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Published: June 23, Cuestionarios de Derecho Mercantil. Cuestionarios de Derecho Penal. Parte Especial.

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Tomo II. Words: 64, Published: September 30, Published: March 30, Cuestionarios de Derecho Romano. Treinta cuestionarios, que abordan todo el contenido fundamental del Derecho Romano y que son la base del Derecho Civil. Cuestionarios de Derecho Civil. Words: 47, Published: March 15, Familia y Sucesiones. Words: 62, Published: January 13, Cuestionarios de Derecho Administrativo. Words: 24, Published: November 4, Words: 17, Published: October 27, Language: English.

Published: September 24, Tests about the creation of the European Union and its institutions. Long tests Adapted to the Lisbon Treaty. A work suitable for university students and for those preparing oppositions with the European Union as content. Words: 73, Published: June 9, Easy Learning Pictures. Food in Japanese. Words: Language: Japanese. Published: February 9, Special ebook edition. Pocket book with beautiful children Flashcards of common foods in Japanese. Each flashcard contains a funny picture of the food and its corresponding name in Japanese.

Ideal for any educational work, such as home, travel, etc.. Fantastic full-color edition. Animals in Japanese. Animal Flashcards in Japanese, with images that will be attractive and useful both to children who are Japanese-speaking adults and children and students wishing to learn vocabulary in a fun way. Visual Japanese Dictionary. Published: February 4, Visual Japanish Dictionary. Special ebook Edition. It contains beautiful images with frequent terms in Japanese.

The visual dictionary is divided by themes: animals, food, music, technology and transportation. More than two hundred words with corresponding pictures that will make the Kindle a funny and visual dictionary.

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Published: January 25, Published: January 11, Traditional English children's songs and rhymnes with beautiful and funny pictures. Bell Horses, Bell Horses 2. Clap Hands, Clap Hands 3. Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling 4. Mama's Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird 6. Lavender's Blue 7.

Little Green Frogs 8. Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow 9. Ring A-Ring O' Roses Round and Round the Garden Luxury Camping Resorts in Spain. Campsites collection of first class and luxury campsites in Spain, which includes the main data and their characteristics such as climate in the region, contact details, distance from the nearest airports and main features and facilities in the counts, as well as some pictures of them. Words: 4, Published: October 21, Language: German. Published: September 20, Language: French. Published: September 5, Beautiful Flashcards of common technological devices.

Each flashcard contains a funny picture of the device and its corresponding name in French. Fantastic special edition for eReaders. Special Visual Dictionary eReaders version with beautiful Flashcards of the most common means of transport with its French name. Each flashcard contains a funny picture of the instrument and the corresponding French name.


Ideal for any educational work, such as home, travel Dictionary special visual version for eReaders with beautiful musical common instruments Flashcards with its French name. Ebook for children and language learners with beautiful Flashcards of common food. Each flashcard contains a funny picture of the food and the corresponding French name. Ideal both for any educational work, as for home, travel, etc.. Name of animals in French: Ebook with beautiful common animals Flashcards with its French name. Each flashcard contains a funny picture of the animal and its corresponding French name.

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Ideal for any educational work, such as home, travel, etc. Emmentaler is probably the most famous Swiss cheese. Looks kind of like the green hills I always imagined the hobbits from Lord of the Rings live in. In today's lesson we will talk about different ways to introduce oneself. Different names, jobs and hometowns provide a good opportunity to learn some new words. If you want to support me, just follow this link, enter the amount of money you want to donate and send it off This is a German vocabulary drill unit.

We will repeat the vocabulary of the last few sessions. For this, I will say the English word, give you time to speak the German translation and then I will give the correct answer, giving you time to repeat it once more. Feel free to listen repeatedly to this lesson to "drill" the words. Todays pictures You really need to know about Goethe if you plan to come to Germany and not appear to be an uneducated person. So I will read on of his most famous poems "Der Zauberlehrling" for you. Allen from Wisconsin asked me about a catholic version of the bible.

Though I do not know about that his mail got me thinking about Luther. Luthers translation of the bible into German lead to one German "Hochdeutsch" from the many dialects. Maybe I should tell that to some of my Swiss friends, who still talk in dialect. Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt. This is especially true for me, as I am looking fo Autumn is about to end. The trees start to seriously drop their leaves and sad and gray November is approaching. Today we will therefore sit down with a cup of tea and some Spekulatius cakes my favorite and talk about seasons. Here you see Luzern as we see it at the moment Kravatte statt Badelatschen.

What a difference! The Jonte itself is a 38km long river. I have been on holiday there last week, climbing of course, and it really is a fantastic landscape. There are several small and very beautiful vil We started at the Bodensee in the north of Switzerland and rode across the San Bernardino pass to Locarno. We have two topics today: 1 I finished the book. That is, the PDF version. It takes several weeks to get an ISBN and to publish the printed version.

Later it will be available at Amazon as well. A preview is available and there is a Many animals live in the beautiful nature of Switzerland. I am thinking about 2 to 3 weeks and it needs to be a little bit tough or really special. I have a dream about writing books - and live of it.

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Today I present some vocabulary from the book to learn German I am working on and you get the first two chapters for free. Here is a picture of some Swiss money. I prepared a little story to help you build your vocabulary.

Learn German - German Vocabulary - Obst - Fruits in German - A1 - A2

You might want to take a look back at episode 2, which was similar. Today is the first of August We have Franziska from Freiburg here and she tells you what she loves about the town. Freiburg frz. Fribourg [f? The full tour lasts 7 days, but we did only two of those from Gimmelwals Lauterbrunnen to Rosenlaui Meiringen. You can see a map and some pictures on the homepage. Edith and I used the evening to record some smalltalk, like you might encounter in a bed and breakfa We have had a terrible thunderstorm in the last week here in Switzerland so today I will talk about the weather.

The first picture shows a climber with perfect weather last sunday in the morning. The sky is blue: Perfektes Wetter mit blauem Himmel. Later we got some dark clouds, though.

Es zogen dunkle Wolken auf. And in the late afternoon it s My brother Michael visited me last weekend. He works as a cook on a passenger ship and has never really been in the mountains before. He told me that he wanted to know what I found here in Switzerland that made me stay for so long besides my ex girlfriend of course. So, I showed it to him This is a good opportunity to talk about "family wo Missy from Washington asked me about "werden" and I will say a few words about the town Interlaken.

You can find some very nice pictures from Interlaken here. I spend some time there with Berg und Tal to go climbing and to learn some Yoga from a nice Yoga teacher from www. We slept in the hotel Carlton Europe. It was nice and very Welcome to German-Podcast.

This Podcast will teach you German. I am told that may Americans see us German as always eating Sauerkraut. I will have to say something about this rumour. And as we have Pfingsten today I will explain something about that custom. This is an advanced lesson. On the picture you can see what I normally eat for breakfast. The audio Das spart euch Kummer und Euros. Auch wenn der Garcon fragt, ob ihr das Fleisch gut durch haben wollt, das meint er nicht so.

Today I will continue the story from Italy started in Lesson Hans writes from Siena what happens to him at the language school. We hit Heute in der Schule waren wir siebe Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you.

Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Looking for a high-quality podcasts app on Android? Player FM might just be it. Brilliantly useful, fantastically intuitive, beautiful UI. Developers constantly update and improve. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need. Not what you don't. Programmer gives this app a lot of love and attention and it shows. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts.

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So easy to find shows to follow. Six stars for Chromecast support. Learn German with Yabla. Yabla German brings you authentic content from the German speaking world. This is not a lesson, just engaging authenic content.

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A refreshing German aka Deutsch language learning podcast with two super hosts: One speaking native German and one speaking native Englisch. Join Friedl Mayerhofer as he guides Kenneth B. Sweet as he slowly but surely forms the sounds that make up the German Language in The Stammtisch.

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