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A small number of these titles have themselves been bestsellers or honored, but the bulk of these titles tackle sexual assault and sexual violence. This is a heavy topic and one that can elicit strong reactions from readers. These books can change lives.

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There are male and female voices represented, including victims, criminals, and those connected to either one. But Theo knows she was connected to his disappearance, and as she pieces the past together, she realizes his kidnapper was the same man who took advantage of her age and pursued an illegal sexual relationship.

While numerous scholars agree that genocide can result only from a deliberate government plan or policy, many others do not. The UN Convention includes no such requirement, and, more important, neither does the Rome Statute, either in Article 6 genocide or Article 7 extermination and other crimes against humanity. Second, Anderson insists that the crime of genocide and, by implication, that of extermination under Article 7 requires an exterminatory motive as well as intent on the part of the perpetrator.

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For Anderson, mass murder in pursuit of territorial gain cannot be labeled genocide. Thus, depending on the specific circumstances, such acts usually constitute either war crimes or ethnic cleansing. Finally, Anderson maintains that mass murders cannot qualify as acts of genocide or extermination unless they generate a very large number of fatalities. But how many? Nevertheless, that likely outcome might still have been avoided, at least in part, if Anderson had conducted more thorough historical detective work.

As Madley has rightly observed, what the American genocide debate sorely requires for eventual resolution are two things: a standard definition of genocide and a wealth of deeply researched case studies of specific events that can generate the detailed evidence necessary to render convincing verdicts of genocide. These include the notorious slaughters at Bear River , Sand Creek , and Wounded Knee , along with the destruction of the Pequots and the lesser-known massacres of the Yuki in northern California and the Piegan in Montana Instead, Anderson offers only brief summations that range in length from just three paragraphs on the Yuki to a mere one sentence on Wounded Knee pp.

Such abrupt dismissals do not permit any meaningful analysis or careful weighing of complex and often contradictory evidence. The fundamental problem here is that Anderson attempts to cover too much ground too quickly. The inevitable result is a sweeping but shallow survey that compels Anderson to argue by repeated assertion rather than systematic analysis.

The assertions fly thick and fast.

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Well, perhaps. But not all. There were simply too many instances in which exterminatory mass murder was intentionally committed in order to seize Indian territory and to subdue Indigenous peoples.

Perry Anderson · Bolsonaro’s Brazil · LRB 7 February

This is particularly true for California, where the evidence has been stacked high and deep by scholars following the pathbreaking lead of demographer Sherburne Cook. Regrettably, it proves a major disappointment that serves mainly to highlight his hasty approach to the past. Still more troubling is that, in addition to his tendency to rely on assertion over analysis, Anderson sometimes resorts to silence or evasion when confronted by shocking events that surely could qualify as extermination under the Rome Statute.

Much like the single line he devotes to Wounded Knee, Anderson affords just one incorrect and misleading sentence to the infamous Humboldt Bay Massacre of February 26, , perhaps the most clear-cut act of genocide in American history. In a series of well-organized and coordinated predawn assaults, white settlers bent on eradicating the peaceful Wiyot slaughtered the sleeping inhabitants of three unguarded villages, sparing no one, not even infants, most of whom were killed with hatchets.

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The inclination to violence springs from the circumstances of life among the ghetto poor—the lack of jobs that pay a living wage, the stigma of race, the fallout from rampant drug use and drug trafficking, and the resulting alienation and lack of hope for the future. The rules prescribe both a proper comportment and a proper way to respond if challenged. They regulate the use of violence and so allow those who are inclined to aggression to precipitate violent encounters in an approved way.

Simply living in such an environment places young people at special risk of falling victim to aggressive behavior. These astute youth must hide their academic efforts and plans while learning successful means to avoid aggressive moves by those who control the street and enforce its code. But why such violence? The urban exodus to the suburbs, the loss of meaningful jobs, transportation difficulties, the decline of urban education, increasing poverty have led to the creation of alternative means of employment. Philippe Bourgeois, as a research anthropologist, spent some years in Spanish or East Harlem.

Living with crack dealers, he traces the strong alternative economy of many inner cities—both barter and illegal in his book, In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio Cambridge Univ. Press, When decent and street kids come together, a kind of social shuffle occurs in which children have a chance to choose either way.

Tension builds as a child comes to realize he must choose an orientation. The kind of home he comes from influences but does not determine the way he will ultimately turn out. In the street, through their play, children pour their individual life experiences into a common knowledge pool, affirming, confirming, and elaborating on what they have observed in the home and matching their skills against those of others.

Friedrich Nietzsche

And they learn to fight. Even small children test one another, pushing and shoving, and are ready to hit other children over circumstances not to their liking…. The child in effect is initiated into a system that is really a way of campaigning for respect.

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