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Naomi Novik Goodreads Author Contributor. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Scott Lynch Goodreads Author. Jason L. Blair Goodreads Author. Chuck Wendig Goodreads Author Editor ,. Stephen Blackmoore Goodreads Author. Harry Connolly Goodreads Author. Matt Forbeck Goodreads Author. Brandon Sanderson Goodreads Author Creator ,. Will Hindmarch Goodreads Author. Shivam Bhatt. Logan Bonner. Will Hindmarch Goodreads Author ,. Jeff Tidball. This occurs in obvious ways, such as the appearance of tropical diseases in UK clinics, and in more subtle ones.

More importantly,. There are This includes internally-displaced populations fleeing from conflict and poverty, climate change refugees, and people who have been trafficked, forced into labour or sexual exploitation. We are privileged to be hosting leading experts on infectious diseases, global public health and expedition medicine. Part of the problem is that the medical profession is guilty of creating a false How did you become interested in hierarchy out of specialist careers.

I Public Health? We come into medicine for altruistic reasons - to help When I first graduated I knew that my others. So, does it make sense to interests were broad - so, I trained in compete for the most prestigious both general practice and adult career choices? Each of us needs to find medicine.

This enabled me to apply for the area of medicine where we can a job with the Medical Research Council make our own best contribution. We conducted vaccine trails and field epidemiology - it was How do you think research practices great fun and a wonderful learning in Africa differ from research experience. It was in the Gambia that conducted here in the UK?

I have also supervised PhD - and that is public health. Also, because clinical done to change this? So, it is quite simply I am not sure. For undergraduates, harder for them. That said, the public health is often taught at a time problems faced in Africa, while when they are getting their first taste profound, can be solved, so it is an of clinical medicine and the relevance exciting place to conduct research.

It is our job as teachers to How do you think the next generation overcome this obstacle. I think that for of healthcare workers, like those many, the relevance of what they learn here at the GHC, can change as undergraduates only becomes clear medicine? My hope is that the next generation of healthcare workers will do nothing less than develop a whole new level of consciousness that will inform their practice.

That consciousness will be influenced by the knowledge that we share one planet and problems like climate change, food security and energy supplies will require cooperation and a shared sense of purpose. Yet these statistics pale in comparison when you look at the same rates within the Gold mining industry.

I could just shout more statistics at you for the rest of this piece yet this is not what They Go To Die is for. The statistics are only one consideration of this problem. Whilst many men may contract these illnesses it is how they are treated by the industry that can be even more shocking.

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The problem is outlined through the eyes of four men who are faced with being sent home with Tb from the mines and quickly develops as we the challenges each miner faces are made more visible. As the quote at the beginning of this article states, the film is more than the pictures you see on the screen but a call to action to enforce change on this problem.

The documentary is going on a UK tour throughout March in collaboration with Results UK with Smith the director attending and answering audience questions. Even if you cannot make it to one of these screening there is still a huge amount you can do in your local area and lend your support.

For more information on They Go To Die and the local screenings taking place throughout March contact your local medsin branch or go to www. However, there is a growing school of thought — one that many Medsin members over the years have identified with — which suggests that the benefits of global health education are not as niche as medical curricula might make them appear. So, to enable schools to make a more informed decision about The idea that global health might these core competencies, and as part of a wider goal to improve offer skills relevant to all newlythe evidence-base in global qualified doctors has recently health education, the Education been crystallised in two seminal National Working Group resolved publications.

Global health to discover more about them.

Second, who do we want to ask? Other questions Lancet. Whilst attempts had naturally emerged from these, already been made to define global health as a discipline, this including how we can distribute document gave it substance in the the survey and encourage people to respond. In the same year, The Global Doctor — published by Having decided to survey only the UCL Institute of Global Health final year students, we would prefer to distribute the survey — made a powerful case to medical educators that this global through school administrators. We are unsure whether there is perspective was useful in the most local of healthcare settings.

The of an eye by educators across the remaining steps include finding prizes to entice respondents, UK? The lesson to be learnt from contacting schools and then the optional global health analysing the results. What do curriculum is that evidence can we hope to do with this in the make the difference.

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With so future? I would expect the little known about the Lancet learning outcomes, it would be a evidence to win sympathy with curriculum designers. At times, it progressive school indeed that sought out the staff able to teach is easy to let global health slip into creed; this survey will them and swept aside other contribute to providing clarity on subjects to make room for them this often emotive subject. If you on the curriculum. This survey project has taught me the value of collaboration; in a very fluid process, contributors have dipped in and out often providing a crucial fresh perspective.

I have also learnt that a group project can be really fun. Please get involved by contacting the GHE group at ghe medsin. Key lessons learned included:. Global health therefore needs to be embedded within the core curriculum, rather than just in optional modules or sessions, in order that all students engage with global concerns. There is growing recognition within medicine and other health professions of the need for graduates who understand and are prepared to cope with global health concerns. The complex and multidimensional nature of global health issues require training programmes to include: specific curriculum content and approaches that support the development of 'global' skills.

Critical thinking, problem solving, alongside the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and with diverse groups of colleagues all hold relevance for today's health professionals. However, the focus of much of the work on global health teaching in the UK has tended to be on the inclusion of additional bodies of knowledge. Although highly valuable, these initiatives tend to be taken up by students with an existing interest in global issues.

Others may see it as a specialist study area which has limited relevance to their professional development. The work of the project included the development of a range of new global health teaching and learning initiatives at each institution, as. Both groups may need support through professional development initiatives.

Medical, pharmacy and veterinary students in the project responded positively to these opportunities, noting that they encouraged an appreciation of the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in order to effectively address global health concerns e. However, students and staff need support both before and after placements in order to encourage effective learning and reflection, and also to address any ethical concerns. There is also potential for greater collaboration between groups in different health disciplines.

Three key documents have been produced which explore the work of the Students as Global Citizens project in more detail see below. They are intended to initiate further debate and dialogue within UK higher education institutions HEIs , as well as within health professions. They also aim to encourage students to see the importance and relevance of global health to their training, to understand the ways in which global health will impact on their future careers, and to reflect on the roles they will play as professionals in a globalizing world.

Willott, C. Education Electives Electives are now a common feature of undergraduate medical degrees worldwide, giving medical students the opportunity to spend a short period of time, usually between 6 and 8 weeks, in a country anywhere in the world at some point during their last couple of years of medical school. It allows them to gain confidence in interacting and treating patients from different settings. Much preparation goes into organising electives. From early on in the course, medical schools encourage students to think about where they would like to go. Links for both of these are given below.

However, many of these guides focus on the logistics of organising an elective and travel safety tips. Few documents detail how to make the most of your time abroad from an educational perspective, and electives present numerous opportunities that few fully appreciate. This is something that the Global Health Education. This year, the NWG has many projects to focus on, including a global health education survey for all UK medical students.

We want students from across the country to tell us what our elective guides are currently lacking.

our current projects

After collating opinions, we will develop our own unique guide that will make students aware of the educational opportunities that are available instead of just focusing on getting them there and back. You can contribute your opinions by using the link below and filling out the survey there. All information will be confidential but will be used to make a Medsin guide for the.

Thanks for your help! IFMSA Exchanges The exchanges programme is an initiative allowing medical students to study in countries across the world for a short period of time. Plus the exchange is reciprocal so the costs are greatly reduced. It is now well established in three universities in the UK with a fourth on the way. With my pen and paper at the ready I intended to pay complete attention to whatever complicated neurological problem presented.

It took me a few seconds before I realised the doctor and patient Two students who have have started up a conversation in participated in the IFMSA exchange what sounds like a cross between scheme recount their experiences Italian and Arabic — this is Maltese. I drifted into egocentric ideas of The month I spent in Exeter deftly diagnosing from the end of exceeded all my expectations, be the bed. I rapidly fell into a routine it at hospital or otherwise.

I thought at first this was for the duration of my four-week just a luxury for students but in exchange. I ended up doing a bit of Rachael Marsh, 4th year, fact the majority of consultants General Surgery too. My experience Peninsula Medical School also finish around The to do their private clinics in the consultants were all very helpful I am sitting at my desk in Malta and conducive to teaching and writing this, with a fly on my knee afternoon.

Not surprisingly then furthering my knowledge. I and a whining fan blowing warm air hospital waiting lists are long and getting longer.

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Perhaps this is a appreciated their enthusiasm on my back. As I think back over glimpse at what is to come in the greatly because this helped me my last month I decide it is not UK. Being foreign, there Malta in sixteen years. Great tomato throwing, a bread was always the initial apprehension flashes of lightning filled the sky, celebration with a m loaf and of not quite fitting in or getting and thunder filled my ears as I locals climbing a greasy pole over used to the local customs and struggled through the rain to my the sea to reach a trophy. I have accent. This all seemed to melt apartment.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and they all treated me really well, speaking about my. I also had the pleasure of meeting three other exchange students, hailing from Spain, Italy and Switzerland. I definitely have nothing but good things to say about my exchange. I wholeheartedly recommend grabbing the opportunity of going on one and immersing yourself in the new culture and the whole hospital and social experience.

One word of warning though… you might become addicted to them! Are you enthusiastic, committed, up for a laugh and excited about the potential of the Medsin Training Network? It is a sad truth that, of late, Medsin training has lost its sex appeal. Often, when I enthusiastically If you've got any questions, requests or comments pipe up about a Strategic Planning session at a GA about training, please contact me at or conference, groans rather than exclamations of training medsin.

Now this just isn't on! Training is great.

  • Dealing with the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Campaigns around the World - No Advertising Please;
  • Life as a Whole : Koras Childhood.

It provides the building blocks that help Medsin members and branches achieve our vision and mission. Training builds teams, resolves conflicts, gives direction and doesn't have to be boring! I was a non-believer too, until I went to my first Scottish regional training day. However, by actually going along and getting involved, I was given some amazing tools that helped me and my branch reach new heights. The biggest problem I've faced is the lack of accredited trainers in the network at the moment, and the geography of the ones we do have.

We need more trainers in order to deliver more training sessions. On the 6th and 7th April, Medsin and. We form part of a global movement of young engineers who recognise their role within social, economic and technological justice we believe that, through empowering our members, raising awareness in their peers and working with our partners, we can help create a world where everyone has the engineering they need for a life free from poverty.

In education, this starts with our outreach programme. This design challenge is put to around UK first and second year students, solving a problem outlined by one of our partner communities. During university, students are supported to undertake final year research projects partnering with non-government organisations around the world.

We offer support through our international placements programme and preparation courses. If you would like to find out more or get involved please visit www.

Call for the end of rep visits and sponsored med ed - PharmaTimes

What is the MedicineAfrica project? MedicineAfrica is an innovative and practical approach to addressing unequal access to health care on a global scale. The organisation seeks to establish an online healthcare worker network, in order to connect health professionals globally and share expertise. The network supports long-standing existing partnerships rather than making new ones, in the countries where technology makes this a feasible goal.

We consider that we have a responsibility to appropriately exploit mechanisms of education, so that funding goes to methods that are most effective. Our end goal is to establish an online network of health professionals, with the inbuilt tools to allow health workers to communicate, deliver teaching and support, and ultimately leading to an improvement in the quality of clinical services.

Call for the end of rep visits and sponsored med ed

This system also allows a pathway for valuable collaborative research. This resource is supplementary, voluntary, and continues from a long history of partnership, in large part due to the work of Andy Leather Consultant Surgeon and Global Health Education Lead at King's Health Partners. Each of our activities is subject to evaluation, so that we can assess delivery, and better aid improvement in the education of health workers, patient outcomes, and development of the research information necessary to improve local health systems.

This model works well because it is simple. There are lots of other existent partnerships, but their models involve putting people on the ground for a year or more. This model allows us to expand our capacity, and include people who can't be there geographically. Our project leads to improved outcomes for patients in the countries. By using the internet, we are able use each other more effectively. We hope this project can expand into different domains of activity, including increased student mentoring, as well as clinical and health-based education. Ideally, we want to build an enhanced and varied programme delivery within the network.

This will involve extensive link-building, expanding into different domains of education, as well as into clinical services and research.


For example, in Somaliland we want to move into reaching new As with any innovation, I would The increased frequency of types of healthcare worker, such advise starting with a simple communication in this system as pharmacists and nurses. The method we are using that we can be more responsive is relatively new, and so the to what is needed than if arriving this project, be sure to visit the website at organisation and technology in person to deliver training. I look forward to providing training resources, toolkits and advice to members on all levels of the network.

I'm also a strong believer in developing highlevel advocacy with parliamentarians and external NGOs. Equally as important, is engaging in grassroots advocacy that allows our members to make the most of their time with us. As we plan for the future, I'm looking at ways we can strengthen our policy foundation and more effectively share our skills within the Policy and Advocacy National Working Group. We've made some great progress so far in the Policy and Advocacy team, and have been recruiting new members.

We already have members working hard on a number of different parts of the NHS Entitlement drive, picking resources for a branch toolkit, seeking out NGOs that want to work with us, and formulating blog posts to raise awareness. I've made keeping updated on branches' activities a priority for this term. I've heard great stories from Newcastle to Glasgow, London to Leeds, and everywhere in between.

My hope is that they will be used by branches to increase the amount of advocacy they undertake in the future. Drop me an email on policies medsin. I've sought to set short-term priorities for each of the topic specific national working groups. I'm keen to redefine the national-local advocacy relationship and look at how we might both Parliamentarians act to make the campaigns that we co-ordinate appeal more to the wider community.

This form of high level advocacy can act to raise the profile of the issues involved, and in turn increases exposure. What can a Member of Parliament do for your cause? Meeting relevant people. MPs can make speedy representations to government departments and relevant parliamentary interest groups. This is a useful campaigning tool, but is meant to inform and does not contribute to forming law.

Put their name in the ballot for an Adjournment Debate. These debates take place at the end of the parliamentary day, and usually relate to a constituency issue. MPs can refer to an international perspective on an issue, if it can feasibly be related to constituency activities. They will get a response from a government minister from the relevant department. What can a Minister do for you? Since then I have avoided drug company funded education, and I haven't seen drug reps, or take freebies from them since. Unfortunately, even big conferences like the RCGP annual conference, which I've spoken at, have some form of pharma sponsorship.

I believe wholeheartedly in the NHS. I am patron of Healthwatch. I am a member of Medact. I have never been paid to any PR work, or funding for pharma. I blog at www. I've been a doctor, and obstetrician, for over 30 years, including 17 years as a consultant at Guy's and St Thomas' and honorary senior lecturer researching severe maternal morbitity. I'm now an honorary professor at Kings College London but earn money as a self-employed academic and expert. I've had many clinical, managerial, academic and advisory roles. I'm passionate about ethics, evidence, and finding out 'what works'.

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