The Chill Factor, New Thinking for Parents of Addicts

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I dunno. I got a letter from a New York cab driver who, when he heard the news, had to pull over and go and have a beer to steady himself. You think, 'Why is that? The impact she had on them.

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The impact of her tiny little life. Geldof only reads the Financial Times, so he didn't notice the change of tone in the press when the inquest revealed that Peaches, like her mother, had died of an accidental heroin overdose. Initially, police said she had died of natural causes. It doesn't make any difference to me, the pain and dismay is just as great. With addiction, there are some who say that it's a disease, others that it's voluntary. I think that people are a certain way. The older rock 'n' roll guys who managed to kick the habit, they become obsessive about health or something, there's part of their nature that is compulsive.

I would imagine that it's partially genetic. And if it's triggered once, then it's very hard to stop. It's like a switch that's always on. Having said that, I'm sure there's a part of you that suspects it's on, and therefore you should steer clear of the triggers. He does not have an addictive nature himself.

Recently, he got into smoking a pipe: Jeanne Marine bought him one and he loved the taste of the tobacco and the way the pipe "gave me this unwarranted air of sagacity". After a while, though, he thought he looked like an idiot, "so I just said, 'Forget it', and gave it up instantly". He took cocaine in the Rats's early days, when they would arrive to do record signings in America and nobody would turn up.

It made me. The feelgood lasted a couple of seconds, then I'd be talking to the Artie Fufkins, and they'd be saying, 'This was a disaster, it's my fault, but I'm going to break this record, you made one of the great records of all time. You utter twat! I never did anything stronger, though I took heroin once by mistake.

He tells me the story of how he took heroin, which is hilarious, but off the record as it involves another singer, who gave him the drugs, then tried to get off with Paula while Geldof was indisposed.

Wasted: Exposing the Family Effect of Addiction - Sam Fowler - TEDxFurmanU

He does a very funny impression of Paula saying, "No, thank you, [insert famous name here], go to bed," in her poshest voice to the suitor. We're back to the old Geldof, which is something of a relief. When he is in pain, that pain fills the room. Fifi, his oldest daughter, wrote a piece recently for the Daily Mail in which she discussed her depression.

As it wasn't in the FT, Geldof found out she'd written it only when the publicist Matthew Freud mentioned it, but, he says: "If she did write it, I'd be really happy, because I really think she has an ability with words. Also, she's decided to champion Mind [British Mental Health charity], to say, 'Hold on, I can use this stupid surname I have and maybe get a focus on this good thing.

She wrote that she didn't talk about her depression with him.

I Went to the Hospital to Give Birth…And Tested Positive for Meth

And if it has such an impact on individuals who don't know you, imagine what the impact of these events is internally, in the family. If the kids talk to each other about it, that's really good, because they've all come from the same perspective. As to talking about it with me individually, they are honest and open with me, and at any point, if they thought they needed help, then that's available to them. It gives them a pain in the arse.

Drug executions strain relations

And it gives them a pain in the arse when, you know, each other drags them into it. Unfortunately, the Geldofs have played a minor part in the national soap opera for a long time. And there, I think he's going to leave it. Except he's Bob Geldof, so he can't. He takes a breath, almost physically grabs the bit in his teeth again, and off he goes. If they went to a teenage party, then they were out of control, they were exactly following in their mother's footsteps - and look at her, guess what she was - and this would be posted on the school noticeboards.

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When I tried to occasionally stop it, inevitably, it would be a freedom of the press issue. Close the door and it's normal. They're your kids, you're their parents. It's still homework, it's still tea time, it's still that, you know? And it's having to go to school in the morning. But it's having to go to school where, on more than several occasions, there were 40 photographers walking backwards in front of you.

There are circumstances in my children's lives that were egregious, obviously.

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Imagine that: that's the tip of an iceberg, because there's the public thing, too. But they shouldn't have had to live that part of it, for they were children. My kids are admirable people. One of us didn't make it. And it was very difficult.

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Laura Eslton Britain's Duchess of Sussex is likely to have turned to her inner circle of faithful friends for son Archie's godparents. Caitlin McBride Social climbing may be a dirty phrase, implying some hellbent on chasing fame, fortune and influence. We are a normal family, and one of us didn't make it Six months after the death of his daughter Peaches, singer Bob Geldof is still raw and angry.

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You'll see chunks of denial fly out the window when you apply these modern-day principles. Read about the amazing plasticity of the mind and about affordable, non-invasive support protocols that work the miracles that traditionally escape us. It embraces the gentler principles of harm reduction and explains how hardcore addicts can gain self-worth and traction for healing through incremental changes.

Once you relax into this new way of thinking and fit yourself out with mental and emotional stamina, you'll see chunks of denial fly out the window. You're no longer going to try and prove a point, and you're certainly going to free yourself from the sense of permanent doom. Read about findings on the amazing plasticity of the mind and on cutting-edge, non invasive support protocols that rely on the body's auto-healing mechanisms.

The Chill Factor, New Thinking for Parents of Addicts shines a spotlight into the big void beyond the culture of institutional rehabilitation.