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Libraries provide a public space where all community members, regardless of age, culture or income level, can come together to connect and learn. This is especially true in Lake County where Chase, Luther and Pathfinder Baldwin libraries are unique and serve their communities in more rural areas.

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According to Melinda Gates, Libraries connect communities. Patrons come to the library for information while expanding their minds. In April , citizens in Pleasant Plains Township approved a three-tenths mill tax levy on township property by a three to one margin. Citizens later voted for a millage increase of 1 mil to provide the library with funds in perpetuity.

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The 2, square foot building was built, remodeled and furnished without one cent of tax money. Moving on to current accomplishments, was a busy year for Pathfinder Community Library.

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Some of the highlights include:. Every 2 minutes, a woman dies from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. Marcia Massique likes to be the last to enter a room. Her outfit is pressed, her hair and makeup perfect, her entrance perfectly timed for maximum dramatic effect. Though she is just 17, she has the poise of someone twice her age.

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It feels like an ocean. When the weather is bad, this journey is dangerous. The crew stops talking.

Passengers huddle together, away from the waves. Thankfully today, the sun shines brightly as the beach comes into view, and you […].

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When Grace found out she had HIV, she wanted to end her life. It was a hot, humid day in Mtwapa, and the journey to the clinic had been tiring. Grace barely noticed the […].

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