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The book analyses our ideas about race, gender, culture, religion, nationality and social class, and suggests that all these categories are lies that serve to unite us against those who are declared different in an age of extreme polarisation. What Appiah does is to debate such concepts, seeking out their histories and exploring their ambiguities.

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The author deals with the complex subject of ideas about identity — possibly the most important issue of the modern age — in a way that is vivid and appealing. The African American lesbian-feminist poet and essayist Audre Lorde is enjoying a renaissance. I first encountered her books in the s when she was hugely influential in validating my desire to write as a young black feminist who felt like an outsider in British society.

Her stirring essay collection, Sister Outsider , is a passionate, personal and political offering on the intersections of identities, and she articulates strategies of resistance to marginalisation and subjugation. This kind of book is often only read by those directly affected by the issues it explores but we are all part of a network of individuals who impact on each other.

The inheritors of patriarchal power and privilege would do well to read this book. It is ambitious, meditative, fundamentally quite weird, and both sprawling and specific. Nine very contrasting characters come to inhabit a world of trees, as Powers examines our interdependence with these natural miracles, our need for them, and how their beauty and strength need to be protected at all costs.

For me, what was so radical and exciting about this novel was the fact that the trees are probably more important than the human beings who trundle around them causing chaos. It is brave, honest and touchingly human. The author, a trans man, tells the story of how he got into amateur boxing and what happened afterwards. At first glance, this is a story about manhood, fighting, power, survival His voice is remarkably candid, compassionate, calm, thoughtful.

Especially then.

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From myths about testosterone to the construct of masculinity, from the stereotypes we internalise to the judgments we pass in life, it raises important and timely questions, such as how to be a man without being like your father. This is a beautiful book that will resonate not only with young men struggling with the pressures and social expectations of masculinity, or with women dealing with limitations due to patriarchy, but with anyone anywhere in the world who is determined to become a better, kinder human being.

In his American countercultural magazine Whole Earth Catalog, Stewart Brand changed the image of technology from corporate and malevolent to human and cool.

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In his more recent Whole Earth Discipline , he has exploded our understanding of how to protect the environment. Back to Black by Kehinde Andrews has made me reassess my view of reparations for slavery. I used to think the idea of compensation seemed bizarre, undeliverable and risked reinforcing victimhood.

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I actually felt the shift happening. I was lucky to have been at university with Trevor Munro, who went on to become a politician in Jamaica. He quietly put this book in my direction as a way of making student radicals like me reframe our economic and political history. I instantly found it to be a book that made demands on me to take slavery and slave labour beyond the realm of cruelty terrible though that was and see it as a vast international process of wealth production.


As a historian, I have always been on the lookout for the events and processes in our everyday lives that are truly historic and have a lasting impact. It turns out that our age will be remembered in the most distant future not for its wars, dictators or heroes, but for the nuclear tests we conducted and the nuclear accidents we allowed to happen. The traces of isotopes released during the atmospheric nuclear tests of the s and early 60s and the Chernobyl accident of will be detected hundreds of years from now.

The half-life of one of those, Plutonium, is 24, years.

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That is of course if we do not blow up our planet before that. So many people now live with pain that cannot be diagnosed conventionally but that nevertheless feels cripplingly real to them — back pain is most common. It afflicts sufferers, their families and our society and economy. It gave me greater empathy for my own mother who endured inexplicable agony through most of my childhood, and made me rethink what illness and wellness are.

It made me understand that we must take a holistic view of mental and physical health if we are to free individuals and avert a full-scale health crisis. The Exhibition is open 7 days a week. Tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket desk within the Exhibition.

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