The Secret of the Flying Men

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12 surprising secrets about flying revealed

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The Pirouetting S-97 Raider Makes Your Helicopter Look Lazy

For the past years, dancers in Papantla, Mexico, have taken to the skies to perform the acrobatic spectacle, the Danza de los Voladores Dance of the Flyers. Four flyers and one guide dressed in vibrant colors ascend a meter pole, anchored only by a single rope tied to their legs.

There, they begin the ritual, flying through the air to ask the sun deity for rain and blessings. This Great Big Story was made in partnership with the all-new Camry. Great Big Historias. Up Next. Related Stories. Mexico City: Huitaloche Quesadilla.

flying in air Magic secret revealed

Climbing Great Heights for Honey. John Gaughan described how the trick works in US Patent 5,, The wire arrays are mounted at the hips, near the human center of mass, to a harness worn under the clothing.

Inside the Secret Conference Plotting to Launch Flying Cars

This creates a balance point facilitating a wide range of movements while suspended. The wires are attached to a complex computer-controlled rig above the stage that maintains the tension in each wire, and keeps each array of wires perpendicular to the audience's line of sight so that the wires never overlap one another, which might allow the audience to see them.

During the later phases of the performance, two hoops are used simultaneously, which aids the deception as the hoops do not come into contact with the wires. Instead, each ring is brought flush to the wires before being twisted under Copperfield. In the glass box demonstration, the top of the box is threaded between the two sets of wires in a vertical position, before being rotated 90 degrees and lowered into place.

Flying Quotes ( quotes)

The wires remain in place while the performer is in the glass box, passing through crevices between the lid and the sides. Since the box limits movement and he is only able to rotate on one axis, he stays side-on to the front of the audience while in the box. When flying with a volunteer, he holds her in front of him, and she does not come into contact with the set-up.

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