The Bridge Is Over

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Criminal Minded Doc Mix 2. South Bronx Extended Edit.

Boogie Down Productions. Fresh said "i tell you now, you ain't nuthin" Compared to red alert on kiss and boogie down productions So easy now man, I me say easy now mon To krs-one you know dem can't understand Me movin over there and then me movin over here This name of this routine is called live at union square Square, square, square, ooooooooooooooooooooooo What's the matter with your mc, marley marl?

Don't know you know that he's out of touch What's the matter with your dj, mc shan?

On the wheels of steel marlon sucks You'd better change what comes out your speaker You're better off talkin bout your wack puma sneaker Cause bronx created hip-hop, queens will only get dropped You're still tellin lies to me Everybody's talkin bout the juice crew funny But you're still tellin lies to me. Share lyrics.

The Bridge Is Over

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The bridge is over, the bridge is over [Verse 1:] You see me come in any dance wid de spliff of sensei Down with the sound called BDP If you want to join the crew well you must see me Ya can't sound like Shan or the one Marley Because Shan and Marley Marl dem-a-rhymin like they gay Pickin up the mic, mon, dem don't know what to say Sayin that hip-hop started out in Queensbridge Sayin lies like that, mon, you know dem can't live So I, tell them again, me come to tell them again, gwan!

Tell them again, me come to tell them agaaain Tell them again, me come to tell them again, gwan! Tell them again, me come to te-ell them Manhattan keeps on makin it, Brooklyn keeps on takin it Bronx keeps creatin it, and Queens keeps on fakin it [Verse 2:] Di-di di-da, di di-di, dida di-day, aiy!

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