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A beautiful, fictionalised memoir combines intelligence and appealingly scratchy artwork with serious soul-searching.

Autumn Dog Sledding by Cart

The personal and political have been woven tight throughout the trilogy, mixing riots, cabaret, communism and noirish artwork. Running Upon the Wires by Kate Tempest Picador As one love affair ends and another begins, Tempest renders the heightened emotions with her customary blend of arresting rhythm and linguistic energy.

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Can We All Be Feminists? Identity by Francis Fukuyama Profile 4 October Fukuyama explores the rise of identity politics, assesses the tensions created in liberal democracies by demands that are not solely economic, and asks what might be lost in a rejection of universal forms of recognition. The Future of Capitalism by Paul Collier Allen Lane 4 October Across the west societies are becoming increasingly divided both economically and politically.

Collier, an economist, examines how these rifts have emerged and proposes ethical as well as economic prescriptions to help heal them.

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The world-conquering author Haruki Murakami. Written with a sharp contemporary flavour Normal People by Sally Rooney. The vagaries of fate, chance and the human heart Love Is Blind by William Boyd. Insights into family, forgiveness and literature Bridge of Clay by Marcus Zusak.

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An absurdist riff on modern conflict Red Birds by Mohammed Hanif. Michelle Obama.

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    Moving and thoughtful Our Boys by Helen Parr. Investigating energy, agriculture and commerce So, did the Greeks get it right? Are the dog days, around when Sirius rises, really the hottest days of the year?

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    Although July and August are generally known as the hottest months of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the hottest period can vary from year to year. And depending on your latitude, the astronomical dog days can come at different times. In Athens, for instance, Sirius will rise around the middle of August this year.

    You will also be involved in getting the dogs ready before we set off and helping care for them when we return.

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    You will be served a hot meal during your stay, either outside during the trip or in the house near the kennel. Click here for more information. Drive through a valley and see spectacular glaciers, and then along the riverbank. Click here for more information Season:.