On the Bright Side: Feeling Good When Things Seem Bad

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Love not being able to.

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Love the times when everything seems bad. Love the times when everything seems good. Love your own ups and downs. And love that this experience is out of control and frightening at times. Love it in all of its textures, all of its qualities, all of its pains and pleasures — and release the need to be happy, or be sad, or be anything in particular. Love it, and love it again. And then return to that state of love whenever you feel confusion overriding the clarity of its truth. This has always been and always will be the one and only answer.

Our greatest work as human beings is developing this ability to love.


You are the bright side. Stay strong. More: Ask Andrew W. Powered By WordPress. Group Combined Shape.

45 Ways To Be Happier Instantly | HuffPost Life

Combined Shape Group 2. Enter search below: Combined Shape. Path 2. Combined Shape. But while a healthy dose of reality is important to reaching your goals and keeping your expectations realistic, being negative the majority of the time can become a major roadblock to not only your accomplishments, but your potential happiness.

They are cynical people who look for evidence of the world being a not-so great place.

12 Simple Tips to Make You Feel Good Today

They're not mean by any means, but they're not necessarily Positive Polly," explained life coach Alionka Polanco. Optimistic people look for and usually find the good in the world, while a pessimist expects to find bad experiences and people. If an optimist is wearing rose colored glasses, an optimist is wearing such dark shades that no light can get in.

It's OK to rock those tinted Ray Bans most of the time, but every once in awhile, it's important to know how to find the bright side of a situation. Here, experts share the no-frill, no-fluff, no-heart-shaped-cut-out ways to add more optimism to your life, even if you'd rather not be bothered:.

Cognitive reappraisal

You're in a client meeting that's not going as well as you hoped and you can see your boss starting to get uncomfortable. Automatically, your mind goes to the worst case scenario and you begin to feel anxious. Psychologist Dr. Nikki Martinez said to take a step back from that ledge and do what you do best: rationalize.

7 Ways To Look On The Bright Side & Be More Positive

Has this happened before? Has this person said or done this to me in the past or presently?

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If I tried, can I think of any way in which I might be successful with this? No one likes to spend time uncovering emotional wounds, especially if you've found a way to be content in your daily life with them tucked away in a closet. No use in dwelling in the past, right?

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