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Once a day, at least, we get a submission from a couple seeking a threesome. There are a lot of infidelity ones—not so unexpected. But we also get a lot of creative angles and stories, many somehow related to literature, art, music, dance, television, or technology.

The only thing I really know is the name they have chosen. I know our audience is about 60 percent men and 40 percent women. But the people submitting their fantasies and their confessions? There is so much emphasis placed on the difference between genders in mainstream porn, though. I see a toxic, aggressive masculinity shown all the time. But I see the same toxic, aggressive masculinity on television and in films.

The only way of finding another kind of masculinity is in the gay world. It might be because in that context, women can just admire the male body and being free of those power structures. Now, suddenly, we are understanding that it happened to you too, and you too, and her too, and her too, and her too. That changes the way we communicate and the way we are ready to take more power in this world. We need the female gaze, because we are so used to watching products made by men that we take it as the norm.

I invite female filmmakers to join the revolution of erotic cinema. I have an audience, I have a platform, I can distribute films, and I can fund films. I can do my kind of films, but they are only a small part; they are only my vision. I want there to be more of us. Erika Lust is a Swedish filmmaker and writer based in Barcelona. In , Lust began the XConfessions series, in which she chooses anonymously submitted fantasies and turns them into erotic explicit short films.

Her new free XConfessions web series is available here. A Our audience craves sexual, erotic storytelling. A We need to tell them that most mainstream porn is exaggerated. A Totally. A It shows a very sexist culture; it shows misogyny; it shows racism; it shows aggression. Q How do you convince people that porn needs to change and that you should probably be paying for it? A I try to talk about it. A I go with the confessions that turn me on. Q Do you get a lot of the same types of requests?

I was in a marriage that was good and had plenty of sexual situations that we enjoyed a lot, with her dominating me a lot of times and both of us enjoying the role playing, me coming to her as a renter, not enough cash, the usual ploys for punishment which started as spankings and […].

Margaret dozed a little and watched the scenery speed past. Every once in a while she would absently slip a hand in to rub a nipple or gently caress her clit. It was making me crazy. And she knew it. As we neared the Pennsylvania state line her gentle caresses turned into more persistent rubbing […]. The traffic was full on rush hour now and we were moving slowly down the freeway.

Cars were moving ahead and then falling back with the flow of traffic and one large truck in particular […]. We have been married for many years and are in our fifties. Our sex life had gotten pretty routine. I warn u now this story may make no sense. I have never been in a BDSM relationship or experienced anything like this but I have thought about and read many stories for […].

I had just witnessed Stella being smothered out again by Kim, she was an expert, I was sure of that. Now Stella stupidly wanted a rematch. Not only that but I had also foolishly agreed to fight her, being talked into it by Stella and Kim. I had been so taken aback by what I […]. Trish was sleeping, or pretending to be, when I got home.

I plodded through work and then went out for a few too many drinks after work with two guys […]. Chance Meeting. Smooth Operator. This erotic tale takes place after a hectic day at work. A man decides to cool off boating on a beautiful lake where he has a chance encounter with a sexy woman that catches him skinny dipping in a cove. One thing leads to another and conversation evolves into flirtation and well beyond. In this true erotic story a man describes a fun sexual role play that he and his girlfriend enjoy doing every few weeks to keep thing creative in and out of the bedroom.

Enjoy this sexy tale of a dominant male and submissive female partaking in some sexy role play. Commutus Interruptus. A woman that prepares for her husband's return from a long trip by getting some sexy plans in place. She surprises her husband when he comes home to find that she has outdone herself through some creative and very tantalizing sex play that make the evening quite a success. This erotic story begins on a commuter train. A young woman in her 20's is working on her laptop while a young man occasionally glances over at her admiring her beauty. When she realizes she has missed her stop, he offers to give her a ride home and a sensual journey between strangers begins.

One of Those Days. Sexual Encounter at Wal-Mart. This succulent tale is about a man who has had a challenging day at work only to come home and find out his girlfriend has made plans for them to go out with friends he does not care for and he is dreading it until a little surprise is found in his pocket and a remote control vibrator turns the whole evening around. A married women in her mid-thirties is planning on having a sexy evening out with her husband and dresses up while drizzling some pheromone laced perfume on her skin.

She runs a quick errand at Wal-Mart before they go out and it is there that she encounters a most sexy stranger for an interesting turn of events. Group Sex. Jack is a loner and keeps his heart closed to women. Instead he seeks out the company of prostitutes and married women to keep any emotional commitments out of the picture. However, there is one woman that haunts him from his first and only marriage years ago. He keeps the memories of her shut away In this true erotic story a couple goes to a sex club in Dallas, Texas and begins to enjoy two other couples.

However, as things get even more hot and heavy, some of the women partners begin taking on spectators which leads to a wild night of group sex. Sharing Samantha. A married man shares his fantasy of watching his wife with another man. One day he realizes that he wants to make it a reality. The story gets even more interesting as his wife shares her side of the story and you see his and her viewpoints of this threesome.

This true erotic story is about a couple who discover that watching one another masturbate can be a very erotic form of foreplay and increases their desire for one another. It begins with the simple every day task of taking a shower and continues days later. Emma's Boarding House. Tongues of Flame. This story goes back in time to the days of cowboys and the wild west. Taking place in a brothel a woman shares her own tale of watching her friend run things and some of the sexual details that go on one evening that leave her extremely aroused and eager for more.

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This erotic story is a poetic description of love making from a woman's perspective. With exquisite details shared and a sexy building of passion throughout this story it is something that any lover of erotica will enjoy. The Most Desirable Woman. Fun In Twickenham. In this true erotic story a young woman in college is being visited by her roommate's brother Kevin.

One morning by accident he walks in on her while she is in the shower. After having had some flirtatious moments things heat up quite quickly and evolve into a steamy sex story to titillate your senses.

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This is a true sex story between a bisexual, crossdressing young man who has a girlfriend who is also bisexual. They share their fantasies, they have erotic, sexual encounters and make plans to fulfill their fantasies with one another. When Rolf Met Lanie. Sexy Seattle Part 2. This sex story is about a man Rolf Kenisen who is overseeing a construction project in the desert.

The work requires long hours with little time for anything else. As his work load lessens, he decides to find sexual companionship only to find love as well. In this second part of this true erotic story a man finds his sex new hiking partner has a sexual fantasy that she wants him to fulfill with her during a weekend camping trip in the woods of Washington. After miles of hiking to their destination, she determines they have walked far enough to let her fantasy come true. Sexy Seattle. Tug's War. This true sex story begins with a man stationed near Seattle looking for a hiking partner to hike Mount Olympus.

After searching for a hiking partner he finds an attractive woman who has placed an ad looking for one as well. After hiking they return to his place to shower after a long hike. A playful flirtation begins and the story quickly turns into a sexual adventure. A well written erotic tale of two lonely people who have lost their way in the world in extreme circumstances. An unusual meeting leads them to open up to one another in a manner that is completely foreign to both of them and leads them to make life changes that will forever alter their lives.

My Maple Cookie. The Surprise. This story begins with a woman describing her bisexual relationship with her best girlfriend and her boyfriend. Her girlfriend shares a sex tip with her while visiting a day spa and she goes home to try it on her boyfriend who rather enjoys it. A married couple go to a romantic dinner.

Later the husband presents his wife with a surprise by blindfolding her and having a sexy woman come to pleasure her in their bedroom. Things get heated as she opens herself to such a new and unexpected sexual experience. The Wake. Kefalonian Cock Tales. A man who lost his wife a year ago attends a funeral for an older buddy of his and finds himself meeting his adult daughter whom he finds delightful.

Each console one another over their loss and find themselves drawn to one another more and more until things take a turn for the erotic. A true sex story about a husband and wife that go on vacation with another couple in Greece taking the book Fifty Shades of Grey which inspires an erotic threesome that occurs with one of the hotel staff for one of the couples. A detailed and hot description for a wild read.

Taken with You. A woman going through mid-life and feels ignored by her husband decided to give herself a thrill by going to a club and seeing if she can still attract the opposite sex. She flirts and has a wonderful time so she decided to do it again. Things get very heated and she is finally able to find sexual bliss. A sexy woman in the UK is relaxing in a hot bath when her boyfriend and friend come home to discover that she has left the door open.

As she notices both her boyfriend and buddy eagerly watching the soapy bubbles slide over her breasts she knows that things are about to get quite hot.

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A Dinner to Remember. Beaver Hunt. A sexy tale about a widowed man who has been living a mundane life until a very sexy woman begins to come on to him causing his whole world to be turned upside down. After she flirts with him and invites him to dinner, the fun is just beginning. A sex story about a wife who takes her husband on a hunting trip which soon becomes a sexual experience the two of them will never forget and they introduce George and Suzie into the picture.

This story explores masturbation, oral, anal and swinger sex. Welcome Home. A Fall Surprise. An erotic story about a woman who decides to surprise her husband with a little extra special sexual experience when he returns from military duty in Afghanistan. Enjoy her description of a pleasurable evening that the two of them will never forget. Recently divorced, a man does some yard work to get things ready for the winter when his sexy neighbor invites him over for dinner after a long, hard day of work. He accepts and the fun just begins when she opens the door in a white sheer top and tight jeans with holes in provocative places.

Neighborhood Sex. Throw Caution to the Wind.

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A sex story about a couple who decides to have a hot threesome when they invite another man into the picture who lives in their new neighborhood. Both men provide pleasure to a sexy woman who is wet and eager for complete satisfaction from both her husband and their frisky neighbor. A pair of long distance lovers meet up for an afternoon of exploring at Cedar Bluffs, a new spot for the both of them. It is an hour and a half drive and that fuels her passion. Since they do travel to meet they have explored a lot of the country side and that usually includes a round of sex.

Moving Day. The Trans-Siberian Railway. This sex story opens with a woman who just moves into a new apartment and is greeted by her neighbors with a party. One thing leads to another when a lovely young couple introduce themselves and it soon turns into a night that won't soon be forgotten. A young man on a long, daunting trip finds himself in need of help and finds it in a seductive Russian woman who teaches him a few things about sexuality and connection with a stranger.

This erotic tale is a very sexy read. Glory Days: Part I. Glory Days: Part II. Youthful love makes for a intense sexual play as a couple explores sharing oral sex and more as they delve into a scintillating romance. A young couple in love prepare themselves as she gives him her virginity and the two find what making love feels like. The Concert. Forty-five Days At Sea. A young man sees his ex-girlfriend at a concert and can't take his eyes off of her. They reunite for a hot sexual escapade and find that they are unable to walk away a second time.

This true sex story is about a Navy man that visits his girlfriend after forty-five days of not seeing her and the incredible sex they have during their reunion. The story has oral and vaginal sex along with female ejaculation for a very hot story. The Nude Beach. Enjoy this tale shared by a man who describes his wife with another woman while he watches. It is a sexy story that explores an open marriage and those that enjoy the swinging lifestyle.

The woman is a stranger whom they pick up at a club with a wild evening ahead. A true story of a man whose attraction for a woman on a nude beach leads him into an exciting sexual adventure with a couple on vacation in the South of France while visiting from the UK. Sharing My Wife. Letter for a Bad Girl. A couple that decide to bring some swinging adventure into their lives. The husband's friend is invited to have sex with his wife while he watches and enjoys the pleasure she is given.

A Letter to a Bad Girl is an erotic story based on a hot letter that was written for a significant other of one of our website visitors. Enjoy his descriptions of the assignments she had during the day while he is away at work and the fun he hopes to have with her later that evening. Lovers and Strangers. Good Clean Sex. This story is about woman who is looking for sexual excitement when her friends take her out to a night club.

This sex story is sure to make your crave more scintillating tales. Based on a true story, a woman surprises her husband while he is taking a shower and explores all the fun of the hot water drizzling down their bodies as they explore just how sensual their shower can be through oral sex, fingering and so much more. Fun in Copenhagen. Disappearance of Candy. Based on a true story, a female band member while touring in Copenhagen discovers some lesbian and group sex experiences that entice her into exploring more. The scene begins as a band plays in a club and continues into a wild night as things get quite steamy.

This erotic story is about an aging call girl that finds herself feeling as though her professional life has taken its toll on her until she meets Alex. He introduces her to a world of sexual beauty and excitement that she never even knew she so desperately needed. Kelsey Keeps Her Man. Winter Storm. In this sexy and erotic story a woman who is tired with the mundane explores role play with her husband to spice things up.

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Take a journey with this couple as they spend time spicing things up through hot sex and a hotel stay that you will not forget. An erotic story that is written in the style of a Jane Austen book, however, this sexy story would have made Jane blush as it is quite sexual and will leave one wanting more through this romantically inspired journey. The Unexpected. First Kiss Goes Far. This erotic story unfolds as a woman caring for her friend with a broken leg finds herself sexually aroused while putting lotion on her leg around her cast.

To her surprise so is her friend. One thing leads to another and the women are experiencing sexual delights beyond their wildest fantasies. An eighteen year old woman can't take her eyes off of the sexy former classmate of hers as he joins her church group. With some flirtatious encounters, the two begin a wild tryst that takes place in daring public places and leaves them wanting more. admin