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Terminez avec quelques gouttes de vinaigrette. Je ne voulais pas me lancer tout de suite! Eparpillez le tout sur les quatre assiettes. Laissez refroidir. Terminez avec la garniture. Ajoutez un peu de compote de pommes, puis versez le tiers restant de lait. Located in Mar Mikhael street, this restaurant, which was opened about four years ago, offers a large variety of delicious Italian dishes. What is special about Tavolina? The concept is to satisfy all the clientele, and suit all budgets. This is the characteristic of Italian cuisine.

All the family can eat Italian food four times a week! Chef Dani attributes it to the quality of the products, particularly the sauce, which is an important ingredient of the dishes. There are many kinds of tomatoes: Polpa, finely chopped tomatoes is used for pizza sauces, Mix Pizza sauce. Passata tomato puree, which won the title Product of the Year, is perfect for stews, soups, sauces. There is also peeled tomato. I saw that during my visit there. Big quantity of fresh-picked tomatoes is been selected and checked. In Mutti laboratories, the product is analyzed to test its acidity, sweetness, color and to verify blemishes on the vegetable.

This process of quality control is done according to high standards. The problem is that you need time to introduce people to all of this variety of tomatoes. Each kind of tomato is used for a special sauce, Polpa, Passata… There are different shapes, qualities, tastes, but all the products are high standard. Mutti works on all of these products to give us finished products, which we can use in our cuisine. After the harvest in the morning, the. Prenez le temps de cuisiner et choisissez autant que possible des produits naturels et biologiques, comme la ligne BIOK.

Cela joue aussi bien sur le corps que sur le moral. The following year, it was the Brazilian Cinema Academy? At Rede Globo, Mantovani created and is the screenwriter of the series A Teia , screenwriter for some episodes of Supermax and creator and screenwriter of Mal Secreto pre-production. His play Menecma was staged in Teatro Popular do Sesi in Breno Costa fosters and practices journalism.

Compétitions sportives

He was an investigative reporter for Folha de S. In he decided to pursue and independent career. He created BRIO, a hub for services and journalist-oriented products such as mentorships, journalism design consultancies, online courses for fact-checking techniques, and intermediation between press communication channels and freelance reporters throughout Brazil. Bruno Castelo Branco is managing partner at Fattoria Web, working from planning to execution of projects.

Among such projects, process gamification, app development, user experience, digital marketing and web-based automation systems. In this position, he is responsible for defining the strategy and execution plan for the development and application of IBM Research technologies to some of the key challenges of the agriculture value chain.

Bruno holds a Ph. Bruno is at the helm of the music scene in terms of directing both Brazilian and international music videos. Ilogti won the Cannes Unilever Award; at age 27, he also directs fashion campaigns and advertisements. With more than 20 medical applications created at PEBMED, today its main challenge is to assist physicians and health professionals in the day to day professional. Partner at EquityRio Investments. CEO at Nvestor, an equity crowdfunding portal. Shareholder in Confrapar Venture Capital Fund. Founding partner and creative director at Broders productions, with more than six years experience in the audiovisual industry.

He is currently in charge of directing commercials and designing immersive VR content at Broders. An enthusiast of psychoacoustics and of space sounds, is frequently seen in conferences in Japan, Finland, Belgium, and Switzerland talking about research done in the area. Bruno Sanovicz is the founder of DNA, a company focused in developing and managing digital education strategies.

Souza has over 15 years" experience in developing large Internet products and platforms, having worked at Globoplay and Globosat Play. Caio Ramalho has more than two decades of experience in Business Analysis and Investment. Caio Ramalho is the organizer and co-author in two books on the Private Equity and Venture Capital segment in Brasil, as well as a Mentor for startups and entrepreneurs in various public and private programs.

Choque de Cultura?? Culture Shock and Cerginho from?? Falha de Cobertura?? Coverage Failure. Chief screenwriter for? Lady Night?

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Larica Total? Total Munchies? Mainier is also a screenwriter and voice actor for Cartoon Network? Last Show on Earth. He was a screenwriter, director and actor of Canal Brasil? Tenth Floor and screenwriter for the soon to be released animation? Giga Blaster? With a multidisciplinary training that passes through communication, knowledge management, business management, innovation, participatory methodologies and pedagogical neuropsychology. Digital designer, game developer, and passionate about new technologies.

Camila has been creating games for the last five years, and virtual reality for nearly two, she is immensely curious about what changes the future will bring to the market. Youtube Brazil? Carina Schulze is a screenwriter, producer and co-founder of Chatrone. In the U. The show was a International Emmy Award nominee. She is currently developing projects for international players, among them Amazon US and Discovery Networks.

She is currently the Coordinator of the Center for Studies and Research there. Carla works as an executive of media and entertainment, with a focus on international business for production and programming. Following her stellar career as a film and television actress in the s, Carla Camurati switched to the other side of the camera to great acclaim. In , she directed the feature "Carlota Joaquina " the Princess of Brazil", which marked the Retomada, an iconic moment in Brazilian cinematic history.

In , she directed and distributed the feature "La Serva Padrona", a film that transposed Pergolesi"s opera to the silver screen. Real-life stories from the famous Rio de Janeiro neighborhood inspired her third film, "Copacabana", released in Carla Camurati is widely recognized for her contribution to cultural policy and event organization. She is one of the founding members of the Brazilian Film Academy, and in created the Brazil's Kids Film Festival, which celebrates its 17th edition this year.

In , Carla was appointed President of Rio de Janeiro"s Municipal Theatre, a post she held for seven and a half years, before being nominated to direct the Culture Program of the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. Born in Chile, , moved to Brazil in Quote: "I"m the most Brazilian Chilean I know". He now uses his expertise obtained throughout more than 20 years in the IT market, helping companies transform their business ecosystems by using blockchain.

Carlos Souza is the Managing Director of Udacity in Latin America, a new type of online university "built by Silicon Valley" that i teaches the skills that industry employers need today, ii delivers credentials endorsed by employers, and iii educates at a fraction of the cost of traditional schools. Udacity students acquire real skills through a series of online courses and hands-on projects. In , Veduca received the TiE50 award in Silicon Valley as one of top 50 most innovative start-ups in the world. Carmen Luz was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. She works with audiovisual analysis, education and production " creating and directing drama and dance plays.

She is currently working in the development of her second feature-length documentary. Before she took up the Marketing and New Businesses department, she was in charge of coordinating the contract management department at Otima. Cassio Bobsin is the CEO and founder of Zenvia, the number one communications platform in Brazil, with 6 thousand accredited companies which make a world of difference to some million people roughly Brazil"s population. Bobsin invests in dozens of start-ups.

The studio is dedicated to creating, developing, and producing entertainment for young audiences worldwide. PinGuim Content"s biggest hits to date are the high-rating series Fishtronaut, which airs in 80 countries, International Emmy nominated scientific pre-school success Earth to Luna! Accesstage CEO, an IT company offering connectivity and financial management solutions for enterprises. With more than 25 years' experience in the information technology and services area, Sato has worked in big companies like the Mitsubishi Corporation of Brazil and banks.

Grupo Globo's sport journalist for five years. Covered World Cup, Olympics and has been covering electronic sports for three years. Currently, he is a reporter and participates in the coverage plans for the sector. A mechanical engineer specialized in Waste Management, Circular Economy and Short Looping Recycling; Sousa developed recycling processes for the automobile market in several countries. Together with 60 scientists from around the world, he is a member of the ASaP group, which studies the performance indicators to be reached by for the 4.

In Ribeiro started producing and directing advertising films. Christian was the technology creator of Cortex, now a multinational. The company is dedicated to delegate productions and co-productions for Cinema and TV, fiction, animation and documentary. Castro is an entrepreneur, audiovisual producer, consultant and creative market executive, especially for the audiovisual sector. He began his career in the stock market in the s at Banco Garantia. He created the first Funcine by Rio Bravo Investiments.

As a consultant, he trained and structured dozens of creative economy companies that accessed and received investment from private investors, equity investment funds, Funcines and BNDES financing programs focused on creative economy. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of Glaz Entertainment and Oca Animation production companies; he has produced more than a dozen audiovisual projects, currently in different stages of production.

Crocas has a bachelors in Journalism. Appeared in 14 plays, 27 novels and 16 films. Clarissa Orberg is the educational content partnership manager at YouTube Brazil. Clarissa has joined Google in , and worked in sales, handling large advertisers" accounts before migrating to YouTube in She is a senior manager in IBM's Cognitive Based Descision Support specialized in the management of projects of analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Bessa has been a partner of Raccord Artistic Productions since ; she is responsible for all the company"s artistic projects. She has been an advisor for Bravi since its foundation in Always focused on areas of customer relationship, digital experience, has the purpose of facilitating the relationship of the Brazilian people with money. Production and management agency for concerts and artists. Editions: " " " " " Musical content producer DJs at the , and Carnivals.

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Senior Manager of Mercado Livre e-commerce online marketplace, Carneiro is experienced in working for major companies and law firms. Creative by nature, designer by trade, creative director by sheer force of experience, business manager by ambition. I have seen brands built up in many segments. From design to communication to digital in all its forms, I take charge of managing the most ambitious of projects.

A businessman by choice, I have developed new activities, managed multidisciplinary teams within the various companies and many positions I have held in the last twenty years. Commitment, ambition, daring, and the need to think big, to keep up with the system and build a rich, intense career, in the service of brand strategy. Daniel Campello is a copyright lawyer who has been in the music business for over 10 years. He holds a Master"s degree in Contracts, Copyright and Development from the same school. From onwards, he shifted his focus to Copyright Management with CQ Rights, a copyrights management company for several Brazilian and foreign artists " re-branded ORB Music in Daniel Campelo is also a speaker and Guest Professor.

Today he coordinates this department that works to facilitate film shootings, with the mission of attracting and giving assistance to the realization of audiovisual productions in the city. Daniel E. Daniel Ganjaman was born in and began his activities as a professional musician in the mid"s. In he founded the "El Rocha" Studio, in the Pinheiros borough, along with his father and brothers, thus beginning his activities as a producer and engineer. He acted as product designer and project manager of the National Institute of Technology and as General Director of the Rio Design Center, being responsible for the coordination of several projects related to innovation management and the insertion of design as a competitive differential for micro and small enterprises of the Rio de January.

He is experienced in the Management sector, focusing on strategy, business structuring, finance and systems. He has over 13 years" experience with venture capital, private equity e investment banking, and over 10 years" experience in management consulting and technology. He has taken part in the sound finalization of many film projects, and for the last four years has been doing research and projects related to immersive audio.

His mission is to help great companies and brands, both in Brazil and abroad, to establish deep connections to their consumer and users. After working for 3 years as manager and analyst for the Development Lines for Audiovisual Sector Funding FSA , he now is the adviser for the agency"s managing director. In , she created the Marketing department at Objetiva publishers, consolidating the labels Alfaguara, Suma de Letras, Fontanar, and Ponto de Leitura. She has worked as executive producer for bands such as Medulla, Litiowave, and as production assistant for Matanza, in addition to being part of the production of social projects such as Batalha do Passinho.

She is currently independent producer in events such as Encuca"a cultural project for universities"and other independent cultural projects. She currently teaches classes as a guest teacher in postgraduate courses, focusing on media and entertainment. She is a mentor to enterprising women and startups by the B2Mamy Accelerator. She recently coordinated the elaboration of the Taxation Map of the Creative Economy. Responsible for the area of tax law of the office focused on structuring and planning of operations of companies producing and distributing films.

Danielle Mello is a professional with over 15 years" experience at Tilibra, a company from the ACCO Brands Group " the go-to company in the stationary segment for over 90 years, and a market leading brand. She currently works as Advertising and Digital Marketing Manager, leading Tilibra"s main marketing campaigns, constantly seeking the best possible link of the brand with their consumers. She is responsible for disclosing the vast portfolio of the company"s brands and products, as well as for managing social media, corporate websites, institutional projects and the development of a number of product categories.

Danilo has worked in many consulting projects with the private sector? Rabin specializes in developing novel, non-invasive therapies for treatment-resistant physical and mental illnesses. His research focuses on chronic stress from the cellular and molecular level to the body as a whole. Rabin works to identify new healthcare markets, to evaluate Apollo"s real-world efficacy through clinical trials, and to guide development of the Apollo technology.

A graduate from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State"UFF, he has been in the market for more than eighteen years, developing campaigns and a few success cases. It was awarded in November , with the Zumbi dos Palmares Trophy, the Municipal Council for Participation and Development of the Black Community of Santos, for the cultural projects carried out in the city.

Her career as a producer includes over 50 works for film and television. She is also an activist of the female agenda, fighting for the inclusion of women in leadership positions of the audiovisual sector. An Uruguayan-Brazilian yielding ten years of experience in engineering project management to multinationals, and five years in projects coordination in Europe Spain, Portugal, England, Russia, Holland, and Germany. With a mother's eye and concerns about children's content, Debora related to UP!

A professional with ample experience in research, planning and creation, Denise Gallo has been the Creative Director for Natura for 9 years. In , she founded Uma a Uma, a research and strategic planning company specializing in studying the female gender, a pioneering position on the Brazilian market.

She has been researching, for over a decade, the representation of women in media and culture. She is also the author of the Denise Gallo blog, writing about women, media and consumption. She has participated in the implementation team of Filmcommission and still keeps up with its activities. In September , Diana Rodriguez became the first female to be appointed to the top post of a major U.

Annabel Jones

She revitalized Capitol Latin with her dynamic management style, which became evident from: a the label"s improved market share year-over-year; b the return of legacy acts who had left the label due to disputes with past EMI management A. Quintanilla, Grupo Bryndis ; c the label"s commitment to creating synergies with major brands and media partners for the execution of multi-platform marketing campaigns that coincide with major artist releases e.

Rodriguez began her career in at the age of 23 as a radio promoter for ToCo Records, a dance music label in her native Bogota, Colombia that was distributed by Phillips. She later moved on to Polygram, which was thereafter acquired by Universal Music. At Universal Colombia, Rodriguez ascended to the role of Sr. In this capacity, she created and executed the marketing campaigns for acts such as Metallica, Bon Jovi, Kiss and Def Leopard, and was the label manager for Juanes" first album before moving on to her next post as marketing director for EMI Colombia.

She remained there until , when she was relocated to Miami to take on the dual role as head of marketing strategy for EMI"s Latin region, as well as the head of international exploitation of Latin music for the world outside of the U. In this role, Rodriguez supervised the international marketing strategy for RBD, EMI Mexico"s multi-territory phenom that sold over 10 million records worldwide.

While in Mexico, Rodriguez created and executed the marketing campaigns that supported Depeche Mode"s release of "Sounds of the Universe," as well as the Platinum-certified release by Mexican rock favorites, Zoe. She is also a partner in Charco Colombia, a booking agency created to cater to artists in Central and South America. Diego Pila has been working in the Communication department at Petrobras for the last fifteen years, occupying several leadership positions. Diogo Dahl has producer more than fifteen films, and his most recent documentary, Cinema Novo, was awarded a L""il d"or Best documentary at the Cannes Festival.

Diogo went to school in the U. After founding two startup companies, he found his passion in investing and helping companies grow and expand " usually focusing on themes such as SaaS, "Future of Work" and "Marketplaces". He is married and the father of three children. He has also discovered several of the music style? Songwriter and author, cited in the works of great writers, Marlboro has a solid international career. Meme started out at age eleven, putting on his own little parties, watching the professionals in night clubs until he managed to go to the other side of the DJ console.

He went on to DJ at fancy discos on the city"s rich neighborhoods and, at the same time, to perform at sound team dances on the poor side of the city. All this experience eventually led to him being noticed by recording labels and artists who ended up inviting him to come to the recording studio to create the first remixes "officially" made in Brazil.

After a while, Meme ended up producing some albums that have made history in Brazil. All in all, there were more than seven million records sold, among compilations and full albums produced by him. It was in , however, that he went internationally big, with his remix for newcomer Shakira being so successful abroad that she became an international household name, thanks"according to Billboard Magazine"to Meme.

After that, he kept on going! Meme is currently fully dedicated to his weekly sets in Brazil through the REMIX agency, and to the production of dance floor singles like Chanson du Soleil, with Rogerio Flausino on vocals and that has become a veritable fever on local dance floors. All of this has put Meme"s name on the spotlight abroad, getting the attention of several magazines such as the British M8 Magazine, with a full page story with an interview"and pictures"on its th issue special edition, as well as a mention in Paul Farris" column as "a name to watch, for his talent as a DJ and as a re-mixer".

After so much hoopla around the world, Meme saw himself "forced" to expand his schedule internationally, to sate the House public"s curiosity by touring throughout Europe and Asia, performing regularly in Indonesia"where he is king", England"the current headquarters of House", Switzerland, France, Korea, Romania, Poland, Germany, Spain Ibiza , Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary" In his stellar career as a remixer, Meme has recreated songs especially ordered by the greatest House recording labels in the world, like the British Defected and Soulfuric, from the US, names that quite literally dictate what is fashionable on the House dance floors throughout the world.

Copywriter specializing in innovation and digital, with ample experience in technology, Chief Creative Officer Domenico Massareto joined Publicis in November He has earned awards from the most prestigious creativity festivals, having won 15 Cannes Lions. In , he took part as the Brazilian juror for the Mobile Lions category at Canes. At Publicis, he leads a team of creative, technology projects and production professionals.

Born in Recife, birthplace of Manguebeat and home of other important musical traditions, Duda Beat launched her first album, Sinto Muito, in April With plenty of regional Northeastern Brazilian influences, and plenty of pop too, Sinto Muito has already been played more than 12 million times on Spotify alone.

The song Bixinho, the album"s biggest hit, has been streamed more than five million times, listed among the top five of Spotify"s 50 most viral in Brazil. Duda Leite is a moviemaker, journalist and curator. He has been working in the audiovisual market for more than a quarter century. As a journalist, he has been a collaborator for magazines such as Playboy, Vogue and Bravo.

He has directed Europop and Eurodrops, for which he has covered the main film festivals in the world, like Cannes, Berlin and Venice. Since , he has curated the Music Video Festival, the largest festival dedicated to the video clip universe in Brazil, focusing on new formats that combine music and audiovisual communication. His exuberant style is easily recognized in the parades, editorials and catalogs that he signs for the various brands that he works.

One of the most notorious artists of the rap and hip-hop scene. He"s been headlining a new saga of talents of black Brazilian music. Always the wrangler, Dughettu is restless and vibrant. His deep voice is a striking feature of his persona. He is very mindful of his surroundings and has a knack for spotting new trends. He uses music as a tool to promote urban culture to its fullest, as both and artist and label executive for DUTO, an urban-music venue in the borough of Madureira, Rio de Janeiro.

His concerts fuse original music matrixes: Rap, Rock, Reggae and Soul, shredding the thresholds of low-income neighbourhoods of large cities. Ed Waller is a media journalist working out of London, England. CEO of Fab Lab Recife, Edgar Andrade is one of the main proponents of the Maker Movement in Brazil, believing that promoting innovation and fostering development of new business solutions and models is a life"s mission.

1863 en littérature

To Edgar, there are four fundamental elements in building a new world: Entertainment, Schools, Cities and Businesses. To that end, his company has been promoting experiences that help in prototyping city of the future and the school of the future, with full understanding that business can"t wait and that they need to learn to make mistakes do truly innovate. Yet all has to be done today. That"s why he also works as a startup mentor.

Edgar Andrade is also one of the panelists at Batalha Makers Brazil, a reality show that will premier soon on Discovery Channel. He is a talented people and amazing ideas enthusiast. He is a former partner of Cicerone Capital and Vice President of Lucent Tecnologies; he also worked for many years at his family-run retail business. In , on the day he turned 14, Eduardo Leite entered a radio station MEC RJ for the first time to intern as an sound operator and hasn"t looked back since.

Four years later, Eduardo began his career in comercial radio Tupi RJ , still as a sound operator. From there he became Music Programmer and then Artistic Coordinator at the station. He is an enthusiast of the playful, enjoying several genres: boardgames, card games, role-playing games and video games. With experience in design, business management and administration, he managed to bring his passion together with his professional and in , he co-founded Pandora Game Studio to create intelligent, catchy and breathtaking games.

Prota is the General Manager of N26 in Brazil, an innovative digital bank that revolutionizes the way in which people deal with money daily " and thus, becoming the one bank everyone loves to use. Schaeffer is a mechanical engineer with a graduate degree in strategic management. In he became partner of Webra company, in charge of the commercial department. Eduardo Vaisman is a director and audiovisual auteur.

He graduated in Filmmaking from the Fluminense Federal University in Journalist, Mr. Pimenta runs G. Lab, the branded content studio for Grupo Globo publications. Elbert Perez has used his passion for both the technical and creative sides of video gaming as a driving force in his career. To top it off, Elbert is an independent game developer with more than 20 titles across the Steam, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS markets " generating more than three million downloads.

An entrepreneur and business leader, Eldes has founded, launched and developed 3 successful technology and finance companies over the last 6 years. Mattiuzzo is an experienced professional in leading startup companies, focused on deploying aggressive growth strategies so as to take them to a category-leading position. He has come a long way " 17 years" experience as an executive in companies such as Fininvest, Unicard, Unibanco and Banco Nacional.

Eleanor Coleman is an American award winning children"s television and film producer and distributor based in Paris France. Since leaving TF1, Eleanor works independently in animated feature film acquisitions, development and production with Indie Sales Voted Best European Distributor at Cartoon Movie in , where she is also developing and acquiring ground breaking transmedia projects.

Her cartoon television work concentrates on international development and pre-sales for the award winning studio, Blue Spirit in France and Canada. Has conceived and manages Projeto Impulso. A professional with nearly two decades of experience in the music industry, dealing with licensing, royalties, international management and marketing, Elisa is currently responsible for the Communications department within the Brazilian Composers Union, for the UBC Magazine, and is the vice-chair of the Communications Experts Group, at the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers.

Biologist, researcher and professor of Neuroscience. Elisa H. She is a researcher and professor in the Neuroscience and Behavior unit at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, developing Research and Innovation projects. Graduated in video at Oi Kabum! Actor with training at Escola de Arte Drama? In , he moves to Rio to play Juliano in Mauro Rasi? He went on to interpret Mauro Rasi? Forli and Pe? Hamlet, inspired by William Shakespeare? The Seagull? He then goes on to perform in K2? After establishing himself as an actor, he began his career as theater director, staging Yasmina Reza?

Balada De Um Palhac? APTR ? Best Actor for In on It. Emily is responsible for the Education commissioning at Channel 4, which includes programming aimed at year olds and year olds. But also commissions new formats and specialist factual content. Recently Emily? Born Famous? Class of Mum and Dad? Postcode Playdates? For the older age group she has been responsible for the? Extraordinary Teens?

Taxi of Mum and Dad? Is Love Racist?? House of Teen Mums? Rich Kids of Instagram?. With an academic background in marketing and administration at ESPM and FGV, he has sound and profound experience in training, developing and managing successful teams. An executive producer for the audiovisual market with over 30 years" experience. She has worked in major production companies such as 5. Her specialty is audio post-production for series and feature films, especially animation. For the past 5 years she has been working at Ultrassom Music Ideas, a pioneering studio in recording original voices in Brazil, currently using the same format as those from the finest LA studios.

Marques has already produced over 15 series and 2 feature-length animated films. She"s a journalist, writer and consultant with 30 years" experience in the market. Palomino worked for 17 years at newspaper Folha de S. Paulo as a columnist and editor. Her weekly column, called "Illustrated Night" helped shed some light over new behaviors of youth culture to a then-rising scene of Brazilian fashion.

Restless and keen on learning about different medias, she has already worked for TV, radio and pioneering online news. In she launched her website " with the physical server in a small warehouse at Vila Madelena burrough " also HQ for content production and hub "House of Palomino". She"s been a brand consultant for Melissa shoes in fashion and trend research; she also works as creative director for fashion shows, exhibits, campaigns, films, books and special projects. As a speaker she has addressed audiences from Caxias do Sul do Caruaru on fashion and behavior with an informal, public-friendly approach.

Her two books, "Babado Forte and "A Moda" have become staples for fashion colleges around the country. She will talk about how the brain builds the body reference and incorporates new tools and devices. International and entrepreneurial experience in top management positions.

PREY Claude () | Centre de documentation de la musique contemporaine

Launched and managed consumer and enterprise services. Managed marketing campaigns and sales acceleration programs across emerging countries. Led the development of a multi-platform live streaming and video-on-demand service. Nowadays, LAB is the largest and most respected independent musicrecorder in Brazil, besides acting as digital distributor and producer. Fioti also acts as anentrepreneur, ahead of the careers of Emicida, recognized as one of the greatest rappers in thecountry, and Rael, who emerges as one of the greatest revelations of the new Brazilian music.

With a wide curriculum, the agency has already accomplished several events and projects dedicated to Brazilian new musical productions, aside from countless international band tours in the country. Fabiano Gullane is a managing partner of Gullane, a production company with 20 years of experience in the film and TV industry. In recent years, he has produced and co-produced numerous feature films, including recently Daniel Rezende? The King of the Mornings?

Just Like our Parents? At the same time, Gullane has been producing television projects such as the fictional series "Jailers? Universal Channel , "Fora de Controle" Record and the documentaries? ESPN and? TV Brasil. He has been listed by Chambers Global Guide in "for the 9th consecutive year"as a specialist in media and entertainment, although he also specializes in culture, and co-chairs the Brazil"California Chamber of Commerce"s BCCC Media and Entertainment Committee.

Fabio Hofnik is an audiovisual and event producer, working with immersive storytelling entertainment since Curator and director of the Hyper Festival, an international festival, now in its third edition, dealing with the market and production of immersive content, virtual- and augmented reality. He is the founder of TheXRDb. He holds an undergraduate degree in Radio and TV and a technical degree in Industrial Computing; he has been working since with digital technologies for the audio-visual sector.

IT executive with 22 years experience obtained while working with systems and infrastructure projects, and also with IT operations and portfolio management, for national and multinational companies in several business areas such as telecommunications, manufacturing, education, retail and health businesses. He is a partner-founder, screenwriter and actor at Porta dos Fundos, the world"s biggest Youtube comedy channel. He started performing in stand-up routines all over Rio de Janeiro before heading on a national tour with his comedy show "Fora do Normal" Unnatural. Since at Volkswagen, he was the person in charge of the Digital Marketing and CRM department until October , when he took his current position within the company.

He has worked in digital projects and innovation for over 18 years, eleven of which were at the Publicis Group, leaving the group as Account Director and New Digital Businesses Director. Pamplona is a Brazilian scientist and entrepreneur, PhD in Psychopharmacology of the endocannabinoid system " and benchmark for the medicinal use of Cannabis by-products.

Startup founder on the creative economy area education technology and professor at the Perestroika school of creativity. In recent years, he has spoken at Harvard, TedX and Exosphere. He believes in innovation as a tool to transform a scientist"s curiosity into something of real value to society. Graduated from Loughborough University, Mr. Percival Fang has more than 10 years" experience in content Marketing, integrated marketing and new media.

Fang led MGTV advertising team, which made many breakthrough development and growth in recent 3 years, enabled MGTV become one of the most successful content marketing platforms in China. Felipe Oliva is co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Squid, the first influence marketing platform in Brazil, specializing in micro-influencers, whose main goal is to help brands humanize their communication by working with digital influencers.

Has has worked in other technology companies and has experience in the development of on-line and off-line marketing strategies. Originally a lawyer, in he founded the group EletroSamba, that was signed on by Sony Music and nominated as Newcomer Band of the Year at the Multishow Awards in From onwards, he begins the collaboration between Toca do Bandido studio and the label Toca Discos. In he gathered a few new rock bands and created acenavive, helping to reestablish Rio"s rock scene, with a project that spread throughout the country. Felipe brought in a collaborative and entrepreneurial vision, helping the bands to develop artistically.

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His artists are responsible for the return of MPB or Pop "Emepebista", as he"d rather call it to the charts, breaking the hegemony of sertanejo and funk. Partner of Cyberlabs since its foundation, is responsible for delivering artificial intelligence products that improve human performance. Currently coordinates research assistance in the area of health in partnership with laboratories specialized in brain cancer. He is also launching computer vision products for various sectors of the economy.

Between and , she worked as commercial and service manager of JLeiva Cultura e Esporte, agency responsible for developing culture and research investment policies, which maps the different cultural areas in Brazil. For two years, she worked in the programming department at the Apollo Theater Foundation, known as one of the city's major public assets, as well as the most important organization in the history of black culture in the United States. As a collaborator, she was part of the team of readers of fellowship programs of the The Playwrights Realm in NY organization, whose mission is to support the development of new playwrights.

In May , she accepted the invitation to return to Brazil to take over the executive direction of Anima Mundi. Fernanda Estrella has specialized in creating value to brands through her experience. With a degree in advertising from PUC-RJ, and with specialization in Marketing from Berkeley College, NY, she began her career researching and writing about retail consumer experience trends.

Fernanda has worked for many of the main Live Marketing agencies in Brazil, such as Dream Factory " managing and developing content and projects for major local and global brands. There, she managed the sponsorship department for the Antarctica brand. Her main delivery was the Carnaval de Rua do Rio de Janeiro case. She managed the World Cup project, with the brands Brahma and Budweiser. A major challenge, no doubt, with all of the company"s brands involved.

And agencies. And partners. And organizers. In Brazil and globally. Fernanda managed the bid for Rio Olympic Games for the Skol brand, and initiated the planning for brand activation and experience. Fernanda moved back to Rio with an invitation to become the Business Strategy Marketing Director for SRCOM"a brand experience agency"where she has had the opportunity to witness first-hand the most exciting part of the Olympic Games.

She is currently Marketing Director for Rock In Rio, where she handles the communications management and planning for the biggest music, entertainment and experience festival in the world. For 14 years, has been working with initiatives that investigate and articulate the use of technologies and new languages in pedagogical strategies that favor participatory, critical and creative learning for young people and children of our time. Her works seek the understanding of formation, establishment and modulation of brain circuits in normal and pathological situations.

For such, she performs basic research in animal models and clinical studies on neurologic, psychiatric and development diseases. Her team uses in vivo imaging techniques to map and understand the brain plasticity phenomenon. During his career, he produced short films and television series that aired on national channels, like Canal Futura. In , he founded Marahu Filmes to create content about people living in the Amazon. Now, he's producing his first feature film, a documentary called The Echo of the Lake. Fernando Acquarone is the managing partner at Pindorama Filmes, the production company in Rio where he creates and directs fiction and documentary series.

N , Acquarone will premiere a miniseries on HBO about Santos Dumont, in which he directs, writes the screenplay, edits and collaborates in the story. He has written and directed nine short films. He also worked as Project Manager in advertising agencies, with clients such as Heineken, Mars and Volvo; previously, he worked as a video editor for TV broadcasters, wrote audiovisual screenplays for the Ministry of Education and performed research the field of Transmedia and Storytelling. Member of the Executive Planning and Programming Committee of the network, Pelegio is responsible for all the channel"s original content, including global and historic event news coverage.

He supervises the hiring of actors, show directors and writers, and also manages the artistic and technical quality of the sets, Promos and network IDs. Pelegio manages a team of about one thousand people, and is also the executive producer for several telenovela hits. A member of CAPEX, he supervises all company purchases, including hardware, software and network equipment. Is a manager at BNDES, in charge of the BNDES Garagem program, an initiative designed to foster entrepreneurship, create investment and business opportunities, help medium and large companies to innovate and contribute to a change in corporate culture.

His higher education basis is in tourism and economics, and he has had more than a decade of experience working on those areas in Brazil and Europe. A specialist in Tourism and Geographic Information Systems, he also has ample experience in process-management consulting, project financing and in modeling private-public partnerships. He has worked as a Data Scientist in technology, financial and retail companies.

He currently works as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer for solving issues by means of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing; Dornelas is a partner at a startup company based in Rio de Janeiro which deals with these innovations. This executive, who is married and has a lovely son, Theo, has as one of her priorities to give support and help in the development of other women in the communication market.

She is the chair of the Diversity Committee at Artplan, and has contributed heavily to and been closely involved in the current "Blind Hiring" selective process that the agency now adopts. Flavia is also a poet, having a project in which she turns the life stories she gets from her readers into poems.

Working for more than a decade in the audiovisual market, Flavio is dedicated to bridging the gap between those new technologies and the contemporary market. In , he won the Webby Awards, one of the most prestigious digital communication awards in the world. Francisco Almendra is the co-founder of and CEO at Studio KwO, an XR studio headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, and specializing in the creation of interactive and cinematic experiences for clients and partners throughout the world, as well as creating projects for greater audiences.

Its clients range from companies in fashion to mining, from hospitality to education. The studio mixes techniques such as 3D scanning, motion capture and photogrammetry to bring about the richness of detail found in the real world into the virtual world, greatly valuing aesthetics and user comfort. Works by Studio KwO has been published twice by the Washington Post, and can be seen in major international VR content distribution platforms.

He is a games enthusiast and passionate about technology, having innovation coded deep in his DNA. He has led 34 deep tech venture investments and sat on over 20 management boards. He currently sits on the board of leading IoT, satellite imagery, cloud computing, marketplace, livestock management, livestock fertility and blockchain agtech firms in LATAM.

Before starting SPV, Francisco worked in wholesale banking and in the hedge fund industry. He developed several award winning technologies such as constra. Having worked in several segments like Transport, Logistics and Mobility, and Social and Environmental Impact Business, he currently works with Creative Economy projects and is project manager in vulnerable territories. Portfolio Manager at SuperJobs, Gabriel has worked with impacting companies at Vox Capital, performing investment analysis and portfolio management. He worked at the Startup Farm, managing portfolio, responsible for identifying and bringing the best founders into the Acceleration Program.

Gabriel Ferreira has been responsible for the marketing of Gamer Trials since and one of the organizers of the RING collective since Gabriel Menegatti is a Brazilian "serial-entrepreneur" who has already founded 4 companies, the first one when he was only 14 years old. He has worked with intelligence over large data volumes since , and has created technologies which are used by global companies such as mobile giant Telefonica and the world"s largest brewer, AbInBev. He currently leads a team of Brazilians who has created an analytical databank that holds the world"s largest data compression capacity.

Since he is the executive supervisor of sports events for Globo Group responsible for events of e-sports, skate and tennis, among others. Gabriel Senra is founder and CEO of Linte, an SaaS business that combines customizable workflows with automation to negotiate, create and manage documents. A lawyer by formation, he has worked for major law firms and in the legal department of one of the biggest companies in Brazil.

Learn about the Rio2C speakers. Heitor TP Electric and acoustic guitarist, composer and arranger. Heitor TP Electric and acoustic guitarist, composer and arranger Heitor Pereira discovered composing film music in a unique way. Kondzilla Founder of Kondzilla. Louis Black SXSW co-founder and Director and The Austin Chronicle Co-founder Louis Black is a co-founder of SXSW , founding editor of The Austin Chronicle , founding co-director of the Austin Music Awards, and an independent film producer, director, restorer, archivist, author, political pundit, comic book and film flatstock collector and music impresario and promoter.

Adriana Cechetti Production Director, Discovery Channel Cechetti is responsible for the production and development of local and original formats of factual and lifestyle channels for Discovery Inc. Adrien Muselet Content Acquisition, Netflix. Ahnis Fraga Service design thinker, changemaker, open data analyst for social impact. Alcione Singer. Alcione Singer Boasting an unmistakable voice, an exuberant personality and unrivaled groove, Alcione is one of the most acclaimed Brazilian artists of all time, both in Brazil and abroad.

Alessandra Debs Specialist. Alessandra Debs Specialist Curator, producer, press agent, Alessandra Debs has worked in music sinde she was just fifteen years old, producing shows for indie bands in Rio de Janeiro. Alexandra Muniz. Alexandre de Almeida Commercial Director, Steno Mobi A commercial agent who works at the sales department of Steno Group since the year , catering to the market of TV, production companies, advertising agencies and companies which offer accessibility for the audiovisual market.

Alexandre Potascheff Producer and Editor. Alexandre Potascheff Producer and Editor An advertising professional by profession and a journalist by trade, I've been telling stories for 15 years and creating audio and video content. Alexandre Romano Designer, Globo. Alexandre Rossi. Alexandre Rossi Alexandre Rossi has been one of the people in charge of stage programming for Circo Voador www.