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The number of incidents ranges from fewer than to more than as the shades darken. Penny: This whole city is carved up into little bits of turf and the rest of us blithely cross invisible frontlines every day. Where I live is one of these front lines and they are all over the city.

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Hassan felt sorry for young people from poorer areas like Tottenham without easy access to crowds of mugs. We walked from the Lock to the south side of Hampstead Heath, a favorite location for romantic comedies , a vast green space where the middle- and upper-middle classes bird-watch or walk their dogs, swim in the various ponds and the Lido, picnic, play tennis, hike and fly kites. I asked him whether he and his friends ever visited the Heath. In his parallel world he would only see boys from rival gangs committing a violation by venturing into his green space.

Young people can be stabbed or shot or sprayed with acid over territory, or drugs, or criminal activities, over a stolen bike, over social media, over a girl, over being disrespected.

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Penny: Early this summer I walked past a large group of teenage boys standing with their hoods up in broad daylight by Tottenham Green on the Seven Sisters Road a few miles north of Islington. I felt something was about to kick off, but 15 minutes later I heard that a year-old boy was already lying dead in the bushes. Osman Sharif had been stabbed in the chest with a kitchen knife by another year-old, over a Snapchat argument.

The boy who killed him will be swept into the prison system where he will be trapped in the bubble, the matrix where all everyone talks about is their next move. These pockets are among the 20 percent most-deprived areas nationally. People live in cramped accommodation, side by side and on top of each other, in little boxes with no space to breathe. Arguments are frequent between people living in these conditions and they quickly involve everyone. Everyone in the flats above and below can feel and hear the aggression, the swearing and the violent talk; they are trapped whether they stay at home or go out, and finding alternative accommodation is impossible.

So the boys I work with choose a lifestyle that seems to offer easy access to what other people have. Penny: In the hood there are more words for money than the Innuit have for snow.

Michio Kaku: Escape to a Parallel Universe

We have taught them well. But the eight richest men in the world are as wealthy as half of humanity and we are fighting seven covert wars in the Middle East right now. Is there a connection between grotesque inequality and petty criminal activity, between state-sanctioned violence and small turf wars? I believe there is.

How a National Geographic map helped divide Korea

What I do know is that if white middle-class kids were killing each other on the streets of London, we would see them very clearly. Penny Woolcock is a filmmaker, opera director, and screenwriter. A new short film reveals how the Dutch city reengineered itself around the bicycle, with life- and money-saving results. Is this a retreat from the open office or the next phase of it? The vision of the technology-powered metropolis of the future is being sold with images that bear little resemblance to the real world. Built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, shikumen houses are barely holding on in the modern megacity.

Multiverse Collisions May Dot the Sky

Penny Woolcock Feed Penny Woolcock is a filmmaker, opera director, and screenwriter. However, while it is a relatively straightforward matter to model a solitary standing wave, the dynamics become vastly more complicated and difficult to calculate when solitons collide and interact, forcing physicists to rely on computer simulations instead.

In the past, researchers have used a particular class of soliton with an exact mathematical solution and tweaked that model to suit their purposes. But this approach only works if the target system under study is already quite similar to the toy model; otherwise the changes are too large to calculate. To get around that hurdle, Lim devised a neat trick based on a quirky feature of soliton collisions. When imagining two objects colliding, we naturally assume that the faster they are moving, the greater the impact and the more complicated the dynamics.


Two cars ramming each other at high speeds, for instance, will produce scattered debris, heat, noise and other effects. The same is true for colliding solitons — at least initially. Collide two solitons very slowly, and there will be very little interaction, according to Lim. As the speed increases, the solitons interact more strongly. A computer model of a collision between two bubble universes.

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The collision would alter the patterns in the cosmic microwave background. But Lim found that as the speed continues to increase, the pattern eventually reverses: The soliton interaction begins to decrease. By the time they are traveling at the speed of light, there is no interaction at all.

According to Johnson, Lim has uncovered a very simple rule that can be applied broadly: Multiverse interactions are weak during high-speed collisions, making it easier to simulate the dynamics of those encounters. This process would help physicists identify the most viable models for the multiverse, which — while still speculative — would be consistent both with the latest observational data and with inflationary theory.

One reason that more physicists are taking the idea of the multiverse seriously is that certain such models could help resolve a significant challenge in string theory. A common estimate — one that Weinberg thinks is conservative — is 10 possibilities. This panoply of worlds implies that string theory can predict every possible outcome.

The multiverse would provide a possible means of incorporating all the different worlds predicted by string theory. Each version could be realized in its own bubble universe. It is a simple model that requires little initial input to produce the vast diversity of species we see today. A multiverse model tied to eternal inflation could have the same kind of explanatory power.

In this case, the bubble universes function much like speciation.

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  7. If our universe is one of many in a much larger multiverse, our existence seems less unlikely. As such, it will lurk on the fringes of respectable physics — hence the strong interest in detecting bubble collision signatures in the CMB. The rate of formation of the bubble universes is key. Researchers also worry about finding a false positive. Even if such a collision did happen and evidence was imprinted on the CMB, spotting the telltale pattern would not necessarily constitute evidence of a multiverse.

    These are like the cracks that form in the ice when a lake freezes over, except here the ice is the fabric of space-time. Magnetic monopoles are another hypothetical defect that could affect the CMB, as could knots or twists in space-time called textures. Topics Children and teenagers Books blog. Teen books Fantasy books Science fiction books blogposts. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

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