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To give praise at this point in his history would be redundant but equally justified. There are lyrics and one day I will record it with a good singer Billy Eckstine or Sarah Vaughn would be nice , ha! All the other selections are favorites of mine either jazz standards or movie soundtracks. About the rhythm section I can confidently say I would have absolutely no reservations playing anywhere in the world with them.

Brain, Mind and Medicine: Essays in Eighteenth-Century Neuroscience

Thank you guys for your enthusiastic performances! This was truly a wonderful and special experience followed by many more through the last five years when we were touring Europe together with different projects and line-ups.

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Thank you Don for all the musical and personal moments we shared through the years, I will never forget any of them and really learned a lot from you, as a musician and even more important as a human being! In , she founded her own trio - Jan Feco on bass and Marek Urbanek on the drums. She recorded the first demo tape and with her own original arrangements, the famous song Autumn Leaves J. Kosma won the competition Jazz Prix The international jury composed of R. Dombrowski German music journalist , G.

Essays Towards a History of Spiritual Communication, 1100–1700

During the same year, a live recording of the bachelor concert by Kristina Barta was nominated by the Czech Radio as a member of the EBU European Broadcasting Union in the prestigious European competition for young jazz projects Euroradio Jazz Competition The band sounds optimistic, after the periods of nervous or depressive modern jazz, perhaps, this is a new trend.

In Kristina Barta won with her song "Find peace of mind" which was performed and written by her sister Martina Barta, a competition for the best jazz composition which is annually organized by OSA Performing and Mechanical Rights Society. Karel Ruzicka and Vit Kristan.

She teaches for several years at music schools in Prague. EMA29 debut album was released in by Kristina Barta at the Austrian Alessa Records in cooperation with the Austrian promoter Peter Guschelbauer among others in the years - he was the promoter of the Austrian Joe Zawinul. He has exhibits in Seattle, Houston and Beirut. This uncompromising and decadent photographer reveals and underscores the interiority of music, which I am introducing to you", Kristina Barta. Kurz: ein Duo wie jedes andere. Musik, die in keine Schublade passt, verstaubt meistens in der Schublade.

Jede Nummer ist ein neuer Kosmos. It makes so much fun after all these years to play this great, great music and above all, that we could enlarge our trio to a 12 piece band with 6 horns and thanks to Christoph Cech, the shock arranger, the horns sound awesome and exciting, as I never heard it in a jazz rock formation before. So I want to thank all the musicians for their musical contribution and overwhelming musicality, hope we can still play some decades. Peter Guschelbauer. Auch die Verbindung von Jazz und Lyrik hat ihren Platz. ALR This hard-hitting, jaw-dropping trio, features 3 extremely virtuoso musicians from 3 different parts of the world.

This hard-hitting, jaw-dropping trio, features 3 extremely virtuoso musicians from 3 different parts of the world. The list of world jazz stars he has been performing with is endless and his collaboration with legendary drummer Roy Haynes lasted for over 20 year. ALR Das Ihre einzigartige Musik spiegelt den historischen und kulturellen Hintergrund ihrer Heimat, an der Kreuzung zwischen dem Osten und dem Westen, des Mittelmeerraumes und des Balkans.

Mixed and mastered by Christoph Kapfer. Immer neu, immer frisch! Jure und ich kennen uns seit fast 15 Jahren! CD's eingespielt…. Es dauerte…, war es soweit!! Recording engineer: Dusan Novakov. Mixed by Rudi Mille. Ja, ich behaupte: triple ace - colours in jazz setzt neue Standards! Peter Guschelbauer, Alessa Records.

All band members remain true to the spirit of Bebop, speaking its language with originality and natural ease. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Amann. Schneider - E - Gitarre. Da klassische Funktionszuweisungen der Instrumente so nicht gelten und gewisse Erwartungshaltungen gar nicht erst entstehen. Free Idiots - das sind sie allemal. In entscheidenden Momenten. Und entscheidend sind eigentlich alle. Wenn sie von Einfall zu Einfall springen, in und aus dem Rahmen ihrer Kompositionen - energetisch, sprunghaft, irrational. Die Ekstase hat im Zweifelsfall Vorrang. Das ist ihre Idiotie.

Unter anderem. ALR A contemporary jazz band, Niogi performs original pieces using a combination of acoustic instruments and synths. A contemporary jazz band, Niogi performs original pieces using a combination of acoustic instruments and synths. The band members mix harmonic and rhythmic influences taken from classical, jazz and world music. Niogi's music expresses a unique interest in cutting-edge synths programming and other electronic means of expression. In Niogi won a special grant from the Israeli Ministry of Culture to advance their music.

The band tours regulraly all over Israel, playing at renowned jazz venues and university campuses, gathering an excited audience to follow them. Mastered Aug. ALR Nostalgie kann Perspektive haben. Nostalgie kann Perspektive haben. Insofern kann Nostalgie inspirieren, denn der Blick in die Geschichte zaubert alle die aus dem Hut, die einst die Richtung vorgegeben haben. Denn es ist eine Kunst, verankert zu sein, ohne festgelegt zu klingen.

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Und das eben ist die Idee von Nostalgie ohne Melancholie. Am Ende entsteht im Wechselspiel von alt und neu, von Witz und Eleganz eine Musik, die auf wundersame Weise zeitlos ist. Mit Hilfe vieler Freunde, von damals bis zur Gegenwart. Produced by Per Mathisen, executive producer: Peter Guschelbauer. Photos by Nicola Robin.

Das Niveau auf dem hier musiziert wird ist einfach Weltklasse! As traveling musicians we come across a lot of people on our journeys. Of course we meet all kinds of different musicians and colleagues, but this homage is not about them, this is about those special ones, off stage, that leaves the doors wide open to their houses or their lodges, and their hearts, so you always feel most welcome. To have a chance to move around and meet these kind of people is truly one of the most wonderful thing about being a traveling musician.

There are some of these kinds in particular who has contributed and inspired a lot to the making of these recordings, probably even without knowing it themselves. This is what Wikipedia says about hospitality and characterises the persons mentioned below here in the best possible way: Hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host, or the act or practice of being hospitable.

This includes the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

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Peter, thank you for who you are and the enormous amount of work you do every day for us and so many other musicians. It was the best start any group can have. Yours sincerely, Per Mathisen. Audio at Inntoene jazz festival, recorded and mixed by Alois Hummer. All audio mastered by Christoph Kapfer. All photos by Nicola Robin. Produced by Nicola Robin and Per Mathisen. ALR Live concert DVD from "Inntoene jazz festival" and "Jazz unterm Birnbaum", including also documentary footage of life on the road, studio work and funny moments.

On the road to Inntoene jazz festival. Presentation of the festival, rig and soundcheck. Gergo arrives with car from Budapest, Hungary, in the morning. Soundcheck only with guitar and drums because Per arrives from Oslo, Norway, only 30 minutes before the concert starts at 1pm. Frantic work with connecting all the cables and pedals. After the Inntoene jazz festival concert, jumping in the cars and hitting the road from Diersbach to the wonderful Weissensee in the Alps. After the concert enjoying the beautiful lake, then back on the road driving from Weissensee to Hagenberg and setting up in the studio, getting ready for CD recording.

Ending the day with a cold one and Internet outside the super hotel Weissenwolf in Steyregg. A wunderbar hot summer night. No bass on the recording because this clip is made from the recording room. You hear how the track actually sounds on the CD. Again no bass on the recording because this clip is made from the control room. Werke aller drei finden Platz im Bogen der Performance. Christoph Cech. Im Zentrum steht nie ein einziger Spieler oder eine Spielerin, sondern immer das Trio.

Der Gesamtklang ist hier das Individuum.

Fortschreitende Tradition ist das, was diese Musik ausmacht. Man erkennt dadurch die musikalische Sprache sofort wieder, in der die Kompositionen geschrieben wurden. ALR Anna Lauvergnac is an artist with a complex personality. In her many years with the Vienna Art Orchestra she used her voice as a horn in the sax section, duetted with A. Mears' didjeridoo and interpreted Ellington and Strayhorn ballads. But she never sounded so beautiful and fully expressive as with her own quartet, and "Coming back home", the 2nd recording of the band, is simply superb.

Anna Lauvergnac is an artist with a complex personality. In her carreer she has been able to fit into many musical environments, keeping her distinct style and sound in every musical situation. In her many years with the Vienna Art Orchestra she used her voice as a horn in the saxophone section, duetted with Adrian Mears' didjeridoo and interpreted Ellington and Strayhorn ballads. In her splendid first solo recording she courageously produced a full project of ballads, my favorites being her duets with jazz legend Andy Bey, she shone on Till Martin's spare arrangements and delighted audience and critics interpretating the compositions of Randy Newman with the Julia Huelsmann Trio.

But she never sounded so beautiful and fully expressive as with her own quartet, and "Coming back home", the second recording of the band, is simply superb. Anna Lauvergnac reaffirms her elegance in phrasing, excellence in rhythmic interpretation and uncommon sensitivity, the album is remarkable, a marriage of well-known and rarely-explored jazz standards, and four original songs. A pleasant peculiarity here is the judicious choice of extraordinarily modern-sounding compositions selected from the bursting jazz catalog of the 30's and 40's.

The art of writing a song lies in the respect of a fragile balance between lyrics and melody, mood and sound, but most of all in the emotional and musical authenticity that a song needs to be expressive and sincere: the four original songs featured on this recording fulfill this task. The quartet performs with flawless unity, yet each musician maintains a marked individuality that celebrates the strength and spirit of jazz.

Claus Raible has something approaching telepathy with Anna Lauvergnac. Their synchronicity in unpredictable music movements is astounding as he breaks the rules of classic 'comping' to create a freer and fuller interdependence between melody, lyrics and harmony. As always, Raible proves to be able to draw power from the roots of modern jazz to flourish into his own personal musical language, delivering a serial of spectacular solos in which he takes risks and music phrases to the limits.

Like an aerialist defying gravity, he creates unforeseen lines which soar with beauty and danger in a perfect balance between rhythmic urging and harmonic tension. From the first bar, bassist Giorgos Antoniou provides a platform for the music to glide with a warm depth and groove. His fabulous bass lines and distinctive harmonic sense melt elegance and a rootsy pulse. His solos are jewels. Drummer Steve Brown's dynamic drive is truly impressive. He swings on the cymbals, his beat is strong and he anticipates and supports the wide range of variations and moods.

Brilliant on the up-tempos and intense on the ballads, he is a first-rate drummer - tasteful, imaginative and effective. Leroy Windwood. In his solo work he doesn't just show off some skills but rather does scintilate by unobtrusiveness". He has an urbane understatement and sidelong wit that adds zip and buoyancy to the sounds around him.

Conversations with Angels

Alert to every approaching detail, he fills out melodies with hissing hi-hat snaps and briefly jolting rolls, drops back to minimalist rimshots and erupts into fizzing cymbal swing with an effect like a door suddenly swung open to a busy street. An absolute treasure.

About the band: "Anna - together with her extraordinary traveling companions- has built up a complex architecture that in its apparent simplicity is directed toward music only. And while even the most demanding Jazzpurist will be pampered, also Jazz newcomers will be introduced to what this music can be : not a mere show in which exposing abilities, but a real act of love. Woelfle, Jazz Zeit "Wonderful. Honest, and real, and soulful. ALR Since his debut CD Tzadik records, , Ori has been on a constant quest for new sounds on his instrument and for farther boundaries and added colors and textures to explore for his developing music.

His second release, along side his New York based quartet, captures those attempts. The music fuses the seemingly disparate worlds of modern jazz and the folk music of Israel which contains its many folk musical origins such as Yemenite music, East European music and North and East African music into one global, complete and adventures musical experience. Born and raised in Israel, Ori started to play the guitar at the age of He served his army duty as a guitar player. In , Ori received a special scholarship and merit award from the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston.

In he moved to New York City. Ori Dakari has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in the scene today since his arrival to the US in Petersburg Jazz festival and many more. In dem argentinischen Sopransaxofonisten Javier Girotto, mit italienischen Wurzeln, hat sie einen kongenialen Partner zur Umsetzung ihrer Musik gefunden.

Williams ist einer der angesehendsten Bassisten in den USA. Williams - bass, Billy Cobham - drums.

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August eingespielt, womit die CD fertig aufgenommen war. Mixed in Sept. Mastered in Nov. What started out to be a very short last minute tour two years ago turned out to be a really very satisfying musical experience for me. Bernd organized a few concerts in Germany, Austria and Italy. Logistically it was a bit diffi cult but we made it work. The drive from Garmisch to Trieste was exhausting and I was afraid we had left all our energy in Garmisch but after listening to a recording of the nite in Trieste, Bernd suggested we record a live album on our next tour.

What you hear on this CD is a result of that tour - recorded live at Jazzland in Vienna. The selections are self explanatory and all show the enthusiasm and musicality of Renato and Bernd. Thank you Bernd and Renato, Don Menza. Dabei ist die unverwechselbare und ausdrucksstarke Stimme von Bettina Krenosz ein unverzichtbarer Teil der Darbietungen. Einfach "gute Musik", viele sagen Jazz dazu, Mixed by Wolfgang Vrecar. The leader of the band is a young Slovenian vibraphone player Vid Jamnik, whose work is enthralling audiences far outside the borders of Slovenia as well and who belongs to the most talented young musicians in this part of Europe.

Despite his young career, he has already played with many illustrious names of jazz. Bernd and Vid have already played on many European stages before. The group plays jazz standards and originals as well as own compositions of its members. Distributed by Sounddesign Austria. Marcus A. Johanne Seifert Wonderful. Sheila Jordan Anna Lauvergnac sings, simply, as one should sing. Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times. Ideas we associate with the 18 th century are clearly seen in work published from the latter decades of the 17 th century through the first decades of the 19 th century.

This is the "long 18 th century", a period which exhibits multiple discourses in medicine, brain science and philosophy. The editors have deliberately adopted a "presentist" subtitle, "neuroscience", to emphasize that this collection of essays reflect a range of current thought about 18 th century-studies of the nervous system in isolation and in context. There are six sections, each preceded by a short introduction.

The opening section of Brain, Mind and Medicine: Neuroscience in the 18 th Century sets forth a temporal chronology for the long 18 th century. This is followed by a background section of essays on a brain and mind in the long 18 th century, b the role of microscopes and microscopy in this period, c the nature of 18th century medical education and the place of voluntary hospitals and d an illustration of late th century medicine, discussing the early career of James Parkinson as an example. The final essay in this section h discusses the evolution of the concept of hysteria well in advance of the well-known work of Jean Marie Charcot and Sigmund Freud.

Cover illustration: A young woman being treated with medical electricity in the 18 th century. From Adams, ; see chapter by Bertucci. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. Front Matter Pages i-xiii. Front Matter Pages Pages John Hunter's Contributions to Neuroscience.