Mr. Grey vs. The Greys I: The Abduction (short story)

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Beyond Belief Archive. Scientists at the time discredited a map drawn by Betty which outlined the exact location of where she claimed the extra-terrestrials originated. Experts claimed there was no constellation similar to the drawing and that it bore no resemblance to any known formation at the time. Now years later, one statistician has remarkably argued that the unusual alignment of key sun-like stars in the drawing, which mirrors the Zeta Reticuli could never have happened by chance and that Betty WAS a victim of an alien abduction.

Just south of Lancashire,New Hampshire, Betty and Barney claim to have seen a strange, oval craft hovering above them. Then, they spotted a group of 'humanoid beings' watching them from behind a curved lighted window in the craft. Their last conscious memory was of the same creatures standing in the middle of the road, blocking their path.

The next thing they knew they were pulling up at their house in Portsmouth. Betty, speaking before her death in , said in an never before seen interview: "I was taken on board. Barney was taken into one room and I was taken into another. Struggling to find friendships, Connor has no knowledge at all that he is a pawn in a very dark and deceptive game.

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Lieutenant Lauren Glass, United States Air Force, finds herself also being manipulated into a shadowy governmental secret, one previously held by her father. Like her now deceased father, whose demise no one will discuss with her, Lauren is an empath, and her abilities are desperately needed. An alien craft once crashed in the desert and the military succeeded in capturing one of the Grays, as they are called. Glass is needed to maintain mental communication with that Gray, named Adam, who is also responsible for killing her father with a simple scratch. The Grays are beginning to show themselves more often, and Lieutenant Colonel Michael Wilkes, the head of the Gray unit, is becoming more concerned with complete occupation by the visitors.

When a group of Grays knowns as the Three Thieves allow themselves and their craft to be spotted in Wilton, Kentucky, they set in motion a frightening series of events that involve Dan Callaghan remembering his abductions and coming to understand that Connor is a product of the testing from so many years ago. The Grays have a purpose and they are preparing to set it in motion with Connor as the key to it all.

Overall, Whitley Strieber has devised a very interesting and entertaining story, one that any alien abduction or "The X-Files" fan would easily enjoy. Conspiracy theorists will applaud his description of the government's complicity in allowing the Grays to kidnap and sometimes even kill U. There are some moments of horror and the children can be downright creepy, yet the story is grounded in its own humorous moments and in the disbelief of those involved, including Katelyn. The Grays themselves are an interesting race, and without that, this story would ultimately fail.

The concept of them noticing the Earth from billions of light years away because the signature aura of emotions attracted them is quite well designed. They are interested in emotion because they cannot feel it themselves. Instilling fear is necessary for them to get that need sated. One problem is the abundance of names that come fast and furious, which can prevent a decently paced chapter from moving smoothly.

Another is that some of the writing is weak or, in some instances, confusing, causing the reader to continually go back to re-read a second or even a third time to try to determine what was truly being said. Jan 25, Benjamin Thomas rated it it was ok Shelves: sci-fi. The Grays, by Whitley Strieber, is another one of the books that I picked up for "free" during my Alaska cruise last year, purchased with my free cruise ship allowance.

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I bought 6 or 8 books that way and this one was the last one I picked up, not certain I would really be interested in it. According to the cover blurbs, it would be about aliens that are already here living among us, a subject that just doesn't normally get me excited. Perhaps that is the main cause of my mediocre reaction to the The Grays, by Whitley Strieber, is another one of the books that I picked up for "free" during my Alaska cruise last year, purchased with my free cruise ship allowance.

Perhaps that is the main cause of my mediocre reaction to the novel. The story itself involves a husband and wife who were abducted early in their lives and prepared to reproduce, creating a super-gifted child who would then become the lynchpin between the humans and the aliens. Meanwhile a young female Air Force officer is plucked from her job in procurement and, due to her amazing ESP powers, is placed with the sole alien that is still alive in captivity. Yes, the government knows all about the "Grays" as the aliens are called, going back to President Truman, the first president to meet one.

The novel is mostly a science fiction tale but there are large elements of horror in it, as well as some thriller-like adventure especially at the end during the climactic scenes between the aliens and the different factions of humans. The novel was OK, even pretty interesting for the first half, the half that is more devoted to developing the ideas and the characters of the story. But then the action-thriller stuff picked up and I found myself hoping the end would arrive sooner. Parts of the book downright offended me, especially the conspiracy theory parts with the government actually surprising because I like a good conspiracy story because it just made the other people look foolish.

He throws in a few terms here and there to make it sound good but, really, it sounds like he's picked it up from TV. His Air Force characters are either corrupted by power or just plain fools.

As usual I did some research on the author after I had completed the book. He used that material to write his most successful book to date: Communion. Prior to that he had written horror novels. Reportedly, The Grays ties in greatly with that abduction work. Regardless, if alien abduction stories are your bag then you may want to check this out, otherwise I'd look elsewhere.

I have read quite a few science fiction books lately and so I was hoping this one would be a bit different from the others and that I would feel okay about the ending and book in general. I enjoyed The Grays because it had a very human side to it and you felt for the characters both alien and human There were a coupl I have read quite a few science fiction books lately and so I was hoping this one would be a bit different from the others and that I would feel okay about the ending and book in general.

There were a couple of slow parts which I just daydreamed through but overall I was particularly enthralled with this book and the idea of the human race being saved by a little boy. I couldn't help but wonder what would it be like to be his mother and how would I react to all the craziness that came my way.

I was particularly happy with the ending for most of the science fiction books I have read lately have been such a downer Thanks to this little novel my hope in science fiction reads has been restored again.

Whitley Strieber 's The Grays is an interesting read from front to back, and never disappoints. In fact, it's hard to know what to expect at any time throughout the novel, as the author provides enough twists and turns to keep readers constantly guessing. On the surface, The Grays at first appears to be a fairly typical alien-abduction story, but quickly expands to a cataclysmic scale, and the author's imagination provides for some unique ideas, and an interesting climax. From the uber-genius child, to the militant fanatic, to the ailing relationship of the parents, to the unique capabilities of the Grays, the book succeeds on all levels.

The story builds nicely to the climax and resolves pretty much all of the plot elements. It's a book that defies expectations, but does not leave the reader disappointed. Whitley Strieber claims he was abducted by aliens in and wrote a non-fiction book "Communion" based upon that experience. In The Grays, a fictional sci fi book, the aliens are already here, though very small in number. This secret is known only to a handful of people and is protected by the military by death, if necessary. Adam, a name given to an alien who has been communicating with difficulty with one human since , is giving enough pieces of a puzzle to the military for certain hypothotheses sp?

Without spoiling, the reasons for the alien abductions and interest in Earth are fascinating. There's a race against time element, a UFO, several black ops no-holds-barred military groups working at cross purposes conspiracies , and a quiet small town neighborhood with VERY strange goings on, and a cast of solidly drawn characters. Oct 21, Martin Hill rated it really liked it.

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I was a big fan of Whiley Strieber's "Communion" books. In this work of fiction, Strieber takes the whole of UFO lore and wraps it up in a story about a dying race of aliens and a dying earth. Grays both short and tall , Nordic aliens, black triangles, glowing orbs, abuctions and implants -- Strieber has it all. For good measure, he throws in a group of corrupt corporate leaders called "The Trust" who wish to hasten the end of the human race so they can rebuild it in their own DNA image.

I thor I was a big fan of Whiley Strieber's "Communion" books. I thoroughly enjoyed the book until the climatic end.

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I felt it was heavy handed and overdone. The idea that a renegade government operator could singlehandedly turn an entire town into a pack of violent, mindless zombies, or the sight of a corporate demigod flying an invisible airship down Pennsylvania Avenue wreaking devastion on Washington, DC -- well, it strained even my willing suspension of disbelief. Fortunately, Strieber made up for it with his epilogue. If he hadn't, I would have only given this three stars.

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May 23, B. Hewitt rated it really liked it. I suppose that you either believe that aliens exist or you do not. If you are one who does believe then Strieber has given you a way to accept that their mission may not be the destruction of our planet. Moreover, if you also believe that the US government has covered up the existence of such beings, then you will be pleased as well. The author neatly intertwines all of the things that we think we know about possible aliens and their abductions of humans for experimentation.

The reasons the autho I suppose that you either believe that aliens exist or you do not. Now that is the freaky part of this story. There are two sides to this story and you can route for either side. The government that wants to destroy them or the government that is assisting and protecting them. However, in both of these scenarios, humanity loses. A truly chilling and creepy tale. One that keeps you thinking May 05, Hertzan Chimera rated it liked it Recommends it for: people who love reading stories.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Apr 06, Diane rated it really liked it. I've been wanting to read it for a while but wasn't sure what to expect or if it was even fiction! This being my first Strieber book, I can say he delivered. It's exactly what I was looking for. Invasion of the Fourth Kind: abductions, implants, ulterior alien motives, mankind at stake.

Loved it. Jul 05, Bruce Emmerling rated it really liked it. A very good fictional work based on the premise that an alien race is interacting with humanity. Much of the book's storyline and characters are based on information from UFO studies. It was very good read, regardless whether one believes in UFOs or not. Nov 08, Donovan rated it liked it. Nice sci-fi novel that may actually contain true information.

The book starts off as if written by a novice, but it quickly gets better as you read. Dec 28, Marc-Antoine rated it liked it Shelves: government-conspiracies , aliens. It was entertaining, but at times confusing, felt like the story did not know where to go, and a little too far fetched here and there. Dec 12, Dawn Anderson rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi. As he got closer to the craft it lit up even brighter as to take off and when it did the electromagnetic force from the craft knocked Travis Walton backwards through the air and onto the ground. At this point his friends panicked and left Travis in the woods alone.

The movie shows Travis waking up on a UFO craft and encountering little grey aliens that were doing tests on him. In panic and rage Travis tried to fight off these beings and they had to hold him down by force to finish their experiments.

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The movie portrayed this to be a very traumatic incident. As Travis travels around sharing his story at UFO conventions and various speaking engagements he talks about how he was injured when the UFO powered up and they only took him aboard to save his life. This is but one of the manipulated storylines from Hollywood that was used to push a fear-based agenda in the ufology community.

Another more recent film was The Fourth Kind starring Milla Jovovich that further endorsed the evil alien scenario. In the midst of all these narratives and encounters, we have to note that there is a huge difference between what people are lumping all together. These experiences range from alien encounters and sleep paralysis, to shadow beings and other types of spirits that influence men while they are asleep. Lumping them all together as alien encounters is a huge misjustice and this subject deserves a lot more exploration.

There are thousands of people who are now having beautiful contact with alien type beings. Many are performing CE5 Global contact initiatives where they actually try and make connection with aliens and ETs from other planets. Many of these names speak about beautiful encounters with UFOs and the growing fascination in the field. We rarely hear the term abduction anymore, now people rather refer to themselves as experiencers and contactees.

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