Tennis Science for Tennis Players

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Borg strings his [standard-size wooden] racket at 78 pounds If you do not swing your racket hard, you will often benefit from looser strings.

Tennis Science for Tennis Players by Howard Brody

They will tend to convert your opponents power to your power with greater efficiency. If you really want to swing out at the ball, then use a tightly strung racket. You will get that extra bit of control that hard hitters always seem to need, and the ball will still have a reasonable pace.

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And if you want to hit shots with a great deal of spin on them, then tight strings are an advantage. The dwell time of the ball on the strings should increase as the inverse of the square root of the tension; measurements made in the lab bear this out. In addition, the dwell time of the ball on the strings decreases the harder the ball is hit, because the strings become effectively stiffer the more they are forced to deform The actual time of contact for a normal shot with normal string tension is about 4 or 5 thousandths of a second. By reducing the string tension and not hitting hard you might be able to increase the dwell time to about 6 or 7 thousandths of a second These times are so much shorter than your reaction or reflex time that you cannot possibly do anything to change [the way you are hitting] the shot while the ball is on the strings A longer dwell time also means that the shock of the ball being hit is spread over a longer time; the magnitude of the force at any given time is therefore reduced If you wish to alleviate arm troubles such as tennis elbow, reducing the tension of your racket strings will not only lessen the initial shock transmitted to your arm but will give you more power from the racket.

Tennis Science for Tennis Players

You will not have to swing so hard, which is kinder to your arm All one need do is reduce the tension in the strings to ensure that the ball will spend more time on the racket. The gauge of a tennis string corresponds to the standard U. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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Cislunar Aerospace suggests other details and variations for this project. Athletes know that every racket--like every baseball bat or ping-pong paddle--has a "sweet spot. Hang a racket from a string and hold it very lightly between your thumb and forefinger.

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  4. Have a friend tap the entire surface and rim of the racket with a ball so you can map how different spots on the racket create vibrations differently. Advanced students may want to devise a mechanism for measuring vibrations, rather than relying on subjective impressions. Cislunar Aerospace suggests videotaping a tennis serve, but you can get even more accurate results with a digital video camera.

    Watch the recording several times with a stopwatch.

    Returning a pro tennis serve: just don't watch the ball