Uneasy Tales: Volume One

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And his neighbours were giving him trouble. The rabidly dysfunctional family across the landing were bad enough but the people downstairs were worse.

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Much worse. Then an old friend came to look the place over, and they discovered the dead girls. Alarms begin to sound and Cody thinks that the guards have been alerted to his presence. In truth, the klaxons are in response to a UFO sighting.

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Startled, Cody accidentally exposes himself and begins running from the security team. He races inside a woman's locker room, but these women are heavily trained guards who easily beat him down. In Metropolis , a man named Loren Jupiter consults with a mysterious cloaked figure known as Omen inside his Solar Tower skyscraper. Omen is uneasy and senses that the "targets" will soon be coming into their powers. Mister Jupiter assures Omen that he will do everything in his power to help them.

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Omen suddenly experiences a psychic surge and knows that a ship is approaching the Earth. Crockett drop off their sixteen-year-old son, Isaiah , at the steps of Ivy University.

Isaiah has just received a full scholarship and is nervous about starting college at such a young age. His nervousness has physical consequences as his hands begin to suddenly glow red hot. Fortunately the super-hero known as the Atom now regressed in age to a teenager is present on the scene and tries to help him.

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Violet Hunt. Isobel Violet Hunt was a British author and literary hostess. She was an active feminist.

She covered several literary forms, including short stories, novels, memoirs, and biographies. Books by Violet Hunt. Trivia About Tales of the Uneasy.

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