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Bandcamp Album of the Day Jan 30, Fried Shallots by Ty Segall.

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Starbuck Durden. Steve Kearley. Steve Ensor.

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Monica Walsh. Kevin Banks.

Rock'N'Soul: 20 Soul Classics Rock Fans Will Love

Jeremy Ranson. William Mason. Harris Schroff.

Ike Turner – Rocket 88 (1951)

Ted Moseby, Sex Architect. Jim McCusker. Geoff Martin. John Strednansky. William Krober.

David Bowie, The King Of Glam Rock

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Read the story behind the song: Let me introduce you to a SECRET: It all starts with the feeling, that we face the hidden truth, but we can only suspect it. We step blind into an invisible […]. I am thrilled to announce that my debut EP will be available from November the 19th on. You can preorder for a discounted price. We had the most amazing night ever.

Flying Saucers Rock ′n′ Roll

Thanks to the Fireworks Magazine for featuring me in their latest edition. I feel honoured to be within the same magazine, where Joe Boanamassa is on the front page. With her creamy tone, powerful delivery and alluring beauty Cheri Lynn is such a rare find waiting to be discovered by a larger audience. The looks of an angel, a voice that threatens to capture your very soul.