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Another product is the scattered light polariscope SCALP, which measures the through-the-thickness stress in architectural glass panels and automotive glazing and is computer controlled. Das Expertenwissen war von Anfang an vorhanden. Nun war es wichtig, sich auf dem sehr spezialisierten Markt einen Namen zu machen. The expert knowledge was there right from the start. But then, operating in such a specialised market, it was essential to get known and respected.

For achieving this task, it has not always been easy for the company to come from a tiny place like Estonia, as Dr. One client let our publications be verified by the MIT in Boston to make sure they were not deliberately filled with errors, which had often happened in the Soviet Union. However, the team of five found their solution and — thanks to their good connections to the scientific community — visited scientific conferences as well as international trade fairs, mostly in Germany.

Die Kunden wissen zu lassen, dass man ein solches einzigartiges Produkt hat, ist eine ganz andere Herausforderung. Letting clients know that you have such unique product is another challenge. Die Marketingkampagne hat sich gelohnt. Der Kontakt zum Volkswagenkonzern ist dabei ein besonderer Erfolg.

E-Mobility in Europe

The marketing campaign has truly paid off. Especially in the past year the cooperation with German business partners intensified. Especially the establishment of connections to the Volkswagen group is an extraordinary success. Due to their strong bonds with Germany, applying for the German Business Award seemed like a perfect next step — and the success proved the team right.

Die weiteren Sponsoren sind hier dargestellt. The further sponsors are listed here. According to the latest analysis by the International Monetary Fund IMF , the Eurozone needs to adapt to a longer period of weak growth. The IMF expects growth of 1. The institute has also marked down the growth forecasts for the Baltic States, explaining that falling demand from Russia, sanctions and reciprocal trade restrictions are affecting the Baltic economies.

Nonetheless, the IMF is forecasting above-average growth for the region compared to all EU member states. The Lithuanian economy is expected to grow by 2. For , the International Monetary Fund forecasts growth of again over 3 per cent for all three countries. Die Zentrumspartei von Edgar Savissar folgt mit 27 Mandaten.

Die beiden letztgenannten Parteien ziehen erstmals in das Parlament ein. Estonia elected a new parliament on 1 March The Centre Party led by Edgar Savissar came next with 27 seats. The last two parties won seats in parliament for the first time. Litauen, Euro-Mitglied seit dem 1. Imbalances between the Eurozone member states have been reduced and economical stability has been achieved — these are the results of the Allianz Euro Monitor published recently by the international insurance provider. Estonia 7. Lithuania, a member of the Eurozone since 1 January , gained 7.

Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Fischerei Agriculture, forestry and fishing Information und Kommunikation Information and communication. Informationsquellen Sources of information: Eurostat, national statistical databases, Transparency International, The Heritage Foundation.

RAMMSTEIN - DEUTSCHLAND 🔥 English Lyrics Translation - Meaning & History Explained By A German

Der Jahrestag wurde am Mai bzw. Mit dem Beitritt Litauens am 1. Januar sind nun auch alle drei baltischen Staaten Mitglied in der Eurozone Estland hat den Euro bereits seit und Lettland seit The Republic of Lithuania celebrated a quarter of a century of independence in this spring. On 11 March , the country was the first Soviet republic to again declare its independence from the Soviet Union. The 25th anniversary was opened on 11 March with a celebratory hour in the Lithuanian parliament.

Countless high-ranking international guests came to the festivities in Vilnius, to honour Lithuania at this historical anniversary. Latvia and Estonia followed suit with their own declarations on 4 May and 8 May respectively. Moscow responded with economic sanctions and military intervention in the independence efforts of the Baltic region. From this event onwards, many nations recognised their independence, as did the Soviet Union State Council. In December they became members of the Schengen-zone. Das ergibt sich aus der Eurostat-Mitteilung vom This was announced by Eurostat on 10 March In order to achieve the goal of 20 per cent in the year , each member state has been given its own target which takes the starting situation, the capability of the member state and economic performance into account.

The other two Baltic States are also very close to their target for already today: Lithuania with a target of 23 per cent misses less than 0. By , the EU-wide percentage of renewable energy should be increased further, to at least 27 per cent. No national targets have been agreed for each member state for this goal. Auch Lettland und Estland schneiden gut ab. Mit diesen Benotungen senden die international renommierten Ratingagenturen deutlich positive Signale an bereits vor Ort aktive Unternehmen sowie an potentielle neue Investoren.

The improved credit conditions for companies in Lithuania also had a positive effect, with the strong fiscal policy and the above-average economic growth also playing a part. Latvia and Estonia are also performing well. The ratings from these internationally renowned agencies are sending clear positive signals to companies already active in the Baltic States and to potential new investors. According to Eurostat, the number of women in executive positions is higher in Latvia 44 per cent than in any other EU member state. Lithuania came in third in relation to the other EU countries with 41 per cent the average is 33 per cent.

The Baltic States also did well compared to the EU as a whole in other categories. The employment rate of women Estonia: Unlike in many other member states, the high employment rate of women is achieved due to women in full-time, not part-time roles it reaches 9. Furthermore, the difference between the wages of men and women in Latvia With 8. Sechs Unternehmen erkundeten vom Das Berliner Unternehmen hat sich auf die Sonic-Bohrtechnik spezialisiert, die zur Herstellung von Erdsonden bei geothermischen Bohrungen eingesetzt werden kann.

Eisenkolb ist nach Abschluss der Reise zuversichtlich, in den baltischen Staaten schon bald Abnehmer zu finden. Inzwischen machen nachhaltige Energieformen in Litauen fast 23 Prozent des Energiemixes aus. Allein in Lettland stehen In Estland sind es 1,4 Prozent, in Litauen gar 1,6 Prozent. In Vilnius und Kaunas sind Biomassekraftwerke im Bau. Staging a revolution, one small step at a time Although radical energy reforms have been a long time coming in the Baltic countries, businesses are already opting for sustainable and self-sufficient solutions when it comes to energy supply.

German technology providers have now been on a trade mission to find out about their market potential. Baltic energy policy is heavily geared towards large-scale projects and focuses primarily on the affordability of electricity. Businesses, meanwhile, are already thinking more and more along project-based lines. They are willing to use renewable energy solutions as long as the costs can be recouped in the foreseeable future.

Six companies were given the chance to scope out the Baltic market as part of a trade mission organised by the AHK from 27 to 30 April Over the course of four days, they visited potential partners in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. One of the highlights of the trip was the conference on "Selfsufficiency in renewable energy in industry", held in Vilnius on 28 April, where the German business representatives introduced themselves to an audience of more than Baltic participants.

This project, which is part of the "Renewables — Made in Germany" export initiative funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, was designed to present German renewable energy technology to the Baltic markets. This Berlin-based company specialises in sonic drilling technology, which can be used to produce probes for geothermal drilling. Having taken part in the trade mission, Eisenkolb is confident that his company will soon attract customers in the Baltic. States: "There is a great deal of interest, and there are EU subsidies for investments that are not available in places like Germany.

7. Innovation Framework for Generating Electricity from Wind Power

As a global market leader in providing a range of metallic and plastic weaving solutions, GKD wants to establish itself in the Baltic markets, particularly with its woven process belts. These belts can be used for various applications, such as drying biomass at low temperatures. Thanks to the energy revolution and the outstanding reputation of German products, technology that is "made in Germany" is seen by many as a benchmark for quality. In recent years, the energy markets in all three Baltic countries have undergone a transformation.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are reconfiguring their energy mix, with the help of substantial funding in some cases. Lithuania, for example, relied on nuclear power for a large part of its energy production up to Now, however, sustainable energy sources account for almost 23 percent of the energy mix in Lithuania, which has nearly met these European targets already — well before the required deadline of There are also political reasons behind the Baltic States' strong focus on self-sufficient production and seeking new channels with Finland, Sweden and Poland.

At the moment, most of their energy has to be imported, with oil and gas supplies coming primarily from Russia. The three Baltic countries rely on European funding programmes to distance themselves from outside influences and the dependency first and foremost from Russian energy deliveries. In addition to biomass and geothermal energy, solar energy and wind power offer a lot of potential, but the Baltic States are still paying relatively little attention to both these sources.

Self-sufficient energy supply based on renewable sources is becoming increasingly important for Baltic companies. Stricter environmental regulations and rising energy consumption in industry in the Baltic region have prompted a growing trend for replacing old technology — which is still widely used — with sustainable alternatives. In Latvia, in spite of a less than favourable legal framework, various providers have already seen some successful results from setting up small wind turbines to supply individual households and companies with energy in a selfsufficient way. The Latvian government is now keen to jump on this bandwagon and has launched 16 new investment projects to generate wind energy for industrial businesses in the past few years.

According to EU estimates, the three Baltic States offer the best prospects in the whole European Union for significant development of renewable energies. The energy markets are largely liberalised and the high level of forestry and agriculture lends itself to cultivating renewable sources of energy such as biomass and biogas. In Latvia alone, there are , hectares of land available which could be used for growing energy crops.

The EU estimates that, from to , sustainable energy production just in Latvia can make an average contribution of 0. Several hydropower plants and onshore wind farms are currently being built in the Baltic States, while there biomass power plants are currently being installed in Vilnius and Kaunas. This will enable us to create green jobs and bring long-term benefits to the economy as a whole. However, she cautions German investors to be well prepared: "The Baltic markets may be straightforward, with tried-and-tested distribution channels in many areas, but fostering personal contacts is considered particularly important.

Energy consumption by sectors in and Data for was not available in May Lithuania Total consumption in tons oil equivalent , thereof. Residential area. Miscellaneous Latvia Total consumption in tons oil equivalent , thereof. Miscellaneous Estonia Total consumption in tons oil equivalent , thereof. The delegation ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH assigns licenses for constructions of corner tube boiler systems to manufacturers and engineering offices worldwide and offers engineering services for thermic energy technologies.

Regionalversammlung Lettland und Business Dinner mit Dr. An up-to-date overview is available at all times on our website: www. Die Veranstalter besuchen Tallinn am Mai, Riga am Mai und Vilnius am In late May, the project managers of Cologne-based trade fairs imm and Orgatec will be attending information events in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Every January, it showcases the latest trends from this industry. Orgatec is a leading international trade fair for modern work environments held every two years in autumn, featuring up-to-the-minute workplace equipment that promotes a perfect balance between working environments, workflows and workplace culture.

The organisers are visiting Tallinn on 26 May, Riga on the 27th and Vilnius on the 28th. This summer season, Air Lituanica expands its flight route offer to Germany. Passengers can now book direct flights from Hamburg, which will operate three times a week.

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Connections to Amsterdam and Munich will be stepped up, while the destinations of Prague and Billund Denmark will once more be added to the summer timetable. The airline is planning to increase passenger numbers to , through regular flights and an expanded route network. The 59 weekly connections planned will give travellers access to a large number of European destinations, while also opening up Lithuania as destination to tourists.

The new production site for fibreglass components, which are used in the oil and automotive industries, will create new jobs and bring in investments of 20 million dollars over five years. Business relationships in North America will continue to be expanded. The Valmiera Glass Group also hopes to identify new opportunities to raise its profile on the international market.

Auf Initiative der Danpower Gruppe fand am Unter ihnen waren Vertreter der litauischen Politik, Verwaltung, Wirtschaft und der Unternehmerschaft. Die Danpower Gruppe engagiert sich in einem Joint Venture in Litauen engagiert, das derzeit zwei Biomasseheizwerke errichtet. On 13 March, an energy dialogue initiated by the Danpower Group took place at the Lithuanian parliament, the Seimas, in Vilnius.

The speakers and guests discussed topics relating to energy strategies and policies, with the attendees including representatives from the worlds of Lithuanian politics, administration and business as well as the entrepreneurial community.

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The Danpower Group is engaged in a joint venture in Lithuania, which is currently constructing two biomass heating plants. Viele Kraftwerke, Wasserkraftwerke und Umspannwerke des This April, Siemens celebrated its 20th year of business at its Latvia branch. The story of Siemens and Latvia goes right back to the year Back then Werner von Siemens visited Riga to construct the first telegraph line from the Latvian capital to Bolderaja. A large number of the factories, hydroelectric power stations and substations of the 20th century powered the electronic devices, measuring devices and relay protection and automation elements produced by Siemens.

In , Siemens — which had since become a market leader in the energy, medical technology, industry and infrastructure sectors — once again set up shop in newly independent Latvia, where it opened a branch. By adhering to the values of quality, responsibility and innovation, the company has flourished for more than one and a half centuries and is now one of the most well-known groups in the world. Am More than guests enjoyed an impressive show, but did not miss out on the new products and facilities, either, which were presented throughout the celebration.

Operating in the peat and substrate sector as well as in the area of renewable energies, the company is to build a further state-of-the-art production line. Its intended expansion of an existing factory includes plans for high-performance mixing, screening and packing facilities, a research laboratory and an experimental greenhouse for product development.

This will involve the creation of at least 20 new jobs over the next three years.

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Das deutsche Baugewerbe wurde ebenfalls vorgestellt. The talks covered general location factors and legal frameworks, as well as the German construction industry. Representatives from Lithuania-based German companies Elektrobalt and Viessmann talked about their experiences of German-Baltic trade and presented their companies. Aidas Vaiciulis from the Latvian Passive House Association gave a presentation about passive house certification.

At this leading European industrial event for the digital health care sector exhibitors from 14 countries showcased to the more than visitors how IT is assisting the health sector and which innovations are being offered for reaching higher economic efficiency, security and quality. The delegation comprised of 15 members, representing the market leaders in that sector in Estonia, as well as representatives of the national economic development agency EAS and the cluster management.

Estonia is regarded as a pioneer with regard to information technologies, with numerous E-applications already implemented in the national health sector. The delegation was officially welcomed by the Estonian Ambassador to Germany, H. We have established several new business contacts which we will follow up upon. Umsatzsteuerservice 2. Finanzbuchhaltungsservice 3. Lohnabrechnung The German Chamber Network. Der Vortrag gab neben den emotionalen Aspekten insbesondere.

Die insgesamt 14 Fragen befassten sich u. Dabei wurde am In Litauen standen in diesem Jahr keine Wahlen zum Regionalvorstand an. In addition to the yearly general assembly, the conference once again included several diverse and informative events. Seminars and workshops in the afternoon offered participants the chance to obtain in-depth knowledge on topics such as acquisition of new customers, Germany as a target market, and to discuss on planned changes in the Lithuanian labour law with government representatives.

Regarding the latter, the members of the AHK welcome the planned transition to more flexibility, but wish for an even further reaching modernisation. This was shown in a survey, conducted by the AHK prior to the event. Furthermore, the financial report was presented and the members gave a vote of confidence for the Board for the year A special moment was the presentation of the membership certificates to the new AHK members, amongst them the Danpower Group, a new premium member.

A sailor's suggestions for the business world The evening celebration that followed the conference kicked off with a talk by Lithuanian round-theworld yachtsman and leadership coach Paulius Kovas. A team of Lithuanian sailing enthusiasts circumnavigated the globe celebrating the th anniversary of the first documented reference to Lithuania in the Annals of Quedlinburg. Kovas referred to the various challenges of the journey — planning, financing, storms, emotional high and low points, but also team spirit and marketing initiatives — as examples of the issues the arising in business life.

For instance, in both scenarios it is on the team leader to resolve any general discontent within a team, and successfully manoeuvring through difficult situations is a significant obstacle to overcome en route to long-. The talk with its many emotional moments initiated many thoughts for the conversations during the following reception especially among the Lithuanian guests. Entrepreneurs critical towards Lithuanian labour law In the afternoon, at the initiative of a working group within the Lithuanian regional board, AHK members, law experts and representatives of relevant institutions and government got together to discuss the results of a survey on the labour law, which was conducted by the AHK among the Lithuanian member companies prior to the Annual Conference.

The 14 questions focussed on issues such as working time regulations, guarantees for specific groups of employees, termination of working relationships and the present regulation of risk factors. The main conclusion drawn from the responses was that the current labour law in Lithuania does not correspond with the needs of the economy; but instead is rather hindering the creation of new jobs and also has a negative effect on the attractiveness of Lithuania as a business location in the eyes of foreign investors.

AHK regional board member Linas Sabaliauskas moderated the lively discussions that followed the presentations. Here, amongst others, Prof. Tomas Davulis, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Vilnius University, presented a new social model that a working group had prepared for submission to the Lithuanian government. This model offers potential solutions for employment, social security and the legal regulation of working relationships. In Tallinn, on 19 February , a new regional leadership took over. Joachim Raue itestra GmbH was re-elected for a second term, while Aet Bergmann bnt attorneys-at-law was newly elected in the regional board.

In Lithuania, this year no elections were due for the regional board. Work-based-Learning und auf welchen Prinzipien beruht diese? Welche Vorteile sehen Jugendliche in der neuen Ausbildungsform? Communication, especially beyond the typical groups of specialists, and also in the regions, is of utmost importance to us. For once, companies in all regions in Latvia need qualified skilled workers and, secondly, informing young people about the perspectives in work-based learning is very important, especially outside the capital.

Man muss es einfach wollen. Die Kollegen haben mich wie einen von ihnen akzeptiert, wie einen Freund. Derzeit bin ich fest angestellt und dank der vorherigen Ausbildung von Anfang an vollwertig und mit viel Verantwortung. Together with companies, trainees and vocational school teachers from the project network, the AHK informed young people, their parents and teachers about the first experiences and successes with the new practiceoriented vocational education model.

The interest in the presentation of the range of vocational training opportunities, which was still new to most visitors, was pleasingly high. In the forum, trainees spoke about their daily work and training and how they are integrating into the companies during the practical modules. You just have to want to do it. I was entrusted with all relevant duties from the very beginning.

My colleagues accepted me as one of them, as a friend. I currently have a permanent position and, thanks to the training I completed beforehand, it has been a proper job with a great deal of responsibility right from the start. However, several industries and schools also reported that it was difficult to get more youngsters interested as long as the pilot projects were not yet sufficiently known by the public and the new model was not yet included in the legal framework.

Dual vocational training in Latgale In February, the VETnet team also met with numerous potential partners willing to collaborate on work-based learning programmes in Rezekne and Daugavpils. The metalworking industry in the Latgale region is particularly interested in young, well-trained skilled workers and is keen to offer dual vocational training. Nicht jeder muss studiert haben, um an den Maschinen zu arbeiten. Not everyone needs an university degree to work with our machines, but it is also important for employees to be able to work flexibly with different machines and consider the different aspects in the production process.

Thus, we need well-trained skilled workers. It is also essential for future managers to be familiar both with the processes and the employees within the company to be able to effectively make decisions in the production process. Workshop in Ogre Am In der Diskussion wurde u.

The main aim was to present the experiences made in one of the Latvian pilot projects for work-based learning - carried out in cooperation between Hanzas Elektronika SIA and the Ogres Tehnikums vocational school. During the discussions, topics such as the need for an independent institution in Latvia which is responsible for managing dual vocational training were addressed, because neither the participating companies nor the vocational schools are able to organise and ensure the quality of workbased learning on their own and in addition to their day-to-day business.

The participants stressed the need for staff with special trainings and qualifications with regard to vocational training and focussing on the specific needs in work-based learning. Trainings for mentors and trainers within the companies do not need to be in-depth pedagogical studies, but instead, they should focus on the important basic knowledge of pedagogy and teaching required for everyday on-the-job training.

Es wird ein an beiden Berufsschulen identisches Ausbildungsprogramm nach den neuen lettischen Modularisierungsstandards geben und damit ein Pilotprojekt im Pilotprojekt werden. Dazu sind einige neuartige Marketingaktionen in Public-private-Partnership in Vorbereitung, u. Both vocational schools will offer an identical training programme which meets the new Latvian modular standards. It will become a pilot project within the pilot project. The VETnet team is currently searching for more interested forwarding companies and young people.

And last but not least, the AHK is continuing to work hard on a train-the-trainer module for in-company mentors and trainers. The first training course is scheduled for this June. Brochure on dual vocational training in Latvia published What are dual vocational training and work-based learning and on what principles are they based? What are the benefits for companies? What do young people think are the advantages of the new form of training? In a bilingual brochure Latvian and English , the AHK provides information for companies who want to gain skilled workers with the new type of training.

The brochure is available to download at www. Mentors needed The AHK Baltic States is currently looking for mentors to provide support to the participating students during the project. Over the next three years, German and Lithuanian experts will be working together to combat the high levels of youth unemployment in the Baltic State.

The idea sounds simple: more new companies in Lithuania mean more jobs and prospects for qualified young talent. In reality, however, the country is battling a significant reluctance to form start-ups. Young people in particular opt for the perceived security of a steady job or choose to go abroad. Gut 30 Vertreter aus Unternehmen, Schulen und Bildungseinrichtungen informierten sich am In verschiedenen Workshops werden sie von Talentscouts und Mentoren aus Schulen und Unternehmen begleitet. On 21 and 22 April , some 30 representatives from companies, schools and educational institutions attended an event in Vilnius to find out more about the opportunity to participate in the initiative.

Equipped with a certificate and — hopefully — a good product idea, these young people will then be able to begin their working life. They will be coached by talent scouts and mentors from schools and enterprises in a range of workshops. The aim is for these young people to develop an idea for a start-up and thus cultivate their individual talent.

At the end of the project, the participants will receive a certificate as proof of their skills as entrepreneurs. In particular, she believes that the workshop will give. On the German side, the project has already been backed by economic advisors in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The organisers are currently looking for additional partners in both countries. In particular, entrepreneurs who are interested in volunteering as mentors can find out more information using the contact details given on the left. Alle reden von Innovation. Doch in der Praxis brauchen viele Unternehmen zu lang, um neue Produkte zu entwickeln.

Deutsche und litauische Experten diskutierten deshalb am April in Vilnius, wie sich innovative Prozesse gezielt verbessern lassen. Innovation is a hot topic. In practice, however, many businesses take too long to develop new products. They are impeded by internal obstacles and often know far too little about the requirements of their future customers. With this in mind, German and Lithuanian experts gathered in Vilnius on 23 April to discuss how to improve innovative processes in a targeted way.

More than 30 participants from businesses, universities and government ministries came to the "Innovation and quality management" conference, which marked the conclusion of the EU's "InnoWeit" project, which the AHK Baltic States has been supporting since Dalius Serafinas, President of the Lithuanian Association for Management and Innovation, suggested that niche markets were the main places to look for opportunities for Lithuania: "Lithuania can be an international player, especially in fields such as nano-, bio- and information technology.

Ugnius Savickas from the University of Management and Economics ISM in Vilnius responded critically, saying that too many companies are still relying on existing knowledge instead of exploring new paths and allowing themselves to make mistakes: "We need to learn how to place more emphasis on developing employees based on their abilities, how to think in a more customer-focused way and how to anticipate which products will be useful to the consumers of the future.

A group of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian entrepreneurs got to know a rather unusual side of Bavaria when they formed part of a delegation on a five-day visit to the German Free State to study its waste water disposal industry. At a recent gathering in Bavaria, just under 30 entrepreneurs from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany took the opportunity to engage in a lively international discussion on the subject of municipal and industrial waste water disposal. Specialists in water and waste water management, providers and users of water and waste water technology, decision-makers from municipal authorities, and representatives from industry-relevant institutions in the Baltic States had the chance to learn about the potential offered by the waste water disposal industry in Bavaria at a number of expert talks, company visits and in conversations with partners on site.

Matthias Worst, the building officer at the Bavarian State Office for Environment, welcomed the Baltic guests to Munich with an emphatic message: "It is appropriate and important for entrepreneurs to travel. Only once they have familiarised themselves with all the options available and their effects can they make the right decisions for their companies. The itinerary also included visits to a local sewage treatment plant and talks at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology. The delegation also made trips to selected companies in the waste water industry, which presented a wide range of products, services and technologies relating to waste water disposal.

Zudem fanden schon Reisen u. This year's trip was the second one on the theme of municipal and industrial waste water disposal. Delegation visits have also taken place on topics such as the timber industry and energy efficiency in industrial buildings. The organisers are already working on themes for the next delegation visits. In particular, the move towards renewable energy and digitalisation are creating opportunities for a large number of medium-sized firms. Mr Gutheil, Germany has made an impressive recovery from the international financial crisis. How has this affected interest from the Baltic States?

Germany has long been an interesting market for Baltic companies — but also a difficult one. Because of this, a large number of Baltic companies have understandably chosen to concentrate on their neighbouring countries and Scandinavia in the long term. However, we have noticed that more and more firms from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are actively focusing on the German market. The number of exhibitors at the trade fairs and the levels of interest in our delegation visits are a clear reflection of this.

Die Anfragen werden allerdings immer differenzierter. Wir reagieren darauf und wollen unser Portfolio schrittweise erweitern. What are the benefits of doing business with Germany right now? Germany is, of course, an exciting target market for a large number of products. Germany wants to obtain 80 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by In order to do this, it requires innovative solutions and infrastructure projects of enormous proportions.

At the same time, the country hopes that its Industry 4. This is already offering excellent prospects to small and medium companies in the IT and engineering sectors. Woran denken Sie dabei? Wir setzen einerseits auf neue Konzepte bei Handelsdelegationen und branchenbezogener Information.

Antwort auf einen Leserbrief zum Artikel: Patients attending emergency departments—a cross-sectional study of subjectively perceived treatment urgency and motivation for attending. Psycholanalyse und Medizin. Stuttgart: Schattauer, To what extent does therapy of chronic stroke patients address participation? Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, Kopfschmerz Brockmann S, Scherer M Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin. Stuttgart, Thieme: Does visual impairment affect social ties in late life? How does social support affect functional impairment in late life?

Hannover: Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, Psyche - Soma. Mensch - System..

The Politeness Phenomenon

Berlin: Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft, Gelenkbeschwerden Reichenbach S, Scherer M Patients attending emergency departments— a cross-sectional study of subjectively perceived treatment urgency and motivation for attending. Which types of mental work demands may be associated with reduced risk of dementia? Overutilization of ambulatory medical care in the elderly German population? TREM2 rare variant p. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, Herzinsuffizienz: Epidemiologie und Versorgung.

The costs of dementia from the societal perspective: is care provided in the community really cheaper than nursing home care? Implementation of chronic illness care in German primary care practices-how do multimorbid older patients view routine care? Strategies for improving participation in diabetes education. Visionen statt Illusionen: Wie wollen wir leben?. Korczak D Hrsg. Can a brief two-hour interdisciplinary communication skills training be successful in undergraduate medical education? Effects of multiple chronic conditions on health care costs: an analysis based on an advanced tree-based regression model.

Herzpatient beim Hausarzt. Die patientenzentrierte Versorgung von chronischer Herzinsuffizienz vor dem Hintergrund aktueller Leitlinien. Linee guida europee sulla prevenzione delle malattie cardiovascolari nella pratica clinica versione Simultaneous development of guidelines and quality indicators -- how do guideline groups act? A worldwide survey. General Practitioner or Specialist at Home or Abroad? Hausarzt oder Spezialist im In- oder Ausland? Influence of social support on cognitive change and mortality in old age: results from the prospective multicentre cohort study AgeCoDe.

Frequency and perceived severity of negative experiences during medical education in Germany--results of an online-survery of medical students. Results of a multicenter postal survey in Germany].