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All Rights Reserved. Have you done any posting on Bi-men? A lot of the research and ideas seem old. I'd like to know more. Best place for you to start learning more is probably using PT's own search engine upper right and simply put in the term bisexuality. Liking some types of shemale porn has nothing to do with being Gay or even Bi-sexual.

For straight guys the transgendered object of their lust must first and fore most must have as few masculine qualities as possible. In others words "she" must look like a woman. Now of course there is one big exception to that surface femininity and that is the penis. But in shemale porn made primarily for straight men, the male to transsexual sex is portrayed as the straight man behind the receptive partner who is on all fours doggy-style. This sexual position completes the picture and keeps any distraction a straight guy may experience out of sight. The popularity of anal sex in straight porn these days makes the transgender shemale to straight male coupling just that much more sexually exciting.

Keeping with the popularity of these kinds of porn films enjoyed by straight men, porn Producers are now making two kinds of "shemale" movies with one version highlighting the feminine qualities of the "girl" and penetrative intercourse by the straight partner only. And another for Gay and Bi-sexual men that is quite different and often shows the male half of the couple being penetrated by the transgendered woman. If you compare the popularity among straight men for post-op transgendered girls and the unpopularity among straight men of porn featuring Transvestites or Cross-dressers there is a huge difference because the latter actually look like men dressed as women as opposed to the former who look like very hot women who just happen to have a penis.

And who can forget that for many straight men the transgendered woman represents the best of both worlds, a girl with the sex drive of a guy and the ability to separate out sex from intimacy like men do, enjoying recreational sex as much as he does wrapped up in a package that can only be described as a "dream girl" She likes free and easy hot sex as much as he does and won't make him jump through hoops to get it like a female born woman might. I agree with both your comments and don't see them as incompati- ble with anything I said in my post.

In fact, I thank you for further expanding on something I didn't have the space to. WAS there something in my post that made it seem that I didn't have straight males in mind when I talked about the popularity of shemale porn? No no I lived in Rio de Janeiro for many years which has a huge transgender population and where bisexuality is extremely common in men.

But it is not bisexuality as understood in North America I think this sexual attitude is common in some other macho countries too. As an aside I remember soon after I arrived in Rio riding my bike to Copacabana beach and stopping for a cold drink. I sat on a bench overlooking the sand and began to admire the view in front of me.

Dozens of the most beautiful women I had ever see in string bikinis chatting and tanning. An older gentleman sat down beside me. He spoke a bit of English and we began to chat. At one point I gestured to the view before us and I complimented him and his country as having far and away the most beautiful women in the world.

Mike O'Connor

He looked in the direction I gestured to and burst out laughing. And tying into the original post, Brazil produces most of the shemale porn seen in the world today and Brazilian "Bonecas" are the superstars of this genre of porn movie and are in great demand all over the world. To try to take porn as 'revealing male interests' is one thing but many men play jokes on each other by finding porn and showing it to our friends to get a rise out of them. Men and some women are like that.

They play jokes on other men and women by sending them things to get a rise out of them. Much of the internet is like that.

Thank you for saving my faith in men. I was convinced all men are gay bi or closeted. I stumbled upon this article. Im My fiancee is He tells me desire to have sex is not there. He stores pictures of other women.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

I like sex for sport but I am submissive. So i stumbled upon article. Only imagine what dark alleys Ive been down on the net. Dont know what to do. Very interesting DR. And I will read more! I actually found a bit of what I was wondering. It is a question of submission I believe, the biggest submission a male can give to his superior wife is staying loyal to her whilst allowing her to go out and fuck men.

There is something about it that really turns me on, I hate it. I wish I could be a normal dominant male and enjoy giving women a good fucking but what you say about being 'wired differently' is true. I believe this is a very good topic to discus because it is true how the desires of people are getting stranger and more unrealistic. Thank you for this article. It focuses on several topics that occupy much of my conscious day and have done so for many years.

The strangest thing happened to me ten or so years ago. I was prescribed Adderall for ADD at the age of 33, and from the first time I took the medicine which was prescribed at 30mg 3 times daily, a large dose, I began to fantasize about my wife having sex with two men in front of me, as I watched helpless to do anything because of their dominance. I had fantasizes about women in my life having sex with other men before, but not with myself interjected in the fantasy observing. This fantasy turned me on to such a degree that I masturbated constantly, all night as long as I didn't run out of amphetamine, and other fantasies came into my mind, of me wearing slutty lingerie and being submissive towards older men, black men, African militants, fat old white perverted men, old high school janitors, and so on.

I began to "borrow" panties from my wife, without her knowledge, and even stole a couple pairs from my friend's wife, straight from their dirty clothes hamper. I began to see myself as a slut, a feminine slut, for these older, unique, and generally unattractive male characters. As a side effect of the medication my penis would shrink and harden which made me all the more excited as it would be less than an inch long and so narrow it looked like a clitoris in a way.


I began to shape my body in the gym with cardio and only toning and no bulk muscle building weight training and enhanced my already round butt and curvaceous waist until I began to turn myself on too much. I found Craigslist for the first time after my kink above had taken shape, and I stared at the cocks and read the top's posts with stunned fascination. I also discovered through porn sites that my fantasy about my wife had a category all it's own called cuckold porn. I discovered I was a submissive bottom and either a crossdresser or a fem. I had always had gay feelings, and submissive feelings since puberty, the year after I became interested in girls, but this was something different, a role defined.

Shortly after discovering the gay personals online I forgot to turn the computer off and my wife sat down to her laptop only to see a picture of a giant white cock and gay ad. There was nothing I could do but feign innocence, and that did seem to work, until a month or so later when my wife found several legal pads I had filled with written short stories about the two of us being molested by well endowed black men, each of us done anally, submissive fantasy scenes of us acting as servants and slaves. We were headed for divorce anyway, and this hastened the process.

She also called my mother and told her the story, which I shrugged off with an excuse that my wife was lying to be vindictive, which at least put an end to any further discussion. Jump ahead a few years and I am married to a new wife. Language: English. Published: June 19, An attractive young amateur model agrees to pose as a "damsel in distress" for a client.

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Jackie enjoys showing off her sexy body and she could use the extra money. However, she suddenly finds herself handcuffed and helpless, at the mercy of a knife wielding sadist who wants more than just pictures. Words: 16, Published: June 16, When eighteen year old Jill finds the courage to finally confess that she is gay, her mom responds with a shocking revelation of her own. Liberated from their secrets, mother and daughter find themselves sharing a level of intimacy that neither would have dared to dream possible. Can Jill and Faye keep their forbidden love hidden from their girlfriends?

Words: 5, Published: April 22, A middle-aged lesbian gives up everything for a younger, biker dyke lover. Pamela's devotion to the dominant Lita is absolute, but when she unwittingly triggers her girlfriend's jealousy, she is forced to pay an extremely painful price.

Beauty's Punishment

Words: 15, Published: April 20, The characters in this steamy collection of ten erotic stories get their sexual kicks in many different ways. From a young man's desire for a much older lady, to a nymphomaniac housewife's desire for the ultimate group-sex party, the action is uninhibited and often kinky. Words: 11, Published: March 16, Three red hot stories of female domination, featuring beautiful and aggressive women abusing and humiliating their pathetic male slaves. Warning: These stories feature graphic sexual activities that some readers may find offensive. Published: January 15, A sexually frustrated woman tries an experiment in self-bondage.

A couple of cops pick up a street hooker.

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A cheating lover makes a life-changing decision. One fateful London night will change the lives of all these people forever. Published: May 30, Two hot young ladies are cycling through the countryside and enjoying a perfect English summer afternoon. But, when Jane and Shirley stop to answer a call of nature and the call of their insatiable passion for each other, they wake up to find their panties have vanished. And, when they arrive in a nearby village, they lose yet more underwear. Must be a pervert or two on the loose!

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Red Cheeks For Charity. Published: May 21, Amateur ladies soccer turns seriously hot and kinky. How much is busty blonde Jane prepared to suffer to ensure her team wins? Creamy cheeks quiver and blush as canes and straps are wielded with a demonic ferocity. Published: May 14, A murderous biker's search for Satan leads him to a death race for the ultimate prize of eternal life, in this full-throttle story of madness and bloody mayhem.

The Secret,Taboo Aspects of Male Sexual Desire | Psychology Today

Words: 2, Published: May 7, Goodison Goebbels is an art critic who knows neither art nor what he likes. But he likes the blank canvases of John Bollockburn. Follow this nasty little man on his short journey to the ultimate artistic faux pas. Bad Faith! Words: 73, Published: April 26, A huge lottery win is guaranteed to create a buzz in a small Irish village like Ceanngoorley.

When the win in question is attributed to a talking statue of the Virgin Mary, greed and superstition collide in a tsunami of hilarious chaos. Will the devious Father O'Hoora prove to be the real winner, or will his grand plans be thwarted by a vengeful bishop and a mysterious American stranger? Yes there will always be one or two you like more than others but this was really well worth the listen for me.

There are so many, if you look up any anthologies by Rachel Kramer Brussel and Alison Tyler you'll find a whole bunch of titles that are kinky enough to share with your favorite person. She did an excellent job of narration, with male voices and female voices. Also expressing emotions.

Any additional comments? This anthology was put together very well,, as I would expect some one like Violet Blue to do. I enjoyed all the stories. Well worth purchase. This has provided some new ideas for fantasy play. In Dress Me Up, where the woman is walking thru the restaurant and all the women are hating her, and all of the men staring. How does this one compare?

This compares well. Rose has an incredibly erotic voice. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Especially once my wife started listening. My wife normally won't listen to erotica, she prefers reading. But she became enthralled with this audiobook. Sweet Danger describes this collection well, as Violet Blue continues in the spirit of her earlier collection, Sweet Heat. In these erotic short stories laws are broken, taboos are thrown aside, and characters get hot and messy.

This is not garden-variety erotica. This is explicit. Yet, it is explicit with an underlying sweetness — the characters within are all willing participants. While the stories tip their toes over the edge of traditionally acceptable behavior, everyone is safe and consenting. Rose has a genuine and upbeat voice that is easy to listen to. She is particularly energetic in the graphic descriptions of sexual action.

This is a performer who does not shy away from the most descriptive and extreme fantasies. Rose takes you there, and her voice has the right spark to match the temperature of the story. Some of the stories take a while to build up, but they are rooted in raw sexuality and most of the chapter will contain full on tension and action.

But they are satisfying trysts if you prefer to keep your arousal to yourself. This book has several fun, naughty readings for those who want to spark inspiration in the mind of their partner. The details are graphic; the sex can be messy. There might be themes that act as a turn-off. But, there is something in this book for everyone, regardless of gender.

The stories are mainly heterosexual, although some new horizons get explored occasionally. Each story highlights a different, dangerous scenario. I bought this to share with my wife thinking this was going to be kind of a "saucy" romance thing. OMG was I wrong. There were sex acts in this book that I didn't even know people were into, and even more shocking, that my wife and I are apparently into as well.

Do we recommend this? Oh ya! We would recommend this book and everything Rose Caraway does. Especially her iTunes podcast. Rose has turned a giant spotlight onto our love life, and we couldn't be happier about it.