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Channeling the Angels

Absolutely amazing this is so true! On my way! Hi Sen, On the topic of slipping in and out of the vibration of joy.


I personally find that resentment of others is a particular block to maintaining my state of joy. How does one overcome the feeling of anger and frustration toward others who seem completly lost in the human condition- it appears that awakening will not happen for most of them in this life time. It is especially apparent during this time of year when people seem so lost in doing what is expected without any search for meaning or any real reflection.

The Benefits of Being in a Higher Vibration | HuffPost Life

How do I get past this? Is this normal? I feel so crazy, I was really starting to relax. This release also serves the purpose of grounding you in your sense of inner power, as you develop the attitude of no longer hiding from any emotion or mind momentum that arises.

Abraham Hicks - Relationships - Feel the vibration of being in love and it will happen

You can read the post — the phase of release — for more insight on this. I remember what I used to think this was before hand. What Sen also discusses here is that awareness and joy is indeed a higher vibration than what we are used to, but it can be exhausting on the mind and body. Once you adjust though it does feel like a normal sense of liveliness in you. Thank you Tyler, The reason I posted the question was that at that time I experienced a state of energy influx I am not sure how to describe it better which felt like over excitement but at the same time was not followed by a low mood to compensate for it.

Introducing Vibration: From Science To Energy Healing

Does it mean that one feels more engaged in life experience in comparison with the state of allowing when one feels to focus on the process which is exhausting to say the least? In spirituality words like bliss are so constantly used as Sen says they make a good selling point to buy into spirituality , and its so evident in people who are stuck in spirituality that they are looking for some place where they can just feel blissed out all the time.

Rather, it is more important to go through this process and release the negativity in you in order to live a free and balanced life. It is natural to one going through this state to imagine some blissful or high energetic state that will stay forever I spent a long time doing this. Would you still want to go through this process all the exhaustion, pain of change, old realities falling away, etc. You have little, if any, discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are easily dealt with.

Your energy is literally full of light! Your life flows with synchronicity, and you manifest what you desire with ease.

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Overall, your life takes on a positive quality. Being in a higher vibration is going to become more and more important to you and the rest of the world as we experience greater awareness of the polarities between the lower and higher vibrations.

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  • We will begin to perceive greater separation between the "dark" and the "light" almost as if we live in two worlds at once. We will need to consciously choose between the dark and the light or the higher and the lower vibrations. Despair and desperation due to challenges will consume those vibrating at a lower frequency. Know that help is available from those vibrating at the higher frequency. The lower and denser energies will naturally want to rise when around the higher and lighter energies.

    However, this process will feel very uncomfortable for people who carry the lower energies and people who carry the higher energies for a while. It is important for people who carry a higher vibration to maintain it and not lower it no matter how uncomfortable it feels. Those people resonating at a higher vibration will only be able to maintain it as long as they don't succumb to the pull of the lower vibration. That pull will come in the form of old programs and patterns of needing approval or of wanting to "fit in.

    When you choose to be in a higher vibration, you are an example.

    Choosing the light of a higher vibration requires a firm commitment to it even when it feels as though you no longer fit in. You won't receive approval or fit in any longer because you WILL stand out from those with a lower vibration just as a tiny light in the midst of a dark room stands out. Understand that those with the lower vibration have the potential to raise their frequency. Remember that you will be able to find people who resonate at a higher vibration where you will have the support you need to keep your light shining bright. Pamela Dussault, creator of www.

    Real Life.

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