage rates for shipping books are all the more vital. Read the advocacy. Read the financial and policy report in French. Booksellers and publishers can then organize a common campaign ahead of the event, to inform their communities posters in the bookshops, information on social media and websites, etc. Since then, it has happened every year in numerous countries, especially in Latin America.

    On September 21, the first day of spring for the southern hemisphere, publishers, booksellers, book professionals and readers are invited to celebrate independent publishing and bibliodiversity. Download B Day logos and visit the blog here. Now is the time to know about books being published all around the world by independent publishers, in different languages and across a wide range of issues from the political to the imaginative. To read through all the books of the WomenList is a reminder of just how much violence women have suffered — from rape, torture, and mass violence against women to indifference and neglect in the case of child abuse, to survival in war, sexual slavery and marriage forced by custom.

    But there is also resistance and optimism whether it be Pussy Riot or women rebelling against patriarchy as well as the inspiration of women in the vanguard of environmental projects or gathering together the works of women poets. Women write poetry, short stories, political tracts, novels, biography, graphic novels and again more.

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    It is time to listen! The WomenList was born in the wake of the HotList selection of books published by independent Latin American publishing houses and presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair in and — Hall 4. Read here the article published by Publishing Perspectives , October, 5, In , a new international selection will be showcased in Frankfurt, on another theme The HotList is also available online , an opportunity to discover the wealth and creativity of independent publishers all year round.

    With all EDINAR publishers, we thus formed a list, promoted at the same time by a group of booksellers from Buenos Aires who arranged a special table dedicated to this list in their bookshops during one month.

    Calaméo - Kaléidoscope - L'actualité des livres

    In , Argentina was Guest country of Frankfurt Book Fair and the Argentinean National Book Chamber had a spacious booth with a strong presence of local publishing, which did not include many independent publishers. Because a lot of Latin-American publishers cannot travel every year to Frankfurt, we have reminded this adventure and decided to implement it again this year, extended to Spanish-speaking publishers from Latin America, in order to give a better visibility to the vibrant Latin-American independent publishing, in the biggest commercial Book Fair of the World.

    Guido Indij Argentinean publisher, coordinator of the Spanish-speaking network of the International Alliance of independent publishers. Politiques publiques du livre. Revue Bibliodiversity.