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Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth talk to Elissa Strauss about her article in Elle, "The Leftover Embryo Crisis", answer a question about dealing with friends whose kids don't get along with their kids, plus "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations. Plus, "triumphs and fails", and recommendations. Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace, and Rebecca Lavoie discuss how to deal with a longterm toddler beef, how to feel about well subsidised adult stepchildren, teen street harassment, and more. Plus "Triumphs and Fails" and recommendations.

Rebecca Lavoie, Gabriel Roth, and Carvell Wallace answer a call about managing the adult relationships in a step-child's life, and Carvell shares news about his son's computer. Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth answer listener questions about how to help other kids understand her son with Down's Syndrome, and sharing household responsibilities.

Carvell Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth discuss the politics of choosing a guardian for your kids and what to do about a daycare center that's been a little lax on vaccines. Carvell Wallace and Allison Benedikt are joined by Ami Cooper to talk about her experience raising a trans sixth grader. Plus triumphs and fails spoiler alert: all fails , and recommendations. Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss how to talk to your kids about recent events in Charlottesville Virginia, and whether smartphones are "destroying a generation," with Lisa Guernsey and Janelle Krupicka.

Rebecca Lavoie and Carvell Wallace discuss choosing a school district in a segregated city, and how to encourage a teen's individual style while keeping their values intact. Plus triumphs and fails and recommendations. Rebecca Lavoie and Gabriel Roth discuss whether to worry about a 9-year-old's weight gain, and how to inject some passion into passionless pre-teen. Gabriel Roth, Carvell Wallace and Rebecca Lavoie discuss a very unusual quandary involving the inappropriate email address of their babysitter, plus babysitting in general, triumphs and fails, and recommendations.

Plus, what to do about bad kid friends, Triumphs and Fails and recommendations. Carvel Wallace, Rebecca Lavoie, and Gabriel Roth take questions about reconciling disparate parenting styles and how to make space for an introverted kid, plus Triumphs and Fails and recommendations. The panel discusses feedback from last week's question on having a second child, talking to kids about a dying caregiver, and what to do with an aggressive hugger, plus Triumphs and Fails and their recommendations.

Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth discuss what to do about a child's growing interest in guns, having two children versus one, plus their Triumphs and Fails, and recommendations. They discuss what life is like for a biracial teen, plus triumphs and fails, recommendations and an Ezra lightning round. Plus recommendations, divorcing uncles, and Triumphs and Fails.

The panel is joined by Andee Brown to talk about her son's struggle with mental health. Plus, Triumphs and Fails, recommendations, and a listener question about whether to have another child under difficult circumstances. Carvell is sick, so Steve Lickteig joins Gabriel Roth, and Rebecca Lavoie to discuss how to teach empathy in young kids and sibling dynamics, plus triumphs and fails and recommendations.

The panel discusses dealing with media you find problematic and whether it's worth trying to filter it for your kids, the n-word, broken nanny dates, and more, in Triumphs and Fails and Recommendations. Rebecca Lavoie, Gabriel Roth, and Carvell Wallace discuss the youtube abuse controversy surrounding DaddyOFive, together time after a divorce, triumphs and fails, and recommendations.

The panel discusses getting back to work after a long absence, post-vacation troubles, and disappearing nannies. Plus, hamster trouble in Triumphs and Fails, and recommendations.

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Mom and Dad Are Fighting answer listener calls concerning unwanted bible movies and how to explain sibling-relationship boundaries to your kids. Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace discuss coping with a dying parent as a parent, plus charades, laid-back husbands, and listening to your kids in our weekly triumphs and fails, and recommendations. Mom and Dad Are Fighting discuss their favorite parenting hacks and answer a call from a listener struggling to decide if medication is right for her child.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting discuss tips for parenting adolescents and the emerging science of birth-related gene selection. Mom and Dad Are Fighting say goodby to Allison Benedikt and talk with teacher Matt Dicks about how to get the most from parent-teacher conferences. Mom and Dad Are Fighting discuss how children are now the economic drivers in the household and offer tricks for parents struggling to carve out time for homework. Mom and Dad Are Fighting discuss the history of child care and how children often segregate friendships along gender lines by the time they reach preschool age.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting discuss author Lizzie Skurnick's experience raising a son whose father is a sperm donor and the rules that influence kids on social media. Mom and Dad Are Fighting discuss raising children through their tumultuous middle-school years and wether Rogue One is too violent for children. Mom and Dad Are Fighting say goodbye to Dan Kois and interview high school junior Matthew Herrity who's protesting a rezoning that will lead to racial changes at his school.

Mom And Dad Are Fighting talk with Debbie Haine Vijayvergiya, an advocate for stillborn awareness, about her experience delivering a stillborn child. Allison and Dan ask moms of girls how they're talking to their daughters about the coming Hillary presidency. Allison and Dan dive deep into the mythology of killer clowns. Dan and Allison search for insight into the mystery of Brangelexit by speaking with two members of a real-life big family, Noreen Malone and her mom, Mary Ellen Brennan.

Dan and Allison discuss the thorny issue of parent-teacher communication with Matt Dicks. On today's show Dan Kois and Allison Benedikt talk with Rosalind Wiseman about the new edition about her classic guide to girls' friendships and discuss the division of household labor. Mom And Dad Are Fighting is taking a break this week. Blame Dan and Donald Trump. On today's show Allison and Dan discuss putting a family pet asleep and for Father's Day we'll hear stories about dads from Slate staffers. On today's show Allison and Dan discuss absurdly early bedtimes for kids and then make some summertime resolutions.

On today's show, Allison and Dan discuss game theory parenting and whether children need grit to succeed. On today's show, Allison and Dan hear stories from Slate staff about their mothers and talk talks with actor Susan Sarandon about motherhood and the movie The Meddler. On today's show, Allison and Dad talk to the owner and chef of a vegan preschool and then debate the latest child psychology trend in parenting discipline of not punishing kids for bad behavior.

On today's show, Allison and Dad talk with a Brooklyn principal about what to do when parents have a problem with school administrators and then Dan calls the Easter Bunny. On today's show, Allison and Dad talk to parents about raising a transgender child and how to talk to your kids about Trump.

Dan Kois and Allison Benedikt discuss iPads in the classroom and talk with two mothers who had their children days apart. Dan Kois and Allison Benedikt discuss the Every Child Succeeds Act and Dan goes to the mall to talk with dads about how they really feel about holiday shopping. Dan Kois and Allison Benedikt discuss how to talk with your kids about the terrible news of the world with teacher Matthew Dicks and then Slate's new Dear Prudence columnist Mallory Ortberg answers listeners' parenting questions.

Mom and Dad are In this episode of Slate's parenting podcast, Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois talk to education secretary Arne Duncan and discuss passing along faith to your kids when you have none. Dan Kois and Allison Benedikt discuss the appropriate screentime for kids and childhood sports heartbreak.

Mom and Dad are Fighting is sponsored by Little Passports. Keep your kids busy this summer with Little Passports, the award-winning From Washington D. Which personally i did not like because it basically turned the first pages of the book in to an introduction. Once i had gotten past that point the story picks up some and i do start to enjoy it moi know the characters. Still though i have trouble getting into the book at parts because i basically just reading someones biography or at least that is how i feel.

Another edit: Looks like there is finally so So far the start was very slow and basically just puts you slap in the middle of a story. Another edit: Looks like there is finally some plot added to the story after page I also have gained a tiny bit of more interest and hopefully will become more interested as it goes on form here i will be able to pick up and finish it. Oct 02, Mrs. Krajewski rated it it was amazing. Troy just recently lost his mother, and he has no clue how to begin dealing with it. They aim to spend their summer with one another, forgetting about all else.

For Troy, the summer ends up becoming one of the best and worst in his life. This is a tale of true friendship. Troy, Tommy, and Gabe have a co Troy just recently lost his mother, and he has no clue how to begin dealing with it. Troy, Tommy, and Gabe have a connection that everyone should want in a strong friendship. These boys go through Hell and back, yet then never waver in their love for one another.

Nov 08, Eric rated it liked it. Pretty interesting coming-of-age in the mountains with tight friendships, bad enemies, and young love right up in your face. There was nothing wrong with this novel at all the friendships between Troy, Tommy, and Gabe were pretty touching , but there was a missing spark. The bad guy, Chase, didn't have a lot of depth and Troy's relationship with Luz was believable, but bland. Again, Ghost Medicine was a solid story with some decent action, but don't expect a Grasshopper Jungle here. This book was slow and nothing much happened until the end. Normally I would just put it down or skip through bits of it, but this still held my intrest.

I liked the main characters and the bond they had to eachother. The ending did make me feel things, but all in all this just wasn't really my type of book. Oct 31, Jacob rated it liked it. Ghost Medicine is the story of a group of friends that want to spend the summer without having to worry about the future. Ghost medicine is the time that stops, no future, no presence. The story shows friends through summer adventures that leads them into many situations fun, and dangerous.

They stick together in a final hoorah for a summer to remember. Jan 27, Victoria rated it liked it. Actual rating: 2. I didn't care for the romance but, being Smith's first novel at the time, he does a great job of establishing the relationship between the main character, Troy, and his friends Tom and Gabriel, something that he continues on with his future books and onward.

The narrarator, Troy, tells us the ending without the specifics in the prologue, then begins the story at the beginning. There are a lot of relationships in this story. There is a bond of friendship. Troy, Gabe loose their boyhood as this story in revealed. As Troy Stotts starts his summer, just before he turns 17, the world This was an interesting read, more of a coming of age story with a slightly discernible plot that I enjoyed. All in all, a good book. May 30, Jenifer Dugdale rated it really liked it. Was quite pleasantly surprised with this one. Lots of action but not hurriedly so.

Great feel to the trio of friends. Realistic dialogue which seems hard to find with YA. Am recommending it to mature, thoughtful YAs who wouldn't mind a "cowboy" setting. Jan 20, Eric Braun rated it it was amazing. This book is such a unique coming of age story. After all, I had never before read a young adult contemporary before and had no way of knowing that the death of a family member was such a common trope within the genre. Seven years after that original attempt, I can understand why.

This book, first and foremost, is horribly boring.

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To make matters worse, it is deeply problematic in the way that it handles one of its female characters. Ghost Medicine was a nightmare to read. Read my full review here. Oct 05, Rachael rated it it was amazing Shelves: kids-books. Anyone who knows me or has had a conversation with me in the past two months is probably aware that I am mildly obsessed with Andrew Smith's books.

I read his newest book, Stick, two months ago and then ran around buying copies of his three previous so I could read them all right away. Now that Stick's Anyone who knows me or has had a conversation with me in the past two months is probably aware that I am mildly obsessed with Andrew Smith's books.

Now that Stick's about to be released, I thought I would celebrate by letting some of his other works jump the queue for review. And, as Ghost Medicine was the one I read right after Stick, well, it gets to go first. I'll lay my cards out on the table and say that I was predisposed to like this book, not just because I was so blown away by Stick but because it has two characteristics from my list of Things We Should See More of in YA Literature: a rural setting and boys who are actual, caring friends.

Because, come on folks, we know these things exist in real life, but so often in YA we get suburbs and cities, dudes and loners as though that is all there is. Oh, let's make that three characteristics from The List, because the writing is pretty damn awesome, and we could always use more good writers, though I think that's true of pretty much all genres and not exclusive to YA. Could someone in addition Laini Taylor please write a well-written paranormal romance?! Some of us want to read about demons and vampires and love; we just don't want the reading of it to make our brains hurt! Lucky for me, there is nothing about Ghost Medicine to disappoint.

Here's the thing about Ghost Medicine actually, about all the Andrew Smith books I've read : it's violent and disturbing.

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There is evil in the world, and danger, and most definitely death. Troy's mother has just died, and not to get too spoiler-y, but not all of the characters you meet will make it to the other side with you. The adults in charge are sometimes corrupt, sometimes damaged. Kids are often left to their own, forced to grow up early, and sometimes damaged as well.

But hey, this is all true in the real world, too. Horrible things happen and people die. Children aren't somehow exempt from being affected by the pain and misery in the world; in fact, they are often most vulnerable to it because they are at the mercy of others. But there is beauty in Ghost Medicine as well, and while perhaps less obvious than the darkness and violence, it is stronger.

There is the beauty of the natural world thanks to the rural setting, we get to see a lot of this ; there is the beauty of love between people - Troy and his friends, Troy and his father, Troy and Luz; there is the beauty of connection between people and animals; and there is the beauty of kindness, which can be so quiet and unassuming but makes all the difference.

Every scene with Troy, Tom, and Rose made me smile sometimes through tears, because I get weepy when I read , especially when Tom would act so tough and brusque as he was being kind. This is why books like Ghost Medicine and Stick! Great, give them that - we want them to read!

So many of them already know that yes, bad things do happen, so let's give them books that reflect their experiences: parents die, violence exists. But let's also make sure that these books reflect the rest of life, too, the less flashy, the friends that will be with you forever, the animals that will be your companions, the people who care even when they don't know how to say it, the natural world that surrounds us. Because the world is a dark and dangerous place, but it is also beautiful and kind.

Did I mention I liked this book? A lot? Feb 20, Stacie rated it liked it. I read this book by mistake, somehow my book list took ghost and added medicine on to the end. A happy accident. This book was a mixture of fun and light with deep and difficult. Troy is trying to deal with a loss while his dad is shutting him out. He takes comfort in his horse, animals, and his friends. He gets a job on his friend's farm where another friend, Tommy, works.

Tommy and Troy meet the neighbor who is a hoarder, but they come to be friends. All together they learn lessons and try to I read this book by mistake, somehow my book list took ghost and added medicine on to the end. All together they learn lessons and try to move on. If this wasn't enough we have Chase, the bully who gets away with everything because his dad is the sheriff. The town learns what happens when bullies are left to escalate and some pay the price. It is a very touching read and worth the time.

It is easy to get wrapped in your feelings and let them consume you, but remember there are 7 billion of us trying to live just like you. Feb 05, Terri rated it it was amazing. A contemporary Western - who would have thought I would find this genre appealing? Honestly, it is hard to get past the whole "Brokeback Mountain" thing whenever I think of westerns! However, "Ghost Medicine" was fabulous!

Teen boys - and girls - will love this book. There is action, romance, the outdoors, horses, friendship, blood, and growth - something for everyone. The first time I tried this book, I couldn't get past the first ten pages or so - I wasn't ready for it. The opening couple of p A contemporary Western - who would have thought I would find this genre appealing? The opening couple of pages are certainly intriguing - " I can still close my eyes and feel the wet of the rain that summer, smell the horses, the blood, the river on the mountain that called three boys up, and remember how three boys died, too.

I, first and foremost, loved the characters - skinny Troy Stotts who has just lost his mother to cancer and who lost a brother when he was younger; Tom Buller who is also motherless and the son of an alcoholic, and full of fun and swagger and strength; Gabey Benavidez the younger brother of the girl Troy loves - Troy's best friend whom he considers a brother; and the beautiful Luz Benavidez. The friendship between these four teens is strong, and through this summer of their coming-of-age it grows even stronger.

They share love, secrets, pain and an unbreakable bond. There are bad guys - Chase and Jack - as well. There are adults who are both good and bad in the lives of these teens, but they are only tangential to the story. I will never forget these people.

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The story itself is wonderful - it contains adventures that every boy should experience, as well as those that no boy should ever have to experience. It is definitely a page turner.


Though the story ends tragically, there is growth and hope and redemption and love found there. It had me in tears. The setting is strong as well, as is the language that brings it alive for us. Beautifully written! This is a must read for fans of teen fiction! Nov 01, Cait Brown rated it really liked it. Ghost Medicine by Andrew Smith Wow that escalated quickly straight from a pety rivalry to almost rape to murder. It was like a roller coaster except with horses; starts out slow but once you're in the actual ride it is adrenaline causing and nerve pushing.

From death to death this was not what Troy, his friends, and the readers least expected. The story starts right after Troy Scott's mother dies and we are introduced to a 16 year old with raw emotion of pure grief. It takes his crush, Luz, to get Ghost Medicine by Andrew Smith Wow that escalated quickly straight from a pety rivalry to almost rape to murder. It takes his crush, Luz, to get him out of his funk. Once Troy starts working for Luv's and her brother's, who is also Troy's, father at their horse ranch things are set in motion.

Friends are made, enemies are challenged but in the end Troy, Gabe, Tom, and Luv can't go back no matter how hard they try. Their lives will be changed forever. When I picked up this book I expected fluff.

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I was majorly wrong. It was deep and dark and I loved it even though this one of those books that took me longer than a day to read. This author amazed me and amused me with how words were crafted into a book equivalent of a chocolate cake, both beautiful and delicious. Tweet me SweetEndReviews Plus: the secret origin of Hit-Girl! How did little Mindy McCready earn her assassin stripes? It all started with some sheep. An all-new chapter in the Eisner Award-winning series that turns the police procedural on its head. Walker and Deena are reunited and discover things about each other they never knew — even after all these years.

Plus: an unsolvable powers case that could determine the fate of the entire Powers Department. The letter column will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes info on the show from executive producer Brian Michael Bendis! How about an army of villains?! Magneto betrays his alliance, a founding Avenger quits, and the Scarlet Witch is forced to join Dr. And who are Kluh and the Sorceress Supreme? Who will live or die?

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When Titan, birthplace of Thanos, falls, Planet Ultron rises in its place! In the wake of Onslaught, the Avenger called Quicksilver forges a new path! When Wundagore Mountain falls to Exodus and his fanatical Acolytes, the High Evolutionary puts the mercurial mutant in charge of the evolved beasts known as the Knights of Wundagore. But when the heroes return — and Quicksilver is reunited with his sister, the Scarlet Witch; his ex-wife, Crystal; and the other Avengers and Inhumans — it all races to a chaotic climax and a Siege of Wundagore.

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